Stray dog waits for kind stewardess every day outside her hotel

Sometimes, when we think we’re adopting an animal, it’s actually the animal who chooses us.

That’s what happened to Olivia Sievers, a German flight attendant.

In January 2016, during one of her frequent flights to Argentina, she noticed a stray dog on the mean streets of Buenos Aires.

Sievers showed the dog some affection and fed him. She recalls, “I was walking around very early in the morning, we played and I had some dog food. He was really happy that someone gave him attention.”

The dog followed her to her hotel, and waited outside the hotel every day.

Every time Sievers returned to Buenos Aires, the dog was there outside the hotel waiting for her.

Sievers told Noticiero Trece, “I tried to change my route as I didn’t want him to follow me to the hotel, but it was not possible, he always followed me. So I tried [to wait] one hour but he always watched me and followed me.’

By this time, Sievers had named the homeless dog Rubio.

This went on for six months.

Sievers even found a home in Buenos Aires for Rubio, but he escaped and returned to the hotel to wait for her.

By that time, Sievers had fallen in love with the dog and did the only thing she could — she adopted Rubio.

On August 5, 2016, Rubio and Sievers left Buenos Aires for Germany.

Sievers said that after they landed in Frankfurt, “Rubio was perfectly treated at Lufthansa Animal Lounge” while he waited for his paperwork.

On her Facebook page, Sievers has continued to keep fans of Rubio updated with his progress. Photos show him visiting a lake, going for walks with her other dogs, and loving life in his new forever home.

H/t Daily Mail; PawmyGosh; and maziel


11 responses to “Stray dog waits for kind stewardess every day outside her hotel

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  2. Thank You, a lovely story with a very happy outcome, bless them both:-)

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  3. This story sure made my day! Thanks!

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  4. Oh that was the best! Thank you. I am only sad it took so long for her to adopt him.
    I have had five cats- every one of them has adopted me by coming to the door and asking for a home.

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    • Oh Lana, you’re my kind of people. I have 5 NEWER cats—in addition to my two OLD OLD cats—one who was aged 23 in March—-(3 from one litter, and 2 from another) whom came to our door/property one at a time and “asked” to be adopted. It’s a busy house, as we don’t allow them to go outside after we had them neutered/spayed & immunized….but I look forward to coming home each day after work to be greeted by my fur-balls of pure love (they are all “talkers”) and ditto when I awake each morning. In this era of political and international insanity, not to mention my middle school teaching job, THEY are my touch-stones to “normal” these days.

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      • Isn’t that the truth! These wonderful animals, and in our case cats esp., each day ground you to what it true and pure- God’s unconditional love!

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  5. such is the beauty of our 4 legged children

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