The Black Tape Project: Naked women are going clubbing wearing nothing but tape

black tape project

The Black Tape Project: Competition for the “SlutWalk”

Well, that’s one way to get a wax job.

From Sacramento Bee: Here’s a trend that’s starting to stick: Women in nightclubs wearing nothing more than tape covering their bits and bobs.

Which leads to one painfully obvious question: Doesn’t it hurt to peel all that tape off?

This odd tale of the tape begins with Joel Alvarez, a photographer in Miami and creator of The Black Tape Project, which he calls “tape art and alternative fashion.”

Alvarez tapes pieces of black electric tape onto naked models to make it look as if they’re wearing swimwear. Skimpy swimwear. Really skimpy swimwear. And he’s popular. Very popular. Gee, go figure.

“I do believe I’m the first person to tape someone in an artistic fashion,” he told the New York Post. He’s so popular that scam artists pretend to be him online to con women, the Post reports. “Apparently women clubbing only in duct tape is a thing now,” sniffed British Esquire. “You’ll all catch colds. Heed our words.”

The Black Tape Project has nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram. Alvarez’s “The King of Tape” Instagram has more than 51,000 followers. Fans keep track of his work on Facebook, too. Alvarez has taped up women from Las Vegas and New York to Europe and the Caribbean.

According to the Post he charges up to $1,000 for private taping sessions, which include a sexy photo shoot.

Women – from what it looks like mostly firm-bodied models and dancers – wait in line in clubs for their turn with him. He also charges $55,000 for a live performance, according to the Post, but thousands of people also watch him work on videos he posts on social media.

Back in 2008, as he was just starting out as a photographer, Alvarez was commissioned to photograph a model wrapped in black electrical tape. Cocooning a woman in tape didn’t get his creative juices flowing, according to his resume. But the idea stuck with him.

He created his own technique of using black electrical tape to create designs on women’s naked bodies — strategically placed pieces of tape that followed the curves of the female form and hid what needed to stay private.

He has told Instagram followers that he cuts the pieces of tape on the spot and that it takes him about two hours to decorate one body. More modest women opt for the torso-only look. Then, Alvarez started working with gold, shiny, reflective tape.

Last month he found new fans when he took The Black Tape Project to the beach for the first time.

His photos and videos of the photo shoot – where he covered a model with tiny pieces of shiny gold tape to replicate a bikini – quickly went viral. People online couldn’t figure out if the model was wearing clothes. She was so shiny some people thought she was a hologram.

And what about the weird tan lines she’s going to get, people worried. “Though the gold tape is strategically placed to technically make the look Instagram-friendly, it’s giving the #FreeTheNipple trend a run for its money,” noted Teen Vogue.

This whole taping-naked-women situation left beauty bloggers for Yahoo in Australia scratching their heads. “We have been left with several questions. How much pain will these women be in as the tape is removed?” they wondered. “How is the tape even removed from down there? What do you have to do to be born as brave as these women? Let’s hope this bizarre look doesn’t make an appearance in the real world any time soon.”

Who knows if it will, since Alvarez recently announced a “phase 2” and “phase 3” of The Black Tape Project are coming soon. “Considering changing the name of the project now that I don’t use black tape much and the experiment is over,” he announced on Facebook this week without disclosing the results of his “experiment.”

“What do you guys suggest. Let’s be serious though. The clear tape project is out of the question.”


29 responses to “The Black Tape Project: Naked women are going clubbing wearing nothing but tape

  1. Richard North

    The toxic nature of nightclubs has just gotten more toxic. I recommend young men to avoid them at all costs. These places are festering with all kinds of toxic human emotion and behavior and they attract the worst kinds of people. The men are thirsty for sex and hungry for violence and the women are there to sow as much chaos and confusion as they can by flaunting their looks, and the owners are looking to fleece unwitting patrons (especially men) of their money with overpriced everything. Stay in one these cesspools past 11pm and you can look forward to either getting stabbed or shot by some thug/drugged-up meathead.

    If you’re intrepid enough to gain the attention of one the “women” there, you can look forward to an STD or an assault by her meathead boyfriend that she’s cheating on for the night.
    Just avoid these dumps.

