Night views of North Korea

Below are night-time views of North and South Korea, showing the south ablaze with lights, while the north is in darkness.

Here’s a shot taken by an astronaut aboard the International Space Station in January 2014:

See the big splash of light in South Korea?

That’s Seoul, the Republic of Korea’s capital.

Above Seoul is South Korea’s curvy borderline, and above that is the darkness that is North Korea, with one bright dot — the capital Pyongyang.

Above North Korea is northeast China, also lit up by lights.

2014 was no different than a nighttime satellite picture of the Korean peninsula taken in 2012:

In 1953, when the armistice ending the Korean War was signed, North and South Korea had similar levels of economic development.

While South Korea has since nurtured high-tech industries and economic growth, North Korea has faced “chronic economic problems” under the repressive Kim dynasty. A widespread famine in the 1990s, exacerbated by the Kim policy of “self reliance” and the closed economy that prevented food imports, killed between half a million and up to 3 million people, according to different estimates.

In 2017, with a gross domestic product estimated at $1.4 trillion by the International Monetary Fund, South Korea is among the dozen most prosperous countries in the world. In contrast, North Korea’s GDP is estimated at around $25 billion. The per-capita GDP of North Korea was $1,013 in 2015, lagging behind even undeveloped countries like Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Source: Live Science


30 responses to “Night views of North Korea

  1. What a profoundly sad life experience for the people of North Korea . . . and all because of some fat demented kid who is running things. It certainly would be a good thing if he took a dirt nap. The poor people of North Korea might as well be in the stone age.

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  2. Auntie, I believe they are living in the stone age, and they’re starving as well. Terrible for the people.

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  3. The only folks celebrating this are the fearmongers at Earth Hour.

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  4. If this does not prove that communism is demonic, what can?
    And the real lesson to be learned here is that THIS is what the Global Oligarchical Elite want for THE REST OF US: World-wide contraception, abortion and depopulation via deindustrialization, economic contraction, engineered famines and diseases, and GMO foods, along with the rest of their EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS.
    It’s coming: Agenda 21 is now Agenda 2030. Can enough people wake up in time???

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    • Yes, what they want for the rest of us. God have mercy on us. I see nothing slowing them down from achieving this either.
      The additional horror to all this is the absolute brainwashing they have conducted on these people. They are so isolated they believe the rest of the world lives like this too. I’ m sure everyone remembers the story of the woman who found herself outside of North Korea and was shocked at how it was the opposite of what the people had been told. Can anyone her imagine having to mandatorily weep for the dear leaders passing lest you find yourself in a prison camp?

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  5. Friends, it’s nearing 11:00; I’ve been up since 6:30, I read each comment and certainly agree w/you all in this truly pathetic fiasco of a nation.

    Let us remember that the entire ruling structure of NK is very unstable, and may collapse into a civil war of sorts upon Kim’s passing. All bets are off aside from the ‘stability’ of his oppression. How many can recall Donald Rumsfool replying to a reporter’s question as to why the US supported the brutal Saddam Insane, “He may be a son-of-a-bitch but at least he’s ours.”

    The application of force cannot bring a good end; it assures that what we fear will come to pass. The best tactic is to ignore this fool, as God will dispense what is best. NK is incapable of harming the USA: it lacks the ability to carry out anything but small scale dirty tricks. Trump may have been misled into this self-destructive scenario by the powers behind the throne, as they pull off another act with this as cover.

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  6. And then GOD said: LET THERE BE LIGHT!

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  7. Bahaha international space station.

    No such thing exists.

    High altitude balloon or plane..that I can believe.


    • Dear Sara, unfortunately you are the product of an inadequate education and lack the ability to use your computer to research a plethora of topics, using appropriate discernment, of course. I would possibly accept your statements if we lived during the time of my upbringing and before the time when all we had were libraries, books, newspapers, and later microfiche, to extract information. There are no excuses to be used now. One does have to research the validity of their sources carefully, regardless of the mediums used.

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      • I bet you Sara is a drop out. SARA, GO TO NIGHT SCHOOL, GET A GED.

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        • Okay…guess you are the one who believes that a vacuum is possible with no barrier between it and non vacuum (earth’s atmosphere). Who didn’t graduate high school? My education is no business of yours, but be sure that I’m educated enough in common sense to sense BS when it comes around. I guess you also think that solar panels (on the ISS) work despite the searing heat and cold of “space” and little theoretical protection from the atmosphere. Despite studies that demonstrate that solar panels drastically lose efficiency beyond 110 degrees.

          But go ahead and make fun of a person you don’t know because it makes you feel better. That’s really going to make the world a better place.


  8. Hi, can someone tell why my previous comment was not published? I truly just want to know. I’ve looked and can see no way ton “contact” except for maybe twitter which I do not use. Of course I could be missing it. I obviously understand this comment not making it, but if someone could email me I’d be greatly appreciative. I’m not trying to cause trouble in anyway, and think this is a great site, and have learned a lot from it. But I am just curious why.


  9. Just curious…is there anything inherently evil about not having electricity at night? Like…most of the world lived like this until 100 years ago.

    I don’t know anything about N Korea. But guess what? Neither does anyone here. I don’t believe everything I see or hear on the news. All of the terrible stories could be true…or not. But I’m not going to pass judgement just because there are less lights on at night.


