North Carolina school district recalls yearbooks over Trump quote

yearbook quote

The inappropriate and, of course, raciiiiiiiiist comment

Good grief.

From Fox News: A North Carolina high school recalled its yearbooks after officials saw a senior’s quote which read “Build that wall” ascribed to President Donald Trump — but the move drew criticism online.

Yearbooks for Richmond Early College High School in Hamlet were recalled because some senior quotes were considered controversialThe News & Observer reported.

“Earlier this week, it was discovered by school administration that Richmond Early College yearbooks had errors and inappropriate comments,” the school district said on Facebook Tuesday. “The principal immediately collected the distributed yearbooks.”

The school district apologized and said it was working on making corrections with the yearbook publisher.

“As a district, we do not and will not tolerate inappropriate conduct toward any of our students,” the post said.

School and district officials found several quotes deemed inappropriate, school district spokeswoman Ashley-Michelle Thublin said. She said that included the “Build that Wall” comment that became one of Trump’s campaign slogans last year.

“Only a handful of annuals were distributed before the mistake was discovered by the principal,” Thublin said in a statement. “Those were taken back up the same morning and the rest were not distributed.”

She did not answer a question from Fox News about which other senior quotes aside from the “wall” one were considered inappropriate.

An image of the senior quote was posted on Facebook Tuesday by user Artney Ellerbe, the Richmond County Daily Journal reported.

“So Richmond county school system allowed this to be printed in their 2017 year book,” Ellerbe captioned the post.  “I already knew this city was racist. Get a court date you’ll find out. This doesn’t surprise me at all.” Ellerbe’s caption concluded with “#Share.”

“I feel that young lady only stood up for her freedom of speech by using the quote of her choice,” Charity Davis, a mother of a freshman at the school, told the Daily Journal. “Every senior was given the opportunity to choose a quote. It was her right as an American to choose any quote under the sun.”

Thublin said none of the students are being disciplined.

It’s too late to get the books reprinted so students are being refunded. They cost $30 to $39 dollars based on time of purchase.


23 responses to “North Carolina school district recalls yearbooks over Trump quote

  1. I think the name of the school is wishful thinking.
    These kiddies are either knocked up, in jail or in rehab before they ever graduate.
    Looks like only about 50 kids graduated in 2016.
    They apparently don’t think too much of our country or President, so screw ’em.
    The truck stop is the largest building in that “town”.
    I don’t think they have a traffic light, and someone ran over the stop sign last summer, so no need to tap the brakes when you’re passing through.
    Now they are famous, right?

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  2. Wondering if I can buy one of the yearbooks… hum…

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  3. Freedom of speech? What’s that? Oh, that was yesteryear.

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  4. Hamlet is a small town, just southeast of Charlotte, not far from the SC state line. I’ve been through it many times over the years as it was on the way to my grandmother’s. Of course, there was once a Hamlet High School but most small town schools and their names have changed to new county names and locations. The new name is as ignorant as the principal and the county administrators who have adopted too many of the leftist tenets from nearby Charlotte. Censorship damages the mind and soul.

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  5. DCG . . . once again you hit it out of the ballpark on this one! The very fact that this school district has engaged in wholesale censorship . . . reminds me of the Nazis! So the Seniors from this school will not be able to have a year book . . . because they cannot be re-printed. Parents should be outraged at this high handedness. It is not the right of school authorities to engage in censorship, unless it offends the laws of decency. The fact that this particular quote of President Trump was chosen and the school authorities have over-written that student’s right to free speech . . . damn it, bring out the lawyers, and right now! Who would have thought that this kind of garbage would be going on in this country in this day and time !!!

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  6. Ya got to remember, 50 years ago the schools job was to educate the students, teach them to be productive members of society, by loyal AMERICANS and to “THINK FOR THEMSELVES!” That kind of teaching lead to all of the wonderful inventions we have today including fantastic Doctors. Before Doctors started to think outside of the established medical box a lot of people died hopeless and needlessly. Doctors tried different untried procedures only to find out that the WORKED. But today’s schools jobs are to make students into SHEEP that rely on the government to do their thinking and to provide for them. Watch The 1976 movie ” Logan’s Run”, or Aldous Huxley ” Brave New World!” That is where we seem to be headed!

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  7. Do all the kids get their money back for the books they bought? Idiotic!!!!! Give the kids back their books. They will write what they want over it, etc.

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    • “They will write what they want over it, etc.”
      No,we can’t be having THAT happen-somebody might OFFEND a snowflake!!

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      • Wait till you see the crappy remarks some of these snowflakes will write in the yearbook of anyone they know or suspect to be trump supporters! And it want be nice or clean. You will be able to tell the snowflakes by their spelling and the multiple repeated use of words like Mother F—er, raciest, Nazi,anti-muslim, sexist and a dozed of other made up hyphenated words.

