Gloria Steinem says women being forced to have babies causes global warming

“A man at 50 has the face he deserves.” -George Orwell

83-year-old Gloria Steinem must have senile dementia.

In an interview with a fawning blogger, Refinery29‘s Lindsey Stanbury, who calls Steinem a “feminist unicorn” (whatever that means), Steinem fumes against the “patriarchy” and says forcing women to have babies by outlawing and restricting access to abortion, is a fundamental reason for “climate degradation” — the Left’s new synonym for climate change and global warming.

Stanbury asks Steinem if climate change is a feminist issue, to which Steinem replies:

“Are you kidding me? Listen, what causes climate deprivation is population. If we had not been systematically forcing women to have children they don’t want or can’t care for over the 500 years of patriarchy, we wouldn’t have the climate problems that we have. That’s the fundamental cause of climate change. Even if the Vatican doesn’t tell us that.”

Steinem also admitted to Stanbury that although she’s made a career of speaking up for women, her life has been very different from those of many people for whom she advocates because “she’s never really had a job.”

Born to a Jewish father and a rebellious Scotch Presbyterian mother, Steinem was baptized in a Congregational church at the age of ten but raised in occultic Theosophy. She lost what little interest she had in religion when she became a feminist and started “wondering why God always looks like the ruling class” (source: Jewish Women’s Archive).

Steinem’s view of God is redolent of Obama’s intellectual mentor, satanist Saul Alinsky‘s admiration of Lucifer for being, as Alinsky put it in dedicating his book Rules for Radicals to Satan, “the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment”.

Gloria Steinem makes the Illuminati hand sign

Meanwhile, European researchers unveiled a scientific model showing that, instead of warming, the Earth is likely to experience a “mini ice age” from 2030 to 2040 as a result of decreased solar activity.

Their findings have infuriated environmental activists who claim that by 2030 we could be facing increased sea levels and flooding due to glacial melt at the poles. (Express)

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32 responses to “Gloria Steinem says women being forced to have babies causes global warming

  1. I wonder if Gloria had to provide ritual sex as part of being raised in the occult. No wonder she is disgruntled against men….

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  2. Heya. I loved this post. To think we’re not even that far from 2030. So ice, or floods. Though choice. I love that GO quote by the way. The man of 50 definitely has the face he deserves.

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    The official unabridged Soncino Edition of the Talmud published in 1935 was “Translated into English with Notes, Glossary and Indices” by such eminent Talmudic scholars as Rabbi Dr. I. Epstein, Rabbi Dr. Samuel Daiches, Rabbi Dr. Israel W. Slotki, M.A., Litt.D., The Reverend Dr. A. Cohen, M.A.’, Ph.D., Maurice Simon, M.A., and the Very Reverend The Chief Rabbi Dr. J.H. Hertz wrote the “Foreword” for the Soncino Edition of the Talmud. The Very Reverend Rabbi Hertz was at the time the Chief Rabbi of England.

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    (footnotes) "(5). Lit.,
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    (footnotes) “(1) Although the intercourse of a small boy is not regarded as a sexual act, nevertheless the woman is injured by it as by a piece of wood.”


    • Sigmund Freud along with many more QUACKS has ruined the world and caused everybody to come up with excuses for their perversion and ways to make it OK, they ALL need shot. They also have made it OK to corrupt the young minds and cause them to think that just about everything is OK, WRONG! Semper Fi.

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  5. Troll alert:

    Painting swastikas on FOTM…poisoning the well…no facts or argument…red herring/irrelevance to divert comments from topic…ad hominem…etc.

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  6. That moron Stanbury no doubt meant to say “feminist icon,” but had a Freudian slip revealing her Christophobic New Age-ism.

    Steinem reminds me of the corpses in Dostoevsky’s short story “Bobok,” who were so evil in life that their corpses continued after death burping out the evil that dominated their lives. She’ll be gurgling this stuff for attention when she no longer remembers her own name.

    To understand Steinem (a nobody by her own account) and abortion we have to understand that those behind the movement and using her were politically motivated and intended to reduce Catholic and black fertility in America. Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who converted and died a Catholic, was a founder of NARAL and made this perfectly clear. Michael Jones has documented the people and motive behind this movement at length.

