Due to poor sales, Marvel cancels Black Lives Matter-themed comic book

marvel BLM comic

Apparently diversity racism doesn’t sell many comic books. Who knew?

From Daily Mail: Marvel has cancelled its Black Lives Matter-themed comic book due to poor sales. 

Black Panther & The Crew, written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and poet Yona Harvey, is just two issues into its run.

In an interview with The Verge, Coates said that the comic book had been cut because it wasn’t selling well but that he would get the chance to wrap up the current story. The sixth issue will be the final installment. Coates also writes for the main Black Panther comic, which will continue to publish.

Black Panther’s character was debuted in Captain America: Civil War, and first had a spin-off with The Crew in 2003.  But that comic book was also cancelled after just seven issues.

This iteration of the comic book saw Black Panther and other black superheroes in the Marvel universe such as Luke Cage, Misty Knight, Storm and the former Avenger Manifold, trying to solve the death of a black woman named Ezra Keith who dies in police custody. Keith’s death is reminiscent of the real life death of Sandra Bland.

The comic book takes place in near-future New York, where Harlem is placed under martial law. Robot cops controlled by a private security contractor police the neighborhood. While solving the mystery they all learn about Civil Rights figures. 

At the end of March, David Gabriel, Marvel’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, told icv2.com that the publisher’s core fan base didn’t seem interested in the new comics aimed at diversity.

‘What we heard was that people didn’t want any more diversity…that’s what we saw in sales,’ Gabriel said. ‘We saw the sales of any character that was diverse, any character that was new, our female characters, anything that was not a core Marvel character, people were turning their nose up against.’


19 responses to “Due to poor sales, Marvel cancels Black Lives Matter-themed comic book

  1. Surprise! – NOT

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  2. I got elected to take two of the grandchildren to a matinee of another Marvel classic; guardians of the galaxy II.
    I thought the image and sound quality wasn’t so great.

    It was excruciatingly stupid and rather expensive: $50 with snacks.
    I think the moral of the story was eventually everything blows up.
    Oh well, at least there wasn’t any viagra commercials, or anti Trump FAKENEWS.

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    • MeThePeople . . . Oh! My Goodness . . . I had to really laugh when I read . . . . “at least there wasn’t any Viagra commercials, or anti Trump FAKENEWS.” The best thing is that those two of your grandchildren will always remember that you loved them enough to go with them for this special outing. They will not remember, nor will they even think that “the image and sound quality wasn’t so great.” I remember having my Grandpa take my sister and I to the circus (probably back in 1952-1953ish.) I don’t exactly remember the circus, but afterwards Grandpa, Margie and I stopped at a candy store . . . where Grandpa bought me a little toy scale. You could place small items, such as a bean, or pea on the balance . . . what a lovely thought . . . and that was 60 plus year ago.

      I have always tried to build memories with all my nieces and nephews, so that when I am gone, they will remember the times we spent together.

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      • The Talk station in Jacksonville, FL is WOKV.
        They have Herman Kaine, Rush, Hannity. But they’re a CBS affiliate and they spin the news the wrong way. Also they run an ad for a sex therapist. So I can’t listen when my grandchildren are in the car.

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  3. Well, Socialist Realism art (in whatever form it takes) is never driven by any actual popular demand…

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  4. Those people over at Marvel must be racists then. Or perhaps, the BLM folks can’t even read.

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    • Maryaha . . . Well now, you do have a point there. I have never witnessed any black children reading comics. For that matter, in all the times that I visit the library, which is quite close to where I live . . . I have only seen one young black man. It is a tragedy that young black children miss out on the joys of reading. If you can read . . . you can conquer anything!

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    • Maybe they were stolen. When I worked at a drug store, the most stolen items were pain meds (Tylenol) and hair products like dippity do and hair straightener.

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  5. Who’d have thunk it? Blacks who can red when they’re 11-15.

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  6. Isn’t all the marvel drek simply socialism flavoured propaganda? Their movies, comic books, everything.

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  7. This phenomenon of people voting with their dollar is really something. At least Marvel has taken note, and has decided that they do not want to try to cram garbage down the throats of those who do purchase their comics.

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  8. Don’t these rejects know that losers that join the CIA funded BLM do not READ? Now, make it into a video game of white people getting killed, or have a ‘riot 3000’ video game where you can torch buildings and cars, break windows, steal and loot, then that would be a good seller. Though it may be thought of as racist.
    Get a copy if you can, it’ll probably be worth money 100 years from now.

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  9. Looks like there isn’t as many black raciest out there as BLM thought there were.

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  10. If they can’t SELL it,it must be time to start demanding a Government MANDATE to fill up schools with ’em. Honestly,I wouldn’t be surprised….

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  11. Just saying, I find all comics really boring, nothing is left to one’s own imagination, and many children don’t even feel compelled to read the captions. I’m glad to see this garbage bite the dust, I hope more follow.

    Children need to learn to read real books, and other than a few themed illustrations, let their minds-eye do the illustrating. One or two images per chapter/section provide the structure from which young minds can run unaided. Children and young adults definitely benefit from being literate, all while cultivating an aptitude for original thinking.

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  12. Nothing like tarnishing a once entertaining reputation for people who will never read your magazine. I hope they found it worth it,

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