Muhammad Ali was a racist; called white people ‘devils’

When three-time heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali died last June 3 in Phoenix, Arizona, at age 74, the accolades poured in:

  • The media published obituaries rehashing his spectacular boxing career and accomplishments as a “civil rights champion” and “an emblem of strength, eloquence, conscience and courage” who spoke out against racism, war and religious intolerance.
  • Then-POTUS Barack Obama issued a statement saying that Ali had fought for everyone, that he stood with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “when it was hard; spoke out when others wouldn’t. His fight outside the ring would cost him his title and his public standing. It would earn him enemies on the left and the right, make him reviled, and nearly send him to jail. But Ali stood his ground. And his victory helped us get used to the America we recognize today.”

But Ali’s FBI files, obtained by the citizen watchdog group Judicial Watch, paint a very different portrait of the acclaimed boxer and activist.

Judicial Watch reports, May 3, 2017:

“The FBI files present a picture of the late heavyweight champion that is clearly at odds with much of the image portrayed at the time of his death last year. His deep involvement with the Nation of Islam and its racially divisive rhetoric and behavior is part of a record that deserves to be revealed and contradicts Ali’s image as a civil rights icon. The hundreds of pages of documents are related to the FBI’s investigation of Ali for evading the draft and the government’s monitoring of the Nation of Islam, which is described by the agency as an ‘all-Negro, quasi-religious organization which espouses a line of violent hatred of the white race, Government, law and law enforcement.’”

According to FBI records, Muhammad Ali referred to Caucasians as “white devils” and “crackers” and told mosque worshipers that “black women have the best sons and daughters in the world.” Known as Cassius Clay before converting to the Nation of Islam, Ali said blacks want separation not integration because “programs of [racial] integration are useless” and the 1964 Civil Rights Act was a “swindle.”

Consistent with the teachings of the Nation of Islam, Ali said in a mosque delivery that “the so-called Negro is the original man and is superior to the white devil” and that he’d rather be with his own people than “blue-eyed devil white people.” Ali told a Washington D.C. mosque crowd that he preferred “dying outright” or going to jail than going into the Army; and to a Cleveland mosque that the American flag “represented death and destruction” but the “Muslim flag” represents “life and prosperity, justice for all black men.”

In the 1960s, the FBI closely monitored Ali as a “security matter” due to his associations with Nation of Islam leaders Elijah Mohammad and Malcom X. The Nation of Islam followed Mohammad’s bizarre interpretation of the Koran that white people are “white devils” to be destroyed in a coming “War of Armageddon.” In April 1964, Ali’s plans to travel to Muslim countries alarmed the FBI and the agency searched his passport files and recorded that while in Accra, Ghana, Ali said he planned to bring four wives back to the US. According to one of Ali’s ex-wives, Sonji Roi, the Nation of Islam received 80% of the boxer’s earnings while he only got 20%. The FBI records also state that Ali was arrested for assault and battery in July 1960 at his parents’ home in Louisville, Kentucky and that his mother had witnessed the crime.

Judicial Watch had to sue the government to get the decades-old FBI records on Muhammad Ali, noting the irony that Ali’s family is using his name and legacy to launch a national anti-discrimination campaign, “Step into the Ring,” to end racial and religious profiling. Ali’s second wife, Khalilah Camacho-Ali, and son, Muhammad Ali Jr, said their inspiration for the campaign came from their being detained, questioned, harassed, and subjected to “racial and religious profiling” by federal immigration officers at a south Florida airport, when they were returning from a Jamaican Black History month event.

When he died, Muhammad Ali’s net worth was estimated to be $80 million.

Actor-comedian Chris Rock has a net worth of $70 million, but says America is racist and July 4th is “Happy White People’s Day”.

Actor Samuel L. Jackson, with a net worth of $200 million, says America’s police are racist.

Despite being twice elected POTUS, with a net worth of $40 million, Obama told the NAACP that America is still racist because of slavery.

