Unhinged Snowflake Student Screams at a Trump Sign For Two Minutes

From YouTube:

A student melted down at Western Washington University, presumably in response to a President Donald Trump sign, according to video released Friday. The unnamed student screams and throws paint on the ground, as depicted in the video obtained by Campus Reform. “This is what happens when you don’t take your meds,” says Eric Bostrom, the preacher carrying the sign, according to Campus Reform. “This is why I don’t believe in the legalization of marijuana.”

The student’s actions were presumably in response to a sign that said “Trump, borders, laws, jobs, liberty” on one side and “Jesus judges you, repent or perish” on the other side. Bostrom asserts that the student is an art major and, at another point in the video, the student tells someone who appears to be a concerned administrator to “call the police, bitch.” The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to the university for comment, but received none in time for publication.”

h/t Twitchy


20 responses to “Unhinged Snowflake Student Screams at a Trump Sign For Two Minutes

  1. She’s nuttier than squirrel doots!

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  2. As far as I am concerned, the police should have been called, and she should have been placed in a Psych Ward for a 72 hour evaluation. I would hope that after she gets out of school, any prospective employers are treated to a view of this outrageous display of lunacy, so that they can steer clear of employing her. She is a nut-job, plain and simple. Even the other young lady who tried to “calm her down” finally gave up, she realized that this behavior was crazy. I wonder what her parent’s would think if they saw pictures of their darling daughter acting the fool in public?

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  3. Helene Pineau

    Where’s a tranquilizer gun when you need it?!

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  4. They walk among us. Be warned, be careful, be armed.

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  5. Every day and in every way, liberals/Democrats/Progressives provide yet more evidence that they are mentally ill.

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    • When we see people acting in this manner . . . there can be no doubt that these people are mentally ill. What sane person would act in this manner.

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  6. She is simply taking advantage of freedom of screech.

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  7. I’m thinking, “That’s IT??? THAT’S the best argument against Trump she can come up with??” BTW-did anyone else notice she’s bi-lingual? She can speak Liberal in screams OR grunts! She should apply for a job as Hiillary’s Hand-Maiden…..

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  8. I guess the sudden exit from mummy’s basement and into the sun was a bit too much for her. I am sure many found her entertaining though.

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  9. That is your basic sine-qua-non for demonic possession. Prima facie evidence for satanic influence. And the external manifestation of what watching the Kardassians (or Clintons) will do to a person — turn them into attention-seeking lunatics. Pretty much describes all the current “let’s riot in the street and demand what we want” left-wing nutcases.

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  10. Yet more:

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  11. I suspect her ululations are the aural response to truth that the demon who possesses her is suffering. It reminds me of the demon possessing this poor soul;

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  12. traildustfotm

    Oh! That does indicate some mental impairment.


  13. She is completely crazy. Scary that she walks the streets with the rest of us.
    I hope she has a family that cares enough to get her help.

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  14. The man’s comments during her freak attack are hilarious. He should be a comedian for thinking that fast on his feet.

    I pity folks that can’t control their emotions over small things. What happens when the really big things in life come their way? Will they justify even worse behaviors then?


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