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    • Richard . . . that is very good advice for young men, and young women also. It is incredulous that young women would put their bits and pieces out there on review. All the while, at this time it is the “well toned” women who are hankering to do this . . . after a while, you can expect that even the hefers who are packing plenty of meat will also want to “get in on the action.” This is just gross.

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    • Really toxic odors, too. I only went to Regine’s once–Regine Zylberberg’s dump of a discoteque on Park Avenue–many years ago when a foreign couple my wife and I got stuck entertaining insisted on going. I remember it well, a time when the scions of Greek crooks with shipping empires were the nouveau riche trash haunting these places, along with the scum of the earth from Hollywood, etc. What I remember most was the clothes of these wealthy low-life barbarians, sweat soaked from simulating intercourse on the dance floor, and the stench of body odor worse than the dumpster at a KFC on a hot summer afternoon.

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  2. Next: Scotch Tape?

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  3. Does he need an assistant? 😉

    Just kidding.

    Back in the day, there was a club right next to the office building I worked in that would occasionally host what was known as homemade bikini night.

    The rules were simple – the bikinis could be made out of anything – except cloth.

    LOL – Myself, along with some of my co-workers, would walk over there as soon as we got off work so we could get the best table.

    EDIT: My personal favorite was cardboard. 😀

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  4. I’d like to see guys do it…you’d hear the scream miles away when they took off the tape from their ‘nether regions’.
    I guess it’s cheaper than a Brazilian wax, ha!

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  5. In most clubs it seems like these women would quickly end up nude;this tape loses its adhesion with just a little perspiration. (I know from experience-I’ve had to use electrical tape and paper towels to replace bandages in emergencies,and it’s a VERY poor substitute.) I’m sure that won’t matter to any woman willing to pay a thousand bucks for an “outfit” that slides off when she sweats. Somewhere out there is a car with NAKED wiring…..

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  6. so sad…these females have found a way to lower themselves even more…seems to me like attention-starved females seeking their 2 minutes of fame with an ego-stricken loser (“artist”) who likes taping flesh…
    even more interesting, on his instagram page, he has a picture of himself sitting in his living room and on the wall are a bunch of crosses…on the table in front of him are candles that appear to be phallic images….

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  7. Might I suggest “Gorilla” tape? That way he can follow up with a red welt project…

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  8. I call racism on this project! “Black Tape”. Seriously, people could end up triggered and need coloring books and safe spaces in those clubs.

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  9. Black Tape Matters!

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  10. I remember the 1970s when the Feminists insisted that we guys stop thinking of women as sex objects and that we respect them for their minds. “You’ve come a long way, Baby!” (Nah. Actually, you went backwards, Sweet Cakes.)
    ~ D-FensDogG
    Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews…

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  11. Who wants to bet these trollops don’t sweat? They are depraved exhibitionists. This is “flaunting it” in the extreme; women who range from donning the sublime burka, to the ridiculous black tape. Confusion must run rampant.

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  12. It is taking less and less to entertain these days. Must be a real downer to have to scoot across a hot vinyl seat.
    I am waiting for the model brave enough to have him use duct tape.

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  13. I was looking at Japanese Kimonos today and was in awe of their dignity and beauty. Along with other things, clothing in the United States seems to collectively get worse and worse.

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    • Lori.
      So true. My friends from Japan sent me a kimono book indeed the beauty and grace and dignity is inspiring. We are falling further down into a nonreturnable abyss of depravity.

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  14. Lets just get to the brass tacks here, the guy is basically a pornographer utilizing “art” as an excuse and shield, per usual, to drive societal & moral corruption and the “slutification” of females, if you will. That is what I imagine his “experiment” was, to see the ripple effect of trying to sell society on this anti-modesty, and see if it can accelerate and spread, like a virus, through society to drop the moral standards even further, and possibly make way for worse things.

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  15. Liberals fancy themselves intellectuals, but they still go nuts over the basest things the rest of us got over when we were teens.

    Also: when they do it, it’s “art”. Anyone else: “objectifying women” and misogyny.

    There’s no lie like a Leftist lie.

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