When successful blacks, with multi-million dollars in net worth of which ordinary Americans can only dream, still insist America is racist and white people are devils, what hope is there for racial relations?

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24 responses to “Muhammad Ali was a racist; called white people ‘devils’

  1. This is an excellent example if you are searching for a definition of Orwell’s “Doublethink”. Yeah, we elect a black gay president and his ‘husband’, but the USA is still chock full of racists? IF that was the truth, then when Bathhouse Barry got into office (two times), there would have been white ‘racists’ rioting all over the place, breaking windows, torching cars and stealing from walmart. I didn’t see anything like that.

    It’s just another elitist trick to try and divide Americans. They don’t want blacks and others to think for themselves, they just want them to parrot whatever the elites want at the time.

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  2. “America is racist because of slavery.” Then so are almost all nations. So is Islam today, for it calls for slavery and practices it. So is Nigeria and other African nations where it is practiced. O.K., people of all races can look down on others, but I don’t accept the nonsense that only the race with control and dominance can be racist. I go by Funk and Wagnalls, not Jackson and Sharpton.

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  3. Remember when Ali said that “Cassius Clay” was a slave name? Cassius Marcellus Clay was an abolitionist from Kentucky. Read more here:

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  4. How sad that Ali’s son has not prospered himself enough to earn monies by means other than holding his father up to be some kind of MLK-like individual. Let’s hope that enough people know the truth about the man to not be taken in.

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  5. traildustfotm

    I remember well when he became a Black Muslim, and that he resisted the draft based on his new religion, and spent jail time for it. He was rarely spoken of publicly apart from his boxing career. So most of us gave him a pass. But just listen to the words of Louis Farrakhan and Elijah Mohammad, and you begin to rethink your sanguine view of Muhammad Ali.

    My first brush with Nation of Islam was a conversation with one of my classmates at art school in 1972. That encounter introduced me to the seething murderous hatred of Nation of Islam, and how much hatred there is for being both white and Christian.

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  6. He lost me when he converted and draft dodged and refused to serve a country that gave him so much. I was completely done when he tossed his medals away. He had no respect for the country and I reciprocated in turn.
    I guess he never got the memo that it was blacks and Muslims that sold blacks into slavery. That one of the worst slave owners in this country was a black man, Mr. Johnson.

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    • Nor did he and the rest of the Nation of Islam get the memo that Muhammad was a slave owner or that the abolition of slavery was almost entirely a Christian movement.

      The Nation of Islam preaches separatism, but even Nigeria would turn that collection of misfits away. On their own they’d be at each others’ throats within days and they know it.

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  7. Another aspect of Ali is his unfounded and long-lasting brutal verbal abuse of Joe Frasier. O. K., so what? Joe Frasier helped Ali years earlier with his own money when Ali/Clay was in need.

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  8. No fan of boxing, I haven’t paid too much attention to “MUHAMMAD” Ali, but that is a “knockout” post with “quotes to kill” any White-Hate-Rant:

    “Ali said BLACKS WANT SEPARATION NOT INTEGRATION because ‘programs of [racial] integration are USELESS’ and the 1964 Civil Rights Act was a ‘SWINDLE.'”

    That jewel-of-a-quote is a keeper to add as a reply to such “White-People-are-Evil” tweets, comments, videos, & rants seen around the internet. Great job!

    This site gave a few similar black/white quotes by Ali (original source: “Ali: The Legacy,” The Guardian):
    hollowverse dot com /muhammad-ali/
    –“Integration is wrong. We don’t want to live with the white man; that’s all.”
    –“No intelligent black man or black woman in his or her right black mind wants white boys and white girls coming to their homes to marry their black sons and daughters.”

