12 responses to “Deportation fears stop some LA County immigrants from applying for EBT program

  1. That’s one of the reasons why the federal government posted a $182 billion budget surplus last month, April 2017.

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  2. I totally disagree on one point you made. NO ONE should be admitted into our country unless they can demonstrate proof of employment or employability. That is how it was long ago and we need to go back because what we have today is invasion not immigration. Refugees should be helped but in their own country and only in ways that guarantee the aide we send goes to the people in need and not their corrupt government.

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    • brackenkaren . . . I could not agree more. Aid needs to be administered to those immigrants that the US feels it must help (i.e. Muslims in war torn lands.) I recently received an email from my sister which indicated that Somali’s who had settled in Arizona were pulling up stakes and moving to states that offered “greater benefits.” Arizona has instituted certain rules governing granting even EBT cards . . . such as “must learn English,” “must prove they are looking for work,” etc. There is no dispute with the fact that . . . “NO ONE should be admitted into our country unless they can demonstrate proof of employment or employability.” Why would we take on Muslim families where one man has F-O-U-R wives . . . this is insanity on a grand scale. There is also the problem that since certain Muslims have habitually married first cousins, that these people are intellectually defective, and may not even be employable . . . why, when we have citizens who have mental and physical problems, would we be eager to import foreigners who may well be people who become a “public charge” to the rest of the US citizens?

      I for one am thrilled if illegals stay away from applying for all the goodies that they were planning on scarfing up at our expense. I hope that they are so damned scared that they are virtually in a state of panic every hour of every day. Perhaps they need a taste of what the American taxpayers feel when we see our taxes rise, and our national debt explode.

      Go Trump Go!

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    • In other countries, you couldn’t even work if you went there (like in England, if you are a Yankee from the good ol’ USA, you can’t even work there at all. At least it used to be like that, I’m assuming maybe it has changed (due to the NWO wanting to destroy countries via flooding them with illegal immigrants).


  3. Of all the things the Obama Administration did, giving money to illegal aliens was probably the one that irritated me most.

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    Just a matter of common sense that if charity, philanthropy, or what ever one wishes to name the assistance of unfortunate subjects of foreign countries, would be much more effective and less a burden on our own economy by going straight to the offending governments of such oppressive and corrupted nations, and procuring true administration cleansing.In other words, an honest assisted revolt would be more prudent than the illegal adoption of unwanted subjects.

    The true problem is, the corruption, and agenda, of the dark forces of the one world government infiltrating and controlling our own government

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  5. We pay taxes via IRS, and the government administers our money, if we don’t “declare” our hard earned money, the Feds soon be knocking on our doors and we become enemies of the government for tax evasion. In the meantime the illegal immigrants get it all from the government. They become pregnant, have (American born) babies, housing, freebies, food stamps (exchanged for cash) and I sit in jail for tax evasion. Illegal immigrants are a burden to any society, they should be returned to the country of origin until their American citizen children become of age.

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    • Taxation is theft. People need to get that one. The govt steals from us all, and gets away with it.

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      • If there was less of this kind of thievery on the part of our government . . . stealing the labor from one and giving it to someone else . . . we would have far more people who would be forced to dig deep within themselves and come up with ways to solve their own problems. Perhaps they would take on a second job, or maintain a reasonable budget (i.e. cut down on cable tv, and dinners out, cease to purchase frozen prepared foods, manicures and pedicures, purchase second hand clothing, stop the smoking, quit buying booze, I could go on and on.) There are certainly things that individuals can do that enable them to live within their means, but far to many of our citizens, and certainly many, many of the immigrants feel they are entitled to the monies that someone else’s labor generates . . . and it is an outrage!

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  6. We are so poor that we would qualify for any and all govt benefits, but we have refused to take a single one. We don’t even do ‘energy assistance’ or the phone discounts that they can give poor people. We are very very very careful with money, hardly do anything, hardly go and buy anything (except food and we cook our own meals) at all. No direct tv, no cable, no smokes, no booze, etc. We are still able to pay our bills. We use natural cures if we get sick, and we don’t eat nasty crap food like tv dinners and that junk.

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    • chemtrailssuck . . . . . You have just described yourself to be the perfect kind of “people that most of us would love to have as neighbors!” God Bless you for your personal integrity and willingness to “handle your money wisely.” May the Blessings of Heaven be showered upon you and your family!

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