Illegal alien arrests up 38% nationwide under Trump

I might be illegalWorks for me.

From USA Today: In the 100 days since President Trump signed an executive order to enhance immigration enforcement, the arrests of undocumented immigrants illegal aliens is up 38% from the same time period in 2016, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement data released Wednesday.

ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan said his agency is focusing on undocumented immigrants illegal aliens with criminal records, the “bad hombres” that Trump spoke about throughout his presidential campaign. But the data show that the biggest jump in arrests involved undocumented immigrants illegal aliens without a criminal record, a 156% increase from last year. (Seems to me they have a criminal record because they are here ILLEGALLY.)

Between Jan. 22 and April 29, ICE arrested 10,845 people whose immigration violations were the only marks on their record. That’s nearly triple the 4,242 people arrested during the same time period in President Barack Obama’s final year in office.

Of all the people arrested by ICE this year, nearly 75% had a criminal record. In Obama’s final year in office, 92% of people arrested by ICE in the country had a criminal record.

“I get asked a lot why we arrest somebody that’s not a criminal,” Homan said. “Those who do enter the country illegally, they do violate the law, that is a criminal act.”

Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, a group that advocates for immigrants, said Trump’s public comments about going after the most dangerous immigrants were a diversion from his goal: mass deportations. “If we don’t call it out and stand up to it, America is moving in the direction of committing a mistake of historic proportions — driving millions of immigrants who are deeply rooted in our country out of the country they now call home,” Sharry said.

ICE agents have been able to arrest more non-criminals due to an executive order Trump signed on Jan. 25. In that order, the president expanded the pool of undocumented immigrants illegal aliens considered “priorities” for deportation.

Under Obama, undocumented immigrants illegal aliens had to be a gang member, convicted of a felony, or convicted of several misdemeanors to be deemed a deportation priority. Under Trump, undocumented immigrants illegal aliens simply have to be arrested for a crime — not convicted — to become a priority. Trump also allowed ICE agents to focus on undocumented immigrants illegal aliens who they deem to be a “risk to public safety or national security.”

Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly further expanded the powers of ICE agents through new directives in February.

Under Obama, ICE agents who were conducting raids or seeking specific individuals could generally not arrest other undocumented immigrants illegal aliens they encountered along the way. For example, if an ICE officer entered a home looking for an undocumented immigrant illegal aliens with a violent record, they would not arrest other people found in the home.

Kelly’s order changed that. Now, ICE agents are allowed to round up anybody they encounter and arrest them if they’re in the country illegally, which has driven up the number of non-criminals arrested by the agency.

On Wednesday, Homan emphasized all undocumented immigrants illegal aliens will still receive their day in court and be able to fight back against their removal. “All of those arrested will receive the due process afforded to them under the law,” Homan said. “We are a nation of laws, and ignoring orders issued by federal judges undermines our constitutional government.”

ICE did see a drop in one area: deportations.

Homan said the agency removed 56,315 people from the U.S. in that time period, a 12% drop from the same period in 2016. He said that was due to a backlog in immigration courts, the time-consuming nature of deportations of undocumented immigrants illegal aliens living in the country and a drop in people caught crossing the southwest border, which often leads to quick deportations.


17 responses to “Illegal alien arrests up 38% nationwide under Trump

  1. Only 38%? Your not trying hard enough. I bet we could get the numbers way up with we place a bounty on each illegal. How about $50.00 per head if you report and then they arrest an illegal???

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    • When we first saw pictures, such as the one shown above, I was horrified. These thugs were passed off as “children” who needed to escape the horrors of the criminal element in their own countries. Who would want to live next to, work next to men such as these . . . who are obviously already involved in the gang lifestyle. We don’t need to take upon ourselves the thugs of other nations . . . we have enough problems of our own.

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      • True Auntie, the pictures are indeed horrifying. These invaders are not escaping the horrors of the criminal intent of their countries…..they ARE the horrors of the criminal intent of their countries.
        Where is it written we have to take criminals in. If we go back to their countries and look at their records, we will find they are indeed criminals and most likely trying to escape jail there.
        So who is behind these thugs coming here? The invader holding the placard in the top picture certainly did not make that sign and if was written by a Hispanic, it would have been done in a different form.
        I say we also go after those aiding and abetting them.

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    • Fifty dollars? C’mon, I’m a taxpayer, we could be a good citizen and do it for free.

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  2. Don’t buy the USA Today propaganda. Live in LA area. Illegals and
    legals (many Muslims) are flooding in. Demography is rapidly

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  3. Thankyou President Trump.
    Crossings down, arrests up.
    Works for me!

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  4. I must admit . . . I certainly got my Christmas wish. Trump has delivered one way or another . . . things are just getting better and better. Those who are in this country illegally need to return to the country of their birth . . . make things go there, and cease to burden the American taxpayer.

    I just saw that the LA Police Dept conducted pre-dawn raids in LA and rounded up a number of the most vicious gang members who pray on new immigrants. This was evidently a combined operation between the LA police and the FBI. I would say things are certainly moving in the right direction.

    Go Trump Go!

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  5. I’d call it a good start.

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  6. ManCavePatriot

    Deport the Marxist/Democrats in Congress first, and the gang-bangers will have no backup in court.

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  7. I’m amazed President Trump is getting THIS much accomplished,considering the majority of the Fed-Gov is actively working to subvert his Administration. Probably get me in hot water,but I’d be going after,investigating and prosecuting ANYONE in Government that was obstructing my efforts without legitimate,PROVABLE reason-We couldn’t call their acts Treasonous without adopting Lib-tardist definitions,but they’re most CERTAINLY officially OBSTRUCTIONIST,and THAT should be considered CRIMINAL..

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    • truckjunkie . . . You have brought up something that feels very grievous to me . . . we see President Trump being battered on every side, yet where are the Republicans who should be coming to his defense? They are to be found, as you have indicated . . . among the packs of “Obstructionists.” I would agree, there are so many who need to be brought up on criminal charges . . . to list all of them would probably use up all the memory I have left in my PC!

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  9. We’re off to a good start. How many years to undo the Obongo damage?

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