    Ali was also a big fibber per this pro-Ali webpage re the Ali/winner vs. Foreman/loser fight in 1974, which says:
    –“…Ali’s long-term tendency to lie so often that he believes myths of his own creation”:
    deadspin dot com /how-muhammad-alis-rope-a-dope-myth-suckered-america-1652932623

    George Foreman lost the fight to Muhammad Ali in 1974. One review at Amazon re Foreman’s book, “God is in My Corner,” says:
    –“…Foreman suggests his drink was spiked at ringside the night he lost to Muhammad Ali – a man he hated at the time and has now grown to love and call a friend.”

    Maybe true. One comment at this WND article said:
    –“He [Muhammad Ali] was involved with 5 of the worst thrown fights in boxing history, two of those fights involved boxers that died mysteriously. He and those that backed him made the fight game a sham”:
    wnd dot com /2006/02/34866/

    Ali was Dx’d with Parkinson’s way back in 1984. I wonder if his exiting the limelight & contemplating his physical demise, made him rethink his Islam, God/Jesus Christ, & his “white hate”? Evidently & sadly > Not:

    –“Born as Cassius Clay to a Baptist mother and Methodist father, Muhammad Ali converted to Islam at the age of 22 [went public about it in 1964] and became very outspoken about his monotheistic political alignment with the Nation of Islam. Ali thrived on controversy as it seemed to fuel his popularity, but over the years he seemed to mellow into a quieter version of Sufi Islam that emphasized the virtue of charity. Up to his last days, he was a missionary for Islam with boxing as his mission field. And although several evangelical preachers shared the exclusive Christian Gospel with the fighter, he was adamant about his rejection of Jesus as the only Savior”:

    1990s “Eye Witness”:
    –chris wrote a year ago (at the above WND link): “Early 90’s, I went to the baseball All Star game in Arlington, TX. As I was leaving the game, I bumped into someone and he handed me a brochure. I looked up and it was Mr. Ali. I said hello but he didn’t say a word. He was walking around a packed stadium handing out Islam brochures with a shaky hand and a smile. Not a fan but interesting to see him in person. He looked young to me.”

    1992 per Ali Biography:
    –“Even after Ali converted to Islam, he still held onto his belief in God, just by another name, like his mother taught him. In an excerpt from the Ali biography, Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times, the boxer is quoted as saying: ‘My mother is a Baptist, and when I was growing up, she taught me all she knew about God. Every Sunday, she dressed me up, took me and my brother to church, and taught us the way she thought was right. She taught us to love people and treat everybody with kindness. She taught us it was wrong to be prejudiced or hate. I’ve changed my religion and some of my beliefs since then, but her God is still God; I just call him by a different name.'”
    –“Ali left the Nation [of Islam] and embraced the more mainstream Sunni Islam in 1975 following the death of Elijah Muhammad.”
    –“By 2005, Ali had become more spiritual than religious … He embraced Sufi Islam and followed the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan.”
    –“In his later life, Ali continued to try and convert others to Islam, but he spent more time doing charity work, his daughter Hana said: ‘It was important for him to be very religious and take the stands he did in earlier years. It was a different time. He still tries to convert people to Islam, but it’s not the same. His health and his spirituality have changed, and it’s not so much about being religious, but about going out and making people happy, doing charity, and supporting people and causes.'”
    heavy dot com /sports/2016/06/muhammad-ali-religion-muslim-nation-of-islam-sufism-vietnam-war-malcolm-x-donald-trump/

    December 2015:
    –“Most recently, Ali spoke out against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s proposed ban against Muslims in the U.S. He released this statement, titled ‘Presidential Candidates Proposing to Ban Muslim Immigration to the United States,’ in December.” (Source: same above heavy dot com link).

    At the same above WND story, there were a TON of comments back & forth between Christians & Allah-proponents debating the true religion & salvation. The VERY LAST TWO comments on that page re Ali were kind of funny:

    –TruthBeTold wrote a year ago: “He’s gone.”
    –Steve from Ohio to TruthBeTold wrote a year ago:
    “The BIG QUESTION is……where did he go?”

    🙂 Funny… (but not in the long run, since there are no 2nd chances after death. Sadly, Ali’s blackness & hard-headedness didn’t help him as it led him to false Islam/Sufi-whatever, from which he never returned to the saving faith of his mother.)

