The solution to Chiraq’s gun violence: Yo-Yo Ma to perform at ‘Concert for Peace’ in Chicago

yo yo ma

Yo Yo Ma: Bringing a cello to the gunfight

Over Mother’s Day weekend, Chiraq saw 3 dead and 13 shot (at the time of my writing this post). To date, Chiraq has had 962 people shot and wounded.

Apparently all it takes to address the out-of-control gun violence is a cello performance. Who knew?

From ABC7: Famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma will join other performers for a concert aimed at reducing violence in Chicago. The Concert for Peace is scheduled for June 11 at St. Sabina Church on the city’s South Side. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association says Ma will perform with members of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago and the Chicago Children’s Choir. The Rev. Michael Pfleger also will speak during the concert.

All proceeds will go toward anti-violence and employment programs at St. Sabina. Ma is a creative consultant for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Ricardo Muti is music director.

Ma and Muti teamed with Pfleger in planning the concert. They say it builds on their belief that art and music play a critical role in solving issues facing the community.


15 responses to “The solution to Chiraq’s gun violence: Yo-Yo Ma to perform at ‘Concert for Peace’ in Chicago

  1. the title should read: “Yo-Yo Ma to perform at ‘Concert for Peace’ in Chicago”…..while wearing a bullet-proof vest 🙂

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  2. Will he play “Kumbaya” and have a sing-along, too?

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  4. Yeah. I’m inna gang and can’t wait to go to the symphony to see sum dude named Yo-Yo. Had to cancel my plans for a drive by to catch his show.
    Hope the show makes all the Limousine liberals feel good about themselves.

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  5. According to Ma, he, Muti, and their patrons plan on walking alone in their tuxedos and gowns through Chicago’s toughest projects right after the concert to prove that black violence and crime can be eliminated by culturally shaming inner-city blacks with ostentatious displays of America’s high culture.

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  6. The survivors will be found hiding in the bushes the next morning.

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  7. Gosh! I wonder just how many of the gangbangers will be in attendance at this concert? This sounds like something that is good and worthwhile, but at second glance, I doubt that either the concert, or the money that it raises will really reach the segment of Chicago society that is creating the problem!

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  8. traildustfotm

    I love his skills as a musician, but the thought that a concert will improve the nature of Chicago is ridiculous.

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  9. What would you expect from a guy named Yo-Yo?

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  10. Yeah! Thug types love classical music! This will go over as well as James Taylor’s bland pop concert for French peace!

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  11. What, were the ancient Greeks wrong in saying that ‘music has power to soothe the savage beast’? I think it was from the school of Pythagoras.


  12. Also, the city should be officially renamed Chitcago. And while on the subject, Detoilet would be apropos for Detroit.

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