Utterly fearless cats

I had no idea cats are this fearless.

Watch as 29 fearless cats take on deadly snakes and creatures many times bigger, including alligators, bobcats, and bears.

Several times while watching the video, I found myself saying to the cats, “Be careful!”​


17 responses to “Utterly fearless cats

  1. Whew….the cats attacking the snakes had me on the edge of my seat.

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  2. The cat with the cobra was something to see .

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  3. furry and fearless…
    the cat snuggling with the dolphin was adorable! 🙂

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  4. thank you for sharing Dr. Eowyn

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  5. Good show,..Thank you Dr Eowyn,..

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  6. What an excellent presentation. I agree the cat and the dolphin was so sweet, but seeing cats vs snakes literally caused me to dump adrenalin. Silly me!

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  7. THAT was amazing! What is wrong with those pet owners allowing their kitties to get close to crocodiles though?
    I had a kitty that attacked any dog that got too close to our property too. She was so brave. ……and they call the cowardly pussies.

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  8. Silly kitties – snakes? too much…

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  9. I was especially unnerved by the flying cat and the cat vs. the cobra. The cat with the octopus on her face made me laugh!
    If I ever get to retire or work from home, I will get a cat. They are really great creatures.

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  10. traildustfotm

    Let’s hear it for cats! I love them!

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  11. Well they are hunters. We have had cats kill scorpions. The more surprising things are the alligators and bears. There’s one video where a large tuxedo cat pops out from a bush and sends a bear off running in terror.

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