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  9. A relative of mine who knew boxing well said that Clay, when we watched him as a youth at 18 boxing on television would become heavy-weight champion. That was long ago, a time when a heavyweight over 200 pounds would be thought to be too slow to gain that championship. Marciano, retired undefeated, was 185. I recently heard that Sonny Liston threw his fight (suspected at the time), yet could easily have beaten Ali.


  10. You know Ali grew up when there still were inequities so some bitterness might be allowed for, however embracing the Nation of Islam is the equivalent of the KKK. Why no outrage? And yes Ali also railed against intermarriage and said that he wanted his babies to look like him. I can’t blame him, but he was never called a racist for it, and yet now young white people are guilt tripped that if they don’t consider dating and marrying outside their race they are racist. Frankly I think it has gotten to the point that we do need separate countries or whatever. The Black well has been poisoned by the Bolsheviks because Blacks are the only hope for ever attaining a communist government. Too bad because I think things could have worked out had Blacks been given opportunity along with RESPONSIBLITY. There is no hope of living side by side with a people who in too large a part remain emotionally and intellectually arrested. I say let them have their own country and we don’t have to get bludgeoned forever for their failings. I for one am sick of it.

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    • Lana . . . you have pointed out all too well what should be very apparent to all . . . “There is no hope of living side by side with a people who in too large a part remain emotionally and intellectually arrested. I say let them have their own country and we don’t have to get bludgeoned forever for their failings. I for one am sick of it.” I agree with you whole heartedly, I for one refuse to allow blacks to “bludgeon” me over the sins of slavery. I wasn’t there, I didn’t own slaves, most of my ancestry immigrated from Europe in the mid 1850’s and onward thru the early 1900’s. I am not going to participate in making reparations for something that I had no part nor parcel in doing. I certainly agree that the thinking of blacks is “arrested” in that they dwell on all the tragedy and horrors of slavery, yet in the early days of our nation . . . there were also white slaves, particularly those who Mother England sent here from Ireland. I would tell anyone who is busy playing the victim . . . get a damn education, and out smart everyone around you by doing and being the best person you can be. That is the very scheme that all other peoples have employed to prosper the well being of their peoples. There is no glory in forever being a victim . . . after a while everyone else is just sick and tired of listening to your bellyaching and they ignore you!

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      • We are in a deep subject here. Why does America have to be so overly burdened with guilt when European colonizers enslaved so many more than we did? And Muslims carried out the greatest part of it all, back to the seventh century until today and into the future. Spain, Portugal, France, England, Holland … their brutality was immense. We have an undeniable share in slavery and subjugation as a nation, and, today we are attempting to correct it. Unfortunately, blacks who go to extremes may undo the progress being made by their ancestors, advancements they labored and bled for leading to the advancement in life for blacks of today and tomorrow. By the way, something to always keep in mind; some/many controlling elitists are trying to put almost everyone else into the positions of suffering endured by blacks in the worst of times. We should not think of ourselves and blacks as people of privilege. We are people of rights, rights that people who declare themselves privileged want to take from us all.


  11. Additionally Ali after going to Africa said ” no thanks” to returning to an African country which is something he had considered. I wonder since he thought Blacks were so superior, how did he reconcile the primitive state of Black Africans with their superiority?

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  12. After the BIG LIE of LBJ re.: The War in Viet Nam, I can’t say I blame anyone for not wanting to go fight there. This is NOT to disrespect those who served honorably; The truth didn’t come out for a number of years. But Muhammed Ali set himself up as a paragon of virtue by defying the draft which, from a corrupt establishment, may seem genuine, but it wasn’t. Muhammed Ali had to have been put up to this by someone; The entire charade could not have been dreamed up by Ali alone: Intellectually, he was a moron. And it really galled me, after many years, that Howard Cosell did everything he could to kiss this jerk’s ass.

