Austria bans the burka and demands all refugees take intensive language lessons in new migrant clampdown

autrian muslim women protesting

Muslim women not happy with this decision

From The Sun: From the autumn those seen out in public wearing a full face covering will be subjected to a fine of around £128.Migrants to the European nation will also be forced to undergo a one-year integration course including intensive training in understanding German. They will also be urged, but not forced, to carry out charity work while preparing to enter the country.

This aspect of the plan is allegedly meant to help them prepare for a working life.

But the right wing Freedom Party opposed the measures arguing that they did not go far enough, while the Greens said they were too strong.

Back in January, Chancellor Christian Kern said the niqab and burka ban will be enforced over the next 18 months. He said: “The full-face veil will be banned in public spaces.”

The agreement read: “We believe in an open society that is also based on open communication. Full-body veils in public spaces stand against that and will therefore be prohibited.”

The coalition said police officers, judges, magistrates and public prosecutors should not wear head scarves so they could appear “ideologically and religiously neutral” while serving the state.

The news comes just weeks after MPs in neighbouring Germany approved a ban on the full-face burka for female public servants at work as part of a package of new security measures aimed to prevent ISIS attacks.

The Bundestag lower house of parliament agreed to a draft law today that will stop female civil servants, judges and soldiers in Germany from wearing full-face veils at work. The text of the law passed reads: “The state has a duty to present itself in an ideologically and religiously neutral manner.”

New security measures also include the use of electronic ankle bracelets for people deemed a security threat – like known Islamic radicals considered potentially violent by security services.

Last year Angela Merkel called for a ban on the Burka for the first time amid concerns she seemed soft on immigration.


16 responses to “Austria bans the burka and demands all refugees take intensive language lessons in new migrant clampdown

  1. A good move. But to really eradicate the problem, Austria should simply deport the Muslim “refugees” and close its doors to all “migrants”.

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    • Amen to that! There will never cease to be problems if Muslims are allowed to live in, but not integrate with their host country. Send them back home where they are do as they wish!

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    • yep…austria should save its culture and its women/children, and its country and just ban them…period.

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  2. HAHA!
    F the EU!
    Huzzah for Austria!

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  3. Austria is full of communist psychopaths anyway.
    Guilt for almost torching Europe; remorse for failing to annihilate all the Jews.

    So here’s there latest creative way to piss away even more other people’s money.

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  4. I certainly did like the idea of “ankle bracelets” for those who are deemed a security threat. Not only should they be required to wear them . . . but they should have to work a job to “pay for them.”

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  5. My wife , who is South African, is required to have an advance visa thru one of the EU’s embassies. Last year she was turned down at the Belgium Emb. because we were not going to stay long enough. In addition, it is required to have full insurance which cost us $50/ day for a trip to Switzerland plus have advanced paid reservations at all hotels on any trip. (Previously Switzerland was not a member of the Schngen visa program and we traveled freely in the country of my parents.) By the way she is a US Green Card holder which took 2 years to attain.
    What a bunch of BS the EU is! I applaud Austria, Poland and Hungry for finally doing something to preserve their cultures.

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    • all of the “advanced paid reservations” means they will have more $$$$ to give to refugees….I guess they want to deter legitimate tourism as much as they can….they are committing national suicide.

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  6. While banning the burka, ban the EU also.

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  7. Send them all home, dang it! EU = BS. Hopefully, with Brexit will come many more “exits” and the EU will disappear and finally be nothing but dust and a bad memory – it has been crumbling to pieces for years! Get rid of all them f*****g socialists and communists and jihadis for good. If Muslims say they are not radicals, let them go back home and fight the radicals and eradicate their countries of radicals, not come to EU and North America and try to turn other countries into the same hellholes they came from. When was the last time you heard a Muslim oppose sharia law, FGM, rape, marrying little girls to men that could be their fathers and even grandfathers, etc.? I say lock and load and be ready to defend your own and to defend America against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Evil is real. Very real. And the enemy is at the doorstep. Scratch that: The enemy is already inside the house.

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  8. Nice try, but will it be enforced? Questionable, so this is all wasted energy.
    Ankle bracelets, what? Do you really want anyone in your country that requires an ankle bracelet? I doubt it.
    Austria is small enough, there should be a full ban anyway, it will be a very short time before they are consumed. One of the most beautiful countries in the world soon gone, forever.
    And again with the signs, where are they getting them. As for the one stating Islamaphobia is not a freedom. I disagree. As long as I breathe, I am free to feel as I choose.

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  9. How do they figure an ankle bracelet will change anything? If I was invading a Country and they thought an ankle bracelet would “control” me,the first thing I’d do is find a way to remove it.

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  10. Ausgezeichnet! Ein europäisches Land bekommt es endlich!


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