Yale dean loves diversity except for ‘white trash’

june chu

Dean June Chu: Sorry she didn’t understand the power of her words…

I’m not offended by her words. It’s just the standard hypocrisy from liberals that one expects.

From NY Post: A dean at Yale University who championed cultural sensitivity has apologized for her “insensitive” Yelp reviews of restaurants, gyms and movie theaters, including hot takes on what “white trash” customers would find tasty and employees she blasted as “barely educated morons.”

June Chu, dean of Yale’s Pierson College, apologized for the offending reviews, which had been circulating among students for several months, after the Yale Daily News published screenshots on Saturday.

“To put it quite simply: If you are white trash, this is the perfect night out for you!” Chu wrote in one review of a Japanese restaurant. “This establishment is definitely not authentic by any stretch of any imagination and perfect for those low class folks who believe this is a real night out. Over salted and greasy food. Side note: employees are Chinese, not Japanese.”

Other reviews by Chu, who identified herself as a Chinese-American on the website, focused on her prowess to evaluate a Japanese rice cake as an authentic critic. “Remember: I am Asian,” Chu wrote. “I know mocha. These are not good and overpriced. They are ice cream mocha which are small in size and easily become freezer burned if not stored well … I guess if you were a white person who has clue what mocha is, this would be fine for you.

In another review of a movie theater, Chu called the employees there “barely educated morons trying to manage snack orders for the obese” while trying to do simple math. “Unfortunately it’s this or the Hanover Nugget but heaven forbid the Nugget get movies which pander to the masses,” Chu wrote. “You’ve got no choice and like a fool I remain in line with all the other idiots.”

Chu continued: “Be kind my ass. I pay for my ticket and decent customer service. Decent. I’m not asking for stellar. I’m asking for a bare minimum of competence.”

Chu, whose Yelp account has since been deleted, sent an email to students at Yale’s largest residential college to apologize for her “insensitive” reviews and admitted they were out of line.

“I have learned a lot this semester about the power of words and about the accountability that we owe one another,” Chu wrote in the email. “My remarks were wrong. There are no two ways about it. Not only were they insensitive in matters related to class and race; they demean the values to which I hold myself and which I offer as a member of this community.”

Yale College Dean Jonathan Holloway said he and other administrators decided Chu should email students after they wrestled “with how to do the right thing,” he told the Yale Daily News. “I’ve not asked for her resignation, and neither has [Pierson College Head Stephen Davis],” Holloway said. “She’s terribly sorry, and I think she’s doing exactly the right thing by saying, I’ve learned from this, I want to stand by all of you and I hope that you’ll stand by me as well.”

Some students, however, weren’t so moved.

“I will never be able to look at her the same way,” one unidentified student told the  student newspaper. “She needs to formally apologize in person to the college. Dean Chu is trained in human development and psychology so [she] should clearly understand the gravity of her actions, yet the fact that she would put such things on the internet shows that she really should not be in a position of advising students.

Chu, meanwhile, declined to comment specifically on the reviews when reached by the student newspaper.

I am concerned about the shadow that my actions have thrown on my efforts to create an environment in Pierson that respects everyone, and I am especially concerned that it could prevent anyone from coming to me for the support that I offer to all Pierson students,” Chu wrote. “I see that I now have work to do to repair the trust you have all shown me.”

Chu, according to her Pierson biography, has a Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of California-Davis. She joined the college after serving as an assistant dean of undergraduate students at Dartmouth College. During high school, Chu also worked in a summer program at the Yale Daily News, the same student newspaper that exposed her controversial reviews.


34 responses to “Yale dean loves diversity except for ‘white trash’

  1. Send her to North Korea for a year or two and then see if she would like to try America again.

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    • Why North Korea when she’s already at Yale? where the typical student you see walking around these days is a humorless Asian Marxist like herself. We should be laughing at her stridently wearing her inferiority complex on her sleeve like that. You can bet she wishes more than anything she could fit in at one of those “white trash” hangouts instead of coming across as someone with less personality than a computer.

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  2. Is she apologizing for saying what she believes or for believing what she says? Either way she shows that race is a subject worth discussing.

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  3. Liberals…

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  4. What a repugnant woman. Potato-face June Chu is a racist, bigot, elitist (who slams restaurant employees as “barely educated morons”), fat-shamer, and above all, a rank HYPOCRITE who, as a Yale University dean with a 6-figure salary, supposedly champions “cultural diversity”.

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  5. I miss the good ole days when you could tell a twat like this to shut the f**k up and not face a hate crime. Ahhh America, how we miss you so.

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  6. Where do these colleges get these people from? A degree in social psychology teaches a person to be a racist? The fact that Yale did not ask for her resignation speaks loud volumes about who and what this school really thinks about the so-called “masses.” The Washington Post printed this about Dean Chu: “As the dean of Yale University’s Pierson College, June Chu is responsible for advising about 500 students and fostering “a familiar, comfortable living environment” in keeping with the university’s residential college system.

    Chu’s biography states she has a PhD in social psychology and touts a long career in which she has “sought to help students not only succeed academically but to support their holistic academic experience and multifaceted identities.”

    I hope the parents of these students, who are paying approximately $70k per year for their children to attend this so-called Ivy League school, demand that Yale call for her resignation.

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  7. Another ‘win’ for affirmative action, and racist promotions of unqualified people to positions of power. Fire this raging racist d1psh1t.

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    • NowhereMan . . . I agree wholeheartedly. The fact that Yale would not just outright . . .”Fire this raging racist dlpshlt,” is a travesty. It doesn’t matter that “she is sorry!” Yes, she is sorry that she has been called out on her racist crap . . . not necessarily that she is sorry that she wrote her words of hatred.