    And we all know who really won that fight he had with Smokin’ Joe Frazier in 1971.

    So we can ask, in the spirit of Cosell himself, “Tell us, Ali, how does it feel to be a quitter?” But here is my real point. All politics is theater, of a sort. Recall FDR’s maxim: “Nothing in politics happens by accident. If something happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” So here we had Muhammed Ali, supposedly standing on principle, when he was nothing but a bigoted prima donna, galavanting before the cameras, lapping it all up, knowing he would skate in the end.
    What is the theater going on here?
    Lyndon Baines Johnson got up before the Nation and lied like a bastard to get us into a war in which we lost 58,000 men, and the Vietnamese, on both sides, lost over 4 million! Certainly, there were people in government or deep state, who KNEW this. So my question is this: Was this pantomime, this vaudeville act by Ali a sort of admission of guilt by that government, albeit made vicariously, through Ali & Cosell? This may seem out of left field, but I know ONE THING about the criminal mind of this level of sophistication: They always run a check to see if their con worked, by floating a story or a lie of some sort. In this case, it all turned out to be a diversion.

    May Muhammed Ali and Howard Cosell be best of frenemies, wherever they are.

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  13. Since George Foreman is a Christian (he got saved in 1977 after his fight in Puerto Rico with Jimmy Young), I wondered if he ever preached to Ali in hopes of converting him. Here’s an interesting & funny Q+A interview with Foreman > sections where he discusses what religions he considered before getting saved, & regarding his interactions with Muhammad Ali:

    Q: You said that you were interested in several religions before you became a Christian and that you toyed with the idea of becoming Muslim like Muhammad Ali (who took Foreman’s heavyweight title in a bout in Zaire in 1974). Why did you ultimately choose to become a Christian?

    I thought about (Islam), but one day I tore (Ali’s) jacket off of him, being the mean guy that I am, and he cussed me out so bad. And I said, “Wow! I’m like that already.” So, I left (Islam) alone.

    And then I admired (David Carradine) from the (1970s television series) “Kung Fu.” He looked Buddhist or something. I don’t know what he was. He just looked so cool—and that karate. And he could stop (doing that) and meditate. And I thought about that (religion), too.

    He had gone on the Dick Cavett Show, he and the girl he was staying with (actress Barbara Hershey). And she just took out her breast right there on national television! He’s there watching them, as (she) breastfed their child. He just looked so tacky. I said, “That’s the end of that thought. I don’t want that religion, either.”
    Q: Tell me a little about your relationship with Muhammad Ali now. Do you feed off of each other spiritually?

    In the past he was one of the fellows that I truly didn’t like. I really hated him. He took my title, never gave me a title shot. But, when I found Jesus Christ, the first thing that came to my mind was to make sure I shared my experience with Muhammed Ali. And over the years we became the best of friends. We’re signing notes, “I love you. George.” “I love you. Muhammed.” If he had two dollars, and you asked him (for it), he would conceal that it was his last two dollars and give it to you. We’re great friends. I love him.

    Q: There’s a photo in the book of you and Ali in 1984 reading the Bible together. Would you often read and discuss the Bible with him?

    Every time I saw him, to the point that he’d hide. “Stop it. Stop it, George!” Just like he would run his mouth to opponents, I was running my mouth to him about the Bible—always pointing out a Bible scripture. He told me, “Just let me alone.” But I loved that. That was my greatest experience, explaining and showing him things in the Bible.

    Q: Did he try to discuss the Qur’an with you?


    Hmm, it makes you wonder, Why Not? Maybe deep inside Ali knew better. News articles say that Foreman was one of the pall-bearers for Ali’s “interfaith” funeral.

    <br />In this UK Mail article re Ali's death, one commentor wrote re Ali:
    dailymail dot co dot uk /sport/boxing/article-3625658/George-Foreman-s-tribute-Muhammad-Ali-trying-beat-boxer-that.html
    --" the Michael Parkinson interview, where Parky says something like 'Is it true you hate all white people?' and he replies 'Oh no, that's just publicity', then gives Parky a sideways glance, and a cheeky smile, turning a difficult moment into a lovely one."

