German judge uses multiculturalism to acquit Muslim Turk of violent rape

Germany is reaping the harvest of multiculturalism: moral relativism.

A female judge in Brandenburg, one of the 16 federated states of Germany, acquitted a Muslim man of raping a non-consenting woman for four hours, on the grounds that according to the defendant’s Turkish culture, it was not rape, but merely “wild sex”.

According to a Google Translation of Jürgen Lauterbach’s report, “Sex mit Gewalt, aber keine Vergewaltigung (Sex with violence, but no rape),” for the April 20, 2017 edition of the German-language Brandenburg daily newspaper Märkische Allgemeine, on the night of August 18, 2016, the victim — a young woman from the town of Plaue in central Germany — went to the 23-year-old defendant’s apartment in downtown Potsdam, the capital of Brandenburg, to buy drugs.

After the man and woman took the drug methamphetamine or speed, the defendant indicated he wanted to have sex with the woman. The woman testified in court that she refused, saying that he was “not her type”.

The defendant then dragged the woman by her arm, “threw her on the bed” and pushed her head between the metal bars of the headboard. The woman cried “stop!” and resisted the man by scratching him on his back. But she told the court that “at some point,” she “gave up”.

The man “entered her” several times. The whole ordeal ended after four hours when the man received a phone call and “suddenly had to leave”. The woman was so disabled by the “violent sex” that she “could not run properly for the next two weeks”.

Saying that “I believe [defendant] Mrs. G’s every word” — that the woman did not give her consent to the defendant who had “taken her by force” — the judge nevertheless acquitted the defendant of rape because she believed the accused when he said the wild sex was amicable, and that he “probably did not know what he was doing to her”. 

In court, the decisive question that determined the judge’s ruling was asked of the victim: “Could it be that the defendant thought you agreed to the sex?”

The victim replied that it could be because, given “the mentality” of the defendant’s “Turkish culture,” she could not tell whether he viewed the rape that she was experiencing to be rape, or whether he saw it as just “wild sex”.

The defendant had denied from the beginning that he raped the woman, insisting that he would not do such a thing since he himself has a mother and a sister.

And so the judge ruled that no conviction is possible because the prosecution had not demonstrated an intention to rape.

Reporter Jürgen Lauterbach points out that a study in 2014 by the Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony found that German courts have convicted only 8.4% of rape cases.

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24 responses to “German judge uses multiculturalism to acquit Muslim Turk of violent rape

  1. I guess it’s going to take several female judges and members of their families to be raped/murdered before real justice is served.

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  2. This is just plain rotten. You have the desire to wish this on his wife or daughter, not a nice thing, but they need to get closer to facts. Ugly…terrible. ruination of the country for sure.

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  3. Apparently this Female Judge isn’t very familiar with the concept of Rape,or Sex,for that matter. She might want to research the subject before making idiotic rulings like this.

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  4. she yelled “stop!” and scratched him…interesting how he seemed to understand everything else up to the point of rape, like receiving her into his home and offering her drugs…but couldn’t figure out she didn’t want his body part inside hers.
    I’m curious to know the background of the judge and the other judges in germany that allow german women to be raped without affording proper justice for the victims and proper sentencing for the perpetrators and the legislators who continue to allow savages into the country…they seem to want german women to be raped…seems like hatred to me.
    That PC ‘german guilt’ and diversity will be the ruin of their nation.

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  5. Gloria Allred, take the next Lufthansa to Germany, you are needed there. Apparently, women with authority in Germany care much more for Muslims who brutalize German women than they care for the women themselves. Whatever it takes to create chaos for New World Order order.

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  6. As gross as this may seem, I would wish that this judge could experience this same “wild sex” experience as the woman in this incident, and all the other woman who have been attacked since the hoards of heathens have invaded Germany. The fact that less than 9% of all alleged rapes in Germany result in a conviction is beyond comprehension. I daresay it is time for real German men to form vigilante groups and start taking care of what the German courts are hesitant to do! How screwed up can this country possibly be!!!!!!!!! When you will not defend the men, women and children of your own country, you are really a POS.