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    • Thank you, Dan. I had not known about Dr. Bernard Nathanson.

      From Wikipedia:

      Bernard N. Nathanson (July 31, 1926 – February 21, 2011) was an American medical doctor from New York City, co-founder in 1969 of the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws — NARAL — later renamed National Abortion Rights Action League. Dr. Bernard Nathanson was also the former director of New York City’s Center for Reproductive and Sexual Health, but later became a pro-life activist. He was the narrator for the controversial 1984 anti-abortion film The Silent Scream…. In 1974 Nathanson wrote: “I am deeply troubled by my own increasing certainty that I had in fact presided over 60,000 deaths.” He also wrote that he performed an abortion on a woman whom he had impregnated…. With the development of ultrasound in the 1970s, he had the chance to observe a real-time abortion. This led him to reconsider his views on abortion. He is often quoted as saying abortion is “the most atrocious holocaust in the history of the United States.” …

      Nathanson grew up Jewish and for more than ten years after he became pro-life he described himself as a “Jewish atheist”. In 1996 he converted to Catholicism through the efforts of the Rev. C. John McCloskey. In December 1996, Nathanson was baptized by John Cardinal O’Connor in a private Mass with a group of friends in New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral. He also received Confirmation and first Communion from the cardinal. He stated that “no religion matches the special role for forgiveness that is afforded by the Catholic Church” when asked why he converted to Roman Catholicism.


  7. The energy spent making BIRTH CONTROL is a lot less that the energy needed to run Abortion mills.

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    • WRONG: There is NO SUCH THING as a 100% fool-proof contraceptive. (I will ignore the intrinsic evil of contraception for the sake of brevity). Here’s why: The Big Pharma companies that manufacture and market contraceptives want their product to fail a certain amount of the time, in order to keep raking in the dough. If they were to actually deliver an absolutely fool-proof contraceptive (which I believe that, due to women’s biology, would, of course, be impossible), they would, necessarily, eliminate their own market, and hence, their profits. So they’re not out to solve a problem; they’re out to manage it.
      In the words of Nietzsche, “He who is charged to eliminate a problem has a vested interest in keeping that problem alive.”
      But due to human nature and women’s biology (and the inability or unwillingness or inability of many women to accurately predict their own fertile period with 100% accuracy), the continued use of contraceptives, over time, will lead, necessarily, to an increased demand for abortion.

      All of this was gamed out by the Rockefeller Foundation, which took Margaret Sanger’s eugenic work and aims, and applied it on a willing public.
      The game backfired: Whereas Sanger had hoped for a reduced Negro population, that segment of the population 50 and more years ago was happy to avoid it at that time, as they had their own economy, to an extent. The population that eagerly sucked up contraception with GUSTO was the upwardly-mobile WHITE MIDDLE CLASS POPULATION.

      So we have the moral issue of contraception and abortion, and all the sociology and economic points were gamed out, and THEN the Sexual Revolution was unleashed upon the public. It worked: The demographics of the ENTIRE WORLD have changed, IRREVOCABLY: 100 years from now, Caucasians will be almost EXTINCT.


  8. NO doubt if G.S. and the rest of her ilk would keep their big traps shut we’d have a lot less hot air causing global warming.

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  9. Why are all these Liberal Socialist Dumbocraps so damn DUMB? They just won’t let this global warming sham die, it has already been proven that she is a LIAR along with her bunch of murdering Socialists. Semper Fi.

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  10. I’d like some ‘global warming’ right about now, it’s FREEZING!!! We had another late late frost around here. That’s been happening for quite a few years now and we are in zone 6!
    Steinem is a freak, a nutjob and probably a lesbian. She is obviously deranged.

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  11. There is no fear of God in the heart of the wicked. People like Steinem are so abortion-centric (human sacrifice: Baal Worship). The more they sacrifice preborn babies to Satan, the more Satan gives them power in His world system. Steinem is the High Priestess of the American Culture of Death.

