‘Humanity’ in animals

We humans like to think of ourselves as “like gods” who are superior to the real God’s other creations. We use the word “animal” as an insult, calling the most depraved among us “animals” when it is we “enlightened” humans who consciously and willfully lie, steal, insult, hurt, scheme, plot, plunder, and murder for profit or pleasure. Then to top it off, we use the intelligence that God gives us to justify our deeds with elaborate rationalization.

Saint Bonaventure called animals “creatures without sin” for, unlike humans, they are not born with “the mark” — fomes peccati, tinder for sin.

Saint Francis saw the “humanity” in non-human creatures. He talked to birds and animals, and even preached to them.

Take a look at these pictures. Do you not see their “humanity”? — of intelligence, loving “tolerance” of another species, parental love, unspoken friendship, and quiet companionship . . . .

And then there is their sheer, breathtaking beauty, which no human can match:

Did you know that animals have empathy? — that attribute on which human morality is founded (“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets” -Matthew 7:12), but which human narcissists and psychopaths lack. See:

H/t FOTM‘s MomOfIV


19 responses to “‘Humanity’ in animals

  1. Lovely, and God made them all

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  2. traildustfotm

    Wow, how beautiful.

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  3. Readers will have no idea of how grand & restorative it was for me to read this at 6:40 this morning. The last 24 hours were an inhuman mess here because of exactly what was written above, a lack of empathy: “[that] which human narcissists and psychopaths lack.” No animal is as sick or vicious as humans w/o empathy: their world is ALL ME and to Hell w/ others!

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    • Joseph . . . . . I do hope that today will be a better day for you. I felt sorrow to read that “life was getting you down.” I love the new picture that you are using. Take care!

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    • Joseph, I hope today is the beginning of a much better time. Time for sitting near a water feature, lake, ocean, water feature, and let the negative ions wash away the things clouding your life. The very best to you.

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    • that is why we “fellowship” my friend….pray and reach out to those who honor the Lord and be at peace… 🙂

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  4. These pictures are nothing short of exquisite! I can hardly wait for the day when the “lamb shall lie down with the lion”” and there shall be no contention. The picture of the dog and cat certainly show that at least these two, who might usually be thought of as being foes, has already reached that most blessed state.

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  5. Whosoever questions the divinity of GOD is a being with no meaning.

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  6. beautifully stated Dr. Eowyn.
    God creates beauty in everything, man can either honor it or destroy it.
    I pray mercy on those who choose the latter.

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  7. Dog ‘hugs’ his injured owner as he waits for ambulance laying on the asphalt

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  8. Sometimes, we just need an animal in our lives, even for just a minute.

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    • Glenn47 . . . there is no doubt that Heavenly Father in His wisdom gave us all these wonderful animals. I was marveling this morning as I was laying on my bed, using my sunlamp as I read the scriptures . . . and petting my little cat Baby. Due to the intense light I could see that that she has started the process of sheading as the days are getting warmer . . . what really amazed me is that she is loosing the downy undercoating. What I did not realize is that these strands of undercoating are comprised of several, 4 to 5 strands that are attached in a single bundle that comes loose from the pore. As I looked at this I could see that the strands that comprise a bundle are not “straight,” but are kind of kinky . . . I marveled that God could conceive of the idea that this design would give cats better insulation during times of cold. The warmth of their bodies would be retained as air would be trapped under these tufts of hair. Truly, this discovery came as a real marvel to me, that God could plan such a simple, but marvelous way of providing for the warmth of this species of animal, then as the days become warmer, cats are able to shed this soft downy layer for their comfort. I suppose that when we learn of all the marvels that God has provided both for man and other animals we will be truly thrilled with the entire grand plan of it all.

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  9. The miniature dolphins that are going extinct is heartbreaking. For those of you choosing to add more beauty to your day the national wildlife federation website http://www.nwf.org is filled with beautiful nature photos.

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  10. This was just beautiful Dr. Eowyn. I have never doubted for one minute that animals have souls and are deeply feeling.
    Funny, I walk in the open space daily and there are mountain lions up there. I have had people ask, ” aren’t you afraid?” And the answer is no, I am more afraid of people. Animals have no malice.

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  11. To all my wonderful FotM’s friends and Internet family;

    While editing emails this predawn morning I again came across that unforgettable image of the lion’s soulful eyes and gaze into our being, then I re-read it all, and thought of the wonderful, loving dedicated work Eo and all of you share here, and I was humbled and grateful once more that I live amongst such fine people.

    Having had such an unsettling bad day, Heaven heard my prayer for relief, and sent George Gomes, a 50 yr old in a 25 yr old athlete’s body, a true craftsman worth all he’s paid and more, so my life recentered and I can transfer my business to one who deserves it.

    God bless you all: I thank you for being in my life, and send you all my love and caring thoughts.

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