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  8. If the restaurant had been Muslim owned she would be long gone.
    I do love her comment ,”I’m Asian, so I know.” Doesn’t make you an expert on anything.

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  9. Don’t rag on this woman. She did you a favor. Provided a perfect example of “scratch a liberal, find a hypocrite”. And don’t follow her lead. She should be able to say whatever she wants, free speech. Defend it, embrace it. It’s not her words, it’s her hypocrisy. Clueless, she is.

    And ignorant. Her prowess to evaluate mocha? First, it’s not mocha, it’s mochi, not really a rice cake as most think of them. It’s pounded sticky rice, like a dough. Mochi ice cream was invented by Frances Hashimoto in Los Angeles, marketed by her company Mikawaya. The original store is still in Little Tokyo. It is a variation on manju, very artisic, traditional Japanese confections. Not overly sweet like most Japanese treats.

    And quite tasty.

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  10. Chu flagrantly shows the demonic hypocrisy of the so-called Left aka
    Cultural Marxists that dominate America now. Have travelled
    extensively in
    Singapore and Malaysia, both of which push multiculturalism without
    the demonization of white Gentiles so blatant in the USA.
    European-American Gentiles are being exterminated. Those of
    you hiding in red states will be given the “full treatment” once
    the veil of Cultural Marxism is removed by our genocidal,
    parasitic rulers.

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    • Blue state demonized Gentile here, I will not compromise my morals my values or my religion EVER. Its no picnic but I live what rural res staters will see if President Trump doesn’t turn things around. He is only 1 man so we must step up and shamelessly be proud of who we are as Americans for starters….

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      • Tony . . .you have written true words of wisdom. I particularly love your last sentence . . . “He [President Trump] is only 1 man so we must step up and shamelessly be proud of who we are as Americans for starters ….” I for one have felt rather saddened by the fact that the majority of Republicans in Washington, DC have not stepped up to defend our President. For Heaven’s sake . . . look at all the garbage Obummer pulled off. . . yet the majority of Demorats felt he could walk on water.

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        • ” I for one have felt rather saddened by the fact that the majority of Republicans in Washington, DC have not stepped up to defend our President. ”
          This appears to prove out the concept that Republicans and Democrats are one and the same Party.


          • truckjunkie . . . Well, it can be said for sure . . . they just can’t put anything over on you! As sad as it is, I think that is exactly the situation we are faced with. The only remedy is to remain committed to belief in Our Savior, Jesus Christ, and pray earnestly that the Heaven’s will intercede in the mess that is currently going on in our nation’s capitol.

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        • Thank you Auntie Lulu 😊
          I always enjoy your posts!


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  12. I am appalled at the comments from Dean Chu -Dean Chu, are those attending Yale better than those you call white trash? You must have confused the meaning for under privilege, low class people. YOU are too late for apologies, SHAME ON YOU, YOU YOU NOT BE THE DEAN at the prestigious Yale University.

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  13. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Does anyone sense a possibility that if Dean June had limited publication of her feelings to a campus publication, she would still have her job? And, maybe, even higher popular approval? Her background showers us the unpleasantness found in a growing number of Americans, not justifies. It is attitudes that need adjustment rather then writings rewritten. The days of sympathy for those poor are leaving; perhaps they will return when enough of the once well-off and proud join the needy. Greed is NOT good, and the arrival of its acceptance just a short time ago brought us a pride that will fall. The contempt she holds for her servers is itself contemptible. “White trash, low class folks, barely educated morons …” Does she demand service from those who recite Homer (not Simpson, but that Greek guy, know what I’m sayin’), rather than being given food for herself from a useless eater. And to receive freezer-burned mocha/i, heaven forfend, join a support group. By the way, John D. Rockefeller, Sr., creator of his General Education Board, 1903, said, “I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers.” Common Core education, promoted by an elitist Yale grad from a line of Yale grads (two presidents and a U. S. senator), George W. Bush, plays a part in a service not found in the highly esteemed Pierson College dining facilities.
    I hope this life experience brings you correction in your pride in self and contempt for those beneath you.

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  14. Well, isn’t her self worth highly overrated? A truly classy person would never have made the statements she did.
    I suspect the basis of her remorse is the fact she might lose her high salary. Being an Asian as she stated, money is the basis for their existence.
    I do believe, being the racist that she is, she actually resents not being white.

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  15. Chu, you have what my Momma calls an “unfortunate face”: which is Southern White Trash language for YOU”RE UGLY! Stuff that in your fortune cookie, you butt ugly, over educated Chinese brat. I typed this while eating Tater Tots, by the way!

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    • Lola . . . Your remarks have put a smile on my face, and a song in my heart! I am going to adopt the phrase . . . “unfortunate face” . . . that is just too good to pass up. Thank you for the education.

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      • Thanks Auntie Lulu! I am glad to make anyone smile! Happy Friday! This elite liberal hatred of regular Americans has got to stop. It looks like she might get fired–we’ll see!

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  17. This story must be wrong. I thought only European whites or whites of European descent can be prejudiced, and that it’s impossible for oppressed minorities to be prejudiced in any way.

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    • stlonginus . . . I’m glad I got out of bed today . . . I also had thought that those of us who are of Western European, Caucasian ancestry are the only one’s who could display prejudice. This little freaky honey just taught us a whole new concept.


  18. We “white trash” won’t miss you…

    Yale dean who called people ‘white trash’ on Yelp leaving her post


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