    Ali planned his own funeral. He still had a “fat head” at that time, evidently, to make such a fuss for himself. This from the description of one of the videos at YouTube with segments of his funeral:
    youtube dot com/ watch?v=14Cu4M-6FGw
    –“Muhammad Ali and his innermost circle started a document years ago that grew so thick they began calling it ‘The Book.’ In the pages, the boxing great planned in exacting detail how he wished to say goodbye to the world. “The message that we’ll be sending out is not our message — this was really designed by The Champ himself,” said Timothy Gianotti, an Islamic studies scholar who for years helped to plan the services. “The love and the reverence and the inclusivity that we’re going to experience over the coming days is really a reflection of his message to the people of planet Earth.” The 74-year-old three-time heavyweight champion wanted the memorial service in an arena. He wanted multiple religions to have a voice while honoring the traditions of his Muslim faith. And he wanted ordinary fans to attend, not just VIPs.”


    To end on a humorous note w/George Foreman:

    “…Get up, and walk?” (Matthew 9:5):

    –“Life is fun. I’m a preacher, I’m an evangelist, and I moonlight as a grill salesperson. My next quest is to sell ‘The George Foreman Shoe’ that will make folks my age get up and walk. No good having money in the bank and a nice home and car if you don’t walk. I’m going to be selling walking now: get up and walk. I’m always selling something. I learnt to sell to ensure I’d never starve.”
    –George Foreman in interview here: telegraph dot co dot uk /boxing/2016/11/01/george-foreman-my-life-will-never-be-complete-after-muhammad-ali/

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    • What a remarkable man George Foreman is — testimony to the miraculous transformation a person undergoes when he/she has had a genuine conversion to Christ Jesus.


      • Wow that is amazing info about Foreman and confirms why there is nary a person who does not have positive feelings for him. What a great loving human being, and as you said Dr Eowyn, testimony to the miraculous transformation a person undergoes when he has a genuine conversion to Christ!


  14. All folks are “remembered” posthumously as much greater and more benevolent than they ever could have been in real life… especially public figures — sports legends, entertainers, politicians, you name it. But with Ali in particular, they never really delved into his reality even when he was living… whether due to the desire to promote him as “The Greatest”, or as a “successful” black man, or for whatever reason. Unless, of course, you watched the darker documentaries or read the books or long articles. Which is pretty much true for most of those society tries to celebrate as heroes.
    Personally, I thought he was a great fighter in the ring, but a punk outside it.

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  15. As a humanitarian I have always been repulsed at any form of slavery. I felt I deserved reparations for having to continually be subjected to the history of what was done to human beings as I grew up and today still see commercials for this gruesome human behavior. I read an article that claimed the African slave ships brought one hundred and eleven million to the borders of Africa to be herded onto ships. This article claimed that only ten million survived to make it to the Americas. If that cost has some form of business logic in someone’s mind I think they suffer from psychosis. The propensity of the human brain to hate is quite high. Mine is way lower than others I have witnessed. Given how different races amongst the human species are, I believe the multi-cultural agendas are completely illogical. One article claimed that Haiti was wiped out, that is right -a holocaust- of it’s indigenous population. The article went on to claim that Haiti used to be an emerald jewel of the Caribbean and now it is a sewage slum. The article claimed the invaders did not have the intelligence to clean and cook in their own homes and took the indigenous as slaves. If you think about one of the crisis’ they were having in North America any sane mind would agree that picking white small fluffy balls off bushes just wasn’t that much of a crisis to begin with. Another gruesome claim about Haiti is that Hillary Clinton showed up and built low income clothing manufacturing complex on Haiti’s fertile farm soil. Someone thought this would produce cheap clothes and that cheap indignant clothing was a good idea.


  16. He changed his view when he got older and said in an interview that all races have their devils.

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