President Trump’s Liberty University commencement address: ‘In America we don’t worship government, we worship God’

Yesterday, May 13, 2017, President Trump delivered the Commencement address at Liberty University — a private, non-profit, fully-accredited Christian university in Lynchburg, Virginia, and the largest Christian evangelical university in the world, with a total enrollment in 2016 of more than 115,000 students (15,000 residential and over 100,000 online).

In his speech, President Trump spoke of God at least 15 times; of the Bible; of patriotism; of doing what is right and the courage to do what is right; of being “a warrior for the truth” fighting for what you believe in; of the importance of being true to yourself; of the “values of service, sacrifice and devotion”; of activism and of the pursuit of the American dream; of the power of faith; why we must never quit or give up; of doing what you love; and that “in America we don’t worship government, we worship God”.

In other words, Trump said everything that the Left object and shun as a vampire shrinks from the crucifix.

Trump made this promise:

“America is better when people put their [Christian] faith into action. As long as I am your President, no one is ever going to stop you from practicing your [Christian] faith or from preaching what is in your heart. We will always stand up for the right of all Americans to pray to God and to follow His teachings.”

He concludes with these words:

“We must always remember that we share one home and one glorious destiny. Whether we are brown, black or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots, we all salute the same great American flag, and we are all made by the same almighty God. As long as you remember what you have learned here at Liberty, as long as you have pride in your beliefs, courage in your convictions, and faith in your God, then you will not fail. And as long as America remains true to its values, loyal to its citizens, and devoted to its Creator, then our best days are yet to come . . . .

May God bless the Class of 2017. May God bless the United States of America. May God bless all of you here today. Thank you very much. Thank you.”

H/t Will Shanley


22 responses to “President Trump’s Liberty University commencement address: ‘In America we don’t worship government, we worship God’

  1. Donald err Mr President you are a man after mine own heart!

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  2. LOL – That’s going to cause the commie-libs to spin on their eyebrows and spit nails.

    That’s a good thing.


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  3. We often hear Politicians say things along this line;I think the BIG difference here is that
    A-Trump is NOT a Politician,he’s a true Representative of TRUE AMERICA,and
    B-He doesn’t say any of this as part of an ulterior motive-he says it because he BELIEVES it,and encourages the BEST of America to believe it too.
    Carry on,President Trump-we have your six.

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  4. Sounds like a rousing speech. The problem is that we’re losing in a big way to the Left because they and not our Christian churches are forming the minds of our young. The Left are evil incarnate for turning the good, the true, and the beautiful into their opposite. Social justice for them is a euphemism for homicidal violence and vengeance. They cannot be reasoned with, and they are not going away or going to be silenced by feel-good speeches. Unless we defeat them in the streets and eliminate their sources of strength in the media, academia, and entertainment they will win and we Christians will be violently persecuted in our own country.

    It happened before when Catholics in England adopted a wait-and-see attitude in the misguided hope their leaders would restore the faith and protect their rights to practice their faith following the Reformation. In 16th century Tudor England a contented Catholic country was subjected to wholesale theft and unspeakable violence by the state so complete that criminals became the great lords of the realm, replacing the ages old aristocracy of the land and faith. The vast majority of English were still firmly Catholic, akin to all Christians in America today, and yet they stood by, went underground, or resorted to pietism and were erased from history as if they and 900 years of faith never existed.

    The Left must be crushed underfoot and never be tolerated, or what happened in England to England will happen here to all Christians, Catholic or Protestant, who’ll accept the American state religion that’s resembling communism more every day or be eliminated. Talk is cheap, as the Catholics in England learned after it was too late, and nothing exemplifies cheap and empty talk today quite like the lying promises coming from this Republican congress.

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    • Dan . . . . . I could not agree more. You truly spoke to my heart when you wrote . . . “nothing exemplifies cheap and empty talk today quite like the lying promises coming from this Republican congress.” I am outraged at all these Republicans that got into office because we thought they would turn the ship around . . . only to find that their greatest interest is business as usual . . . and that business would be lining their pockets, and acquiring as much power as possible. All this at the expense of you and I, the weary US taxpayer!

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    • Gosh, thanks for throwing a wet blanket so that we can’t even enjoy Trump’s speech for the moment.

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      • I know what you mean, but I don’t trust Trump any longer, because to my way of thinking most of his key appointments make a mockery of his campaign promises to drain the swamp and keep us out of these wars of aggression. So I’m now wary of everything–false in part, false in all–that he says.

