Sacramento neighborhood cops may be allowed to arrest undocumented immigrants

illegalHeadline should read “arrest illegal aliens.” Other than that, this works for me.

From Sacramento Bee: If you’re an undocumented immigrant illegal alien in the city of Sacramento, the local police are under orders not to inquire about your citizenship. The same goes in the unincorporated areas of Sacramento County patrolled by the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department.

Venture outside the region’s main urban centers, however, and police may be operating under different guidelines.

At least six law enforcement agencies in the Sacramento area operate under written policies allowing their officers to detain people suspected of entering the United States illegally, according to policy manuals obtained by The Bee.

For people arrested for certain drug offenses who “may not be a citizen of the United States,” the policies read, officers “shall notify” federal immigration agents if the suspect is not booked into county jail. Officers in the six jurisdictions, which include Folsom and unincorporated Yuba and Yolo counties, can also inform federal immigration agents of the immigration and citizenship status of anyone they encounter.

Some local departments with tough immigration policies on their books are now revising their guidelines as the Trump administration ramps up enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws and immigrant communities grow increasingly wary of law enforcement. Others insist they do not engage in any level of immigration enforcement, despite what their written policies permit.

The policy manuals in all six jurisdictions were written by Lexipol, an Irvine-based private firm that comes up with policies for most of California’s small and mid-size law enforcement agencies. In addition to immigration, Lexipol policies cover a wide range of topics, including departments’ use of force guidelines and advice on how officers should conduct themselves when off-duty.

Immigration enforcement is permitted by the Yolo and Yuba county sheriff’s departments, and the police departments in Galt, Citrus Heights, Folsom and Lincoln. Several local law enforcement agencies did not respond to Bee requests to see their policies. By contrast, Sacramento has repeatedly declared itself a so-called sanctuary city that does not cooperate with federal immigration authorities, a stance that has put the city at odds with the Trump administration.

Lexipol program director Kevin Piper said the policies are based on federal and state laws, as well as “best practices nationwide that have proven successful for law enforcement.” The final wording of an agency’s immigration policy is “completely a local jurisdiction decision,” he said. “We give them a policy that is adaptable whether they are a sanctuary city or completely the opposite,” he said. “We constantly tell our clients that one of the reasons they may want to customize is that their community may want something different.”

The American Civil Liberties Union has begun tracking which California law enforcement agencies use Lexipol immigration policies. Julia Harumi Mass, a senior staff attorney with the ACLU, said policies that allow even limited cooperation between local agencies and the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency “can still send the wrong message to the local community.”

“The Sacramento Police Department and other California police departments understand the harm that comes when local police and sheriffs engage in immigration enforcement,” she said.

Read the rest of the story here.


9 responses to “Sacramento neighborhood cops may be allowed to arrest undocumented immigrants

  1. It must be a nightmare to be a police officer in California.

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Ignoring crime has never and could never be a solution. Fact is our founders and composers of our Constitution intended that all citizens were authorized to police,or act in their own interests against crime.

    Now days they refer to it as vigilantism, inferring it is uncivilized. What is truly uncivilized is allowing the influx of culturally incompatible and intentionally disruptive heathens to destroy a once true God fearing Christian nation.

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  3. I think the more accurate term is Foreign Criminal.

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  4. Well,a little enforcement is better than NO enforcement,but you STILL can’t use a “sliding scale of justice”. The LAW must be enforced the same for ALL,or it’s being violated. I’m surprised that arresting and prosecuting American Citizens while letting illegals go without punishment for the very same crimes hasn’t resulted in lawsuits aplenty for discrimination,racism or violation of Civil and Constitutional Rights. Failing to enforce the law unilaterally amounts to provable corruption and has no place in a valid Government.

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  5. . . . . . “can still send the wrong message to the community” . . . . whoever thought up that one is dead wrong, having police cooperate with and be proactive in carrying out ALL OF THE LAWS OF THIS LAND would help keep US citizens safe from illegal foreign invaders.

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  6. traildustfotm

    The descent into madness in California government is shocking.

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  7. Out in California as for the rest of the country police officers need not inquire about citizenship, one look tells it all, no need to ask questions when they won’t know how to answer in ENGLISH.

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  8. “send the wrong message” ?? What kinda message SHOULD we be sending? I think ‘you’re not welcome here under these circumstances’ is a most appropriate message.

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