    • Not having electricity at night in this century can be very dangerous. If a cop or emergency personnel is called to your house, they need to see what is going on in order to assess criminal activities or assist with medical emergencies. This can be a life or death emergency and electricity is a must.

      Lights need to be left on to discourage intruders. Electricity is needed to keep homes warm where no fireplace exists. There are many other reasons we need this advancement.

      As for not knowing anything about North Korea, there are several options for you to educate yourself. History books and the internet are a good place to start. Here ya’ go…

      Or you could just sneak across the border from the south to the north and check it out yourself. Have fun!

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    • “I don’t know anything about N Korea. But guess what? Neither does anyone here.”

      Well, Sara, you are right about one thing, which is that you really don’t know anything about N. Korea. And yet, knowing nothing about N. Korea, you are curiously hellbent on defending N. Korea. Are you related to Kim Jong-Un?

      I actually do know something about N. Korea, both as a professor and from personal experience. I am one of a very few Americans who have actually visited North Korea (in 1991) — the capital Pyongyang and a sea-wall about 40 minutes drive from Pyongyang. And I can testify that North Korea is economically backward (there were very few cars on the wide boulevards of Pyongyang; everyone walked because they couldn’t even afford bicycles) and so politically repressive and isolated, it was surreal. EVERY North Korean walking in the streets wore a Dear Leader Kim Jong Il lapel button. I felt I was Alice who went through the Looking Glass.


    • “I don’t know anything about N Korea. But guess what? Neither does anyone here.”

      I have forgotten more about communism than you would know in five lifetimes.

      Seriously, you are stupid beyond words.

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    • Ah, take electricity for granted, do ye? It may not be inherently evil to lack electricity at night nowadays, but it’s sure miserable. Try living without power for a month.

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    • Actually, you do sound like you can’t think straight. Period.


  10. This was an interesting article and funny too, if you want to read a different point of view (and some folks here might not like reading a different point of view apparently, but no need to insult anyone if you don’t agree)


    • That was funny. Especially this part: “To support my work, become a member at JaysAnalysis for 4.95 a month, or 60.00 a year, for my full talks and interviews, as well as purchasing my book, Esoteric Hollywood at the links at the site.”

      At least here we don’t request money for our opinions.

      Wonder if Jay has ever been to NK like our Dr. Eowyn has? Maybe he can visit there and get back to us with a more accurate opinion.

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      • But, is it really so hard to imagine the USA needing a few rogue nations like North Korea or Cuba to serve as the boogeyman to influence global policy? It’s really bad there, agreed. But, it’s very useful for geopolitics to allow such a place to continue to exist. “if it didn’t exist, they would need to create it”. There is mass psychology to having scary bad guys we can point to as one of the only enemies (other than the war on “terror”). Somehow the USA couldn’t do anything about Cuba either, even though there has been a strategic military base occupying part of the island of Cuba for over a hundred years. It doesn’t mean things aren’t really bad there, which they are, but perhaps it’s necessary for specific situations to have an enemy. It’s naive to think otherwise, and it has happened in history many times.
        By the way, DCG, I like reading Jay’s website, though I am not a subscriber. He has hundreds of free articles you can enjoy without paying. You should peruse his articles, he writes in depth on philosophy, literature, Christian Apologetics, film, and history. I don’t have to agree with everything he writes, but I can absolutely appreciate valid points. The fact that he’s asking for $4.95 doesn’t seem particularly funny, after all we’re not in communist North Korea, let the man make his $4.95 for goodness sakes. LOL


        • One can imagine what they wish. Until proof is provided, I’ll stick with my own opinion.

          I did read through some of Jay’s stuff. I can agree with some of his opinions, like public education and Hollyweird.

          And he can ask for money all he wants. Just rubs me the wrong way when he’s got such “click bait” headlines.

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          • Ah yes, but that’s Jay’s point. What proof of anything do we really have? Just those wonderful AP publicity shots from the press that Jay is making fun of…
            Not sure if anyone here is a musician, but look closely at those official press photos. If you spotted the sound studio equipment (and it is sound studio equipment!) instead of supposed actual weapon systems, it IS visual proof that these photos are indeed staged. Poorly staged.

            We have the most powerful military on earth and we can’t get rid of this little pest?


    • Hate to tell the guy, but it’s been done already…


  11. Sadly, the people of NK are so isolated, many have no idea what is going on in the world. They have no radios, TVs and Computers. They are fed anti USA propaganda 24/7 over loud speakers. They see little of the outside world. The only books they have are sensored.
    They are paid very little and usually on Fridays, they work free for the government. They have little to eat while their supreme leader feeds his face with the best of the best. Much of which he flies in.
    They are so brained washed and so afraid to have an opinion.
    Many are separated from their families in SK.
    They have seen other NK leaders quietly disappear, many were tortured and killed if they seem a threat to their supreme leader.
    Their supreme leader throws a temper tantrum every few years threatening to do great harm all for food and money. Most of the food goes to his military and little to none to his people.
    His military is beginning to push back and are working hard to get information out to the world. He has people spying on other people.
    So yes, many do realize what is going there and it is sad.

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