        I also see his delivering this speech at Liberty U as ominous, not encouraging, since Liberty U is Zionism central, where Falwell, instead of taking up his cross to follow Christ, picked up a new private jet from Israel for selling out his fellow Christians and countrymen to their worst enemy, if the Gospel according to John is to be believed.

        A pseudo-Christianity indistinguishable from Zionism will be encouraged, while Trump’s limiting but not abolishing the Johnson Amendment is blowing smoke in our faces since nothing at all will be done by this administration or congress to curb the one-sided assault on the faith in the media, academia, and entertainment. As Texe Marrs has shown, televangelism and places like Liberty U exist because of Jewish money and to insidiously weave Zionism and Jewish supremacism into the fabric of Christian doctrine.

        The idea the Christianity will some day inform the culture and laws of this country under Republican leadership is dangerous temporizing in the face of our annihilation. I also believe that something like the Hillary Doctrine will eventually become the de facto law of the land, Trump or no Trump, where Christian “freedom of religion” means only within church doors and everywhere else is prohibited as infringing on the rights of atheists, homosexuals, feminists, et al.


    • Glad to see there are still a few who can see through all the bullsh*t. Words are cheap. Trump is a lesser of two evils, nothing more, nothing less. I laugh at people who say they “fully trust trump”. We shouldn’t trust anyone other than God. Sooner or later Trump will go down, like anyone who gets involved in politics, and he will bring down many with him.

      Also Interesting for someone who talks so much about God/Bible/Creator, he rarely, if ever, says the name “Jesus”. (But it’s okay, there was plenty of “oh Jerry… oh no Jerry.”)

      Dan I agree that we are losing battles against the left especially in education and higher education. Do you have any idea why that is so? Sure, it is part of the end time prophecies. Sure the left are masters of deceit and manipulation. But I don’t see very many who identify what it is that we are not doing or doing wrong that ends us up losing battle after battle.


  5. A beautiful speech and I would have been proud to sit in that audience.
    After hearing the pathetic rantings of a speech Elizabeth Warren gave, this was a barn burner.
    Thank You Mr. President.

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  6. Once again:

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  7. True Trump form: willing to take the heat for saying what most Americans were thinking but were told we weren’t allowed to think.

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  8. This is 100% rhetoric by Donald. I cannot believe you saps believe his propaganda speeches. He speaks to Evangelists and racists for the same reason: votes.

    I can guarantee that his tax plan doesn’t benefit any of you because you aren’t living in the 20% which doesn’t see the public good as what made this country great. Donald talks about the collective (WE), but he’s the great divider.

    He’s at least honest with the racists because everything he does will hurt people of color even though he’s backed off some of his promises. He said he was going to drain the swamp, but he’s hired billionaires and Wall Street financiers to run his administration.

    By the time his policies are implemented, you’ll wonder how you were so easily conned by a flim-flam man. Again. 😉


    • @ Todd Smekens …. Trump would be treading on shaky ground if this were just propaganda. Maybe he doesn’t believe it, but the people he was speaking to do. And that could be the unraveling of all things conspiratorial. If you have any doubt, read The Book. In the end our side wins!

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    • So,Todd-did you vote for Hillary,or did you just go fishing?

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    • Its not about President Trump’s rhetoric, it is the message he conveys. Obama conveyed Jeremiah Wright’s “message”. Without the constant interference by the Chuckys, Maxines, Pelosis, and the Andrea Mitchells and their seditious rhetoric, we would be moving forward faster. And talking about the Wall Street financiers is nothing new, who makes the country move if it wasn’s for Wall Street? The world revolves around Wall Street, money talks, and bullshit walks, Mr. Smekens, give yourself soe time, you will benefit in the long run.

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    • It is difficult to drain the swamp if you don’t know where the drainage ditches are located. Who would run the administration? You, Lt. Weinberg?


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  10. I was waiting for Trump to mention the Very Name of Jesus. Sigh… Oh Well, he DID mention “the Gospels.”
    Long Story Short: We have been, and are, being ruled by SATANISTS. Trump would do well to SHOUT THE NAME OF JESUS FROM THE ROOFTOP OF THE WHITE HOUSE, just to annoy the HELL out of these bastards!!!

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  11. Very heartening to read this. Thanxs


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