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  8. Principal of Richmond Early College High School:

    Tonya Waddell
    1042 W. Hamlet Ave. Hamlet, NC 28345
    Phone: 910.410.1923
    Fax: 910.582.7156

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  9. Kevin J Lankford

    I believe I would be demanding my book. This dingbat really hasn’t the authority to withhold them.

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  10. RIchmond County went to Trump by about 10 points.
    The teachers are probably all Lefty commies, but not the electorate.

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  11. And you thought only colleges and universities were run by stinking commie puke lib fascists.

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  12. It’s my book and my money and the book represents the students thoughts, not those of a biased representative of the school.
    Give me my dang book.
    The left still trying to control the minds of our young ones.
    Good find DCG, thanks.

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  13. What a world of difference in the attitude of this NC school’s leaders & that of the Pennsylvania school which Dr. E tweeted about:

    The PA school made it adamantly clear, even against opposition, that the students had a right to their (pro-life) opinion, no Ifs, Ands, or Buts.

    The NC school, on the other hand, has obviously never YET received a letter from any Constitutional attorney EDUCATING the bozos on the First Amendments rights of students. But I bet you, by the tone of the PA school leaders, that they HAVE received same, whether in the past or presently.

    It’s the ONLY way these arrogant AND IGNORANT lefties will learn, is by being educated re the 1stA & threatened with a lawsuit. That usually shuts them up but good.


    I went to see if Liberty Counsel had been involved in any of these school messes of late. If they are or have been, they haven’t tweeted about it. But in the process I learned that the ACLU & the LGBT crowd are suing Liberty Counsel & trying to destroy Mat Staver’s reputation. He’s pleading for help, saying that Liberty Counsel, as one of the main legal “mouths” for First Amendment (& family & religious) rights, the ACLU & the Fags would like nothing more than to put them out of business permanently. Those evil people just won’t stop!

    In other news at LC dot org, the lady who helped film Planned Parenthood selling baby parts, was thrown in jail in California. The State is trying to railroad her for “undercover reporting” even though LC says no other reporter has ever been charged with that, ever. They set her bail at a whopping $75,000 !!!! even though murderers get a measely $2,500 bail! They got her out of jail in 12 hours, but the case still hangs over her head, a 64-year-old grandmother. California is truly EVIL!

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    • FYI: I just remembered two other things I read at Liberty Counsel updates @libertycounsel :

      –Who knew a Southern State like Alabama could be so twisted? I guess they are full of libtards as well. Remember Alabama Judge Roy Moore, who in prior years stood up for the Ten Commandments in public places, etc., & who, during the homo marriage fiasco, entered some decree that, if I remember correctly, clerks did not have to go against their consciences & perform gay marriages. Well, the head-honchos who decide re judges’ actions, have had him “suspended” all this time for that. And, finally, since they didn’t have enough “cause” to REMOVE him from his judgeship, decided instead to SUSPEND him PERMANENTLY & FOR LIFE. How utterly sneaky of them. So the guy is out of a job. Boy oh boy, the libtards surely know how to make someone’s life miserable!

      –I learned something re Florida. Every 20 years some committee reviews the Florida State Constitution. They are at it again, taking comments during 2017-2018. Staver & another LC attorney gave comments against this crazy ploy: Back after Watergate, Florida added to its Constitution a privacy provision against being spied upon, wiretapped or whatever. That was its sole purpose. But the leftards keep trying, every 20 years, to convince the committee that that type of privacy should be applied to ABORTIONS, that kids should be able to get abortions without parental consent, etc.!! Staver says that provision meant NO SUCH THING, & how ridiculous that the baby-killers are trying to make it apply to abortions! So beware Floridians of what the anti-God people are up to re the Florida State Constitution!


  14. Freedom is irrelevant. Self-determination is irrelevant. You must comply.
    Your life, as it has been, is over. From this time forward, you will service us. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. We are the Borg. -STNG
    Obvious where the left got its playbook…
    And BTW, the principal should be fired for incompetence; if she were correct in her reasoning, the books should never have been printed, let alone distributed in the first place. Any policy against political speech should have been made known ahead of time, and the books checked before printing.
    But she was NOT correct, and she or the school board should be brought up on constitutionality charges by the DOJ, IMHO. Send a message: the FIRST Amendment protects language the left may find “uncomfortable”. We must protect and promote it first and foremost in our young. We are NOT a communist, marxist, or socialist state. This is not Orwell’s “1984”.

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    • I agree with you fully. Lets say that AFTER the sanitized version of the school book is passed out this same girl writes BUILD THE WALL or some other OFFENDING comment( by the principals standards) in all her friends books, is this principal going to collect all of those copies and replace them with new
      books that she has sanitized????

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  15. Speechless – where are you parents? Demand this dimwit’s resignation- this is your taxes at work against the Constitution!

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