Bear cub honks horn after locking himself in car

A bear cub in Roanoke County, VA, somehow opened the door of a car by pulling the door handle, got in the car, then couldn’t get out.

So the cub did the sensible thing: he honked the car horn. LOL

WDBJ7 reports that on the morning of May 10, 2017, Ryan and Mary Beth McClanahan were in their  home near Green Hill Park when they heard a honk on their car horn.

The McClanahans went out and discovered a bear cub was inside their SUV, honking.

Picture taken by Ryan McClanahan of bear cub sitting in front seat of SUV

They called the police.

Officers say that while the cub caused some damage to the inside of the vehicle, the car’s window was not broken, which meant the bear got into the unlocked car by pulling on the door handle.

Roanoke County Police Officer Chris Thayer said, “You could see there was mist. It was misty, so you could see where he tried to reach for the handle, he opened the handle. Once he got into the car, he locked himself because he couldn’t get himself out.”

Officer Thayer eventually took a chance and cracked open one of the rear doors of the SUV. The cub immediately got out and ran off into the woods.

The officer says the bear was likely looking for snacks in the car.


10 responses to “Bear cub honks horn after locking himself in car

  1. Next week, Driver’s School.

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  3. He had just signed up with UBEAR

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  4. “Mr. Tyson, didn’t you see that tree?”
    “Yo, I honked my horn, man!”

    Coming up next—bras for cows. Udderly ridiculous!

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  5. How funny!

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  6. Here’s a pic taken on Beech Mtn., NC where a young bear was caught opening a car door. Hopefully, he was scared away before getting into the car!


  7. Eh……sometimes I just don’t know how to upload pics properly. The link works though, at least it did for me.


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