    Speaking of faces:

    When Abraham Lincoln was president, he was at this dinner party. He was talking with someone and then pointed at this man across the room.

    Lincoln said, “See that man. I don’t trust him.”

    “Why, Mr. President, how can you say such a thing? Aren’t you being judgmental?”

    Lincoln replied, “No. After forty years, a man’s heart is written on his face.”

    Proverbs 27:19: “As in water face answereth to face, so the heart of man to man.” (KJV)

    Another translation: “As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.” (NIV)

    Steinem doesn’t have a heart and she doesn’t have a face, but she definitely has a mouth.

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  12. Steinem is living proof that stupid cannot be fixed.

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  13. First of all, no one is forcing any woman to have a baby. She took it upon herself when she laid with a man without any protection or taking BC pills. If she felt like she was never going to have a baby, why put yourself in a position of such irresponsibility when it is so easy to prevent a pregnancy. It makes no sense unless all of this is all about being a feminist and empowerment. And to hell with any consideration or comprehension of what they are really doing to a little human being.
    How selfish to think it is more important in proving you are in control than being responsible.

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  14. Ha ha. Hey Dr. Eowyn I bet that brain dead blogger who referred to Steinem as a feminist unicorn meant feminist icon. That’s about the IQ of these lemming leftist. Undoubtedly Steinem means only White Europeans are having too many babies. Dollars to donuts this feminazi is all for every immigrant in the world coming to the US and having 7 babies that they don’t even pay for, let along caring about over population or ” global warming”.
    Sadly I like many others bought into the whole over population hype in the 1970″s and thought I was being responsible for only having two children. Funny how only European peoples pay attention to worrying and taking responsibility for the health of the planet, while the rest of the human race could care less, but we are the evil ones !

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  15. I can understand something, however little, however dimly, of why some women become lesbians: They undergo some sort of conflict or other they cannot resolve. Some of their complaints against men (at least some of them) may have some merit.
    But let’s face the music, as they say. Let us ADMIT. THE. TRUTH. A woman may (I said “may”) be fearful of childbirth. A woman may have been looking forward to a child, and, once having experienced a particularly strenuous and traumatic childbirth (as my late Mother had with me), may vow never to have another (which my Mother DID NOT do).

    In other words, BIOLOGY IS DESTINY.

    I sincerely believe that Gloria Steinem is a Satanist, and that she “has a demon” in the words of some Protestants. I believe she is demonically possessed, in the Traditional Roman Catholic sense of the term. Why the gratuitous kick in the teeth at “the Vatican”? At any rate, the Old Biddy seems to be grasping at straws here. Ms. Steinem, WE KNOW you’re a creature of the CIA and the Rockefeller Foundation. We also know, as Christians (however dim we may some of us be) that you have a deal with the Devil, and we also know that every deal the Devil has an expiration date.
    And we also know that YOU know that that expiration date is approaching soon, down the road, in sight.
    Gloria Steinem. you are no lesbian. No, that is not your conflict, that is not your battle. Your battle lacks the pathos and the agony that many of those women endure, many of them in SILENCE. You, “Lady,” HAVE NOT been silent, by any means. W.C. Fields hated children, and so do you—but for different motives. And not only do you hate children, you hate the women who bear them.

    Gloria Steinem, take your Talmud and your Zohar (and your CIA, while you’re at it) and GO. STRAIGHT. TO. HELL. And have a cage match with Susan Sontag when you get there!

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  16. Thanks for the update on their ever-changing psy op lingo: “climate degradation.”

    Global Warming > So it’s a little stuffy today, ehh, big deal.
    Climate Change > That didn’t sound drastic enough either.
    Climate Degradation > Urgent! We’ll all be dead by next week!

    As for Gloria frankenSTEINem, she may be feeling the “climate change” as she gets closer to Hell.


  17. “The way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves” ~Lenin

    NO gas molecule can capture, store, redirect or amplify radiant energy photons moving at the speed of light. NO massive, dynamic, chaotic system can be described by an anecdotal, single parameter, linear hypothesis and NO false hypothesis can be corrected with a coefficient.

    The Alarmist/Luke Climate debate is fake.


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