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    • Auntie, you say that it is time for real men to stand up and do what the courts won’t do………. I have the same feelings, however it is not realistic and here is why. I think few Americans understand the lengths to which the German people and indeed most of the people of Europe have been muzzled. Does anyone here understand that you can’t open your mouth and utter any truth about these Muslim or African savages without threat of being losing your job, being put in jail, or having your children taken from you?

      Until the Europeans peoples (and that includes Americans too) of the world wake up to the massive lie of the Holohoax and understand the false guilt that has been deliberately foisted on them we will continue to head towards extermination. From the day Germans are born they are deliberately indoctrinated with Holohoax guilt. Those that manage to get out from underneath this massive brainwashing are few, brave and they take massive legal and personal assaults by daring to go against the status quo.

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      • Amen, Auntie and Lana!
        This generational guilt and brainwashing will lead to their destruction. Their only way out is through a spiritual and national revolution beginning with Jesus and followed with guns (they gave up their rights to own guns, now their govt owns them). They need to drain the islamic and zionist swamp. Allowing people, who hate you, to run your country and make your laws will only result in being muted while marching off the PC cliff.
        I have serious doubts that the results from merkel’s (and macron’s and rutte’s) election were legitimate…I believe TPTB saw what happened with Brexit and did not want that sweeping across the eu. So, the people’s will was smothered again and PC won (just like in Commiefornia).
        We are creating the same situation in america by allowing these zionist/liberal/progressive/commie/satananists to corrupt our traditions, corrupt our voting processes, corrupt our laws, corrupt our Constitution with false flags against the 2nd Amendment, and corrupt our borders by bringing in savages from the middle east and south of the border.
        As we know, what happens over there, happens over here.

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      • What a shocker (not!) that Anetta Kahane (the woman in the video) is a german jewish “activist”!

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        • Shocker ( not !) is right Mom! And I am sure you are well aware if you have been reading RI that there is a Jew( s) in every European country screaming the same and worse. Sweden has that vile Zionist Barbara Spectre, Ireland has Allen Shatter, also known more accurately as Shitter, we have Noel Ignatiev and the list goes on ad infinitum. I’m afraid I have lost hope of any “good Jew” coming forth in defense of truth justice save the brave Henry Makow. Any Jewish person who I try to show hard info to on the matter denies it all, and starts screaming anti-Semitism. Even Makow himself self confirms that Jews are a lost cause because they will not listen. We have no hope in the Jewish controlled airwaves, or Trump given his slavish deference of Kushner, so I for one will keep screaming about the Holohoax and White Genocide every opportunity I get, hoping others may get curious and look for the truth themselves lest we all end up like the rape victim above or worse tortured and dead like the Boers of South Africa !!!


    • Progressivism = bureaucratic cowardice in favor of the anti-social (i.e., shrinking from punishing bad people and justifying it as a good thing).


    • Germany is self-destructive, progressively so.


  7. Well,.. my first thoughts are, that I have a really hard time working up any sympathy, for any European woman who,.. socializes’,.. on any level with any of these,..rapefugees, in that they ought to know, by now, what they can expect.

    But, then, on the other hand, I regret the current state on affairs, where these guys can rape, any victim of their choice, be the victim, , woman, or child, without their being, any, serious. consequences

    So, sadly, this sad state, of affairs will not change, unless & until the peoples of Europa, get their, belly’s full, & wake up,& set aside these , current, notions of,..tolerance & political correctness, which are leading the peoples of Europa onto this , suicidal, binge of self hate, & self destruction.

    But, then, sadly, from the way that the recent election in France turned out, there appears to be no light at the end of the tunnel, for the White peoples of Europa, considering the direction in which, things are heading,.

    I’m sad to say,…

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  8. Germany has become it’s own worse enemy. Of course this heathen knew what he was doing, but the judge doesn’t know what she is doing. They have standing laws and she refused to enforce them. She should be thrown off the bench and put in a room with a few of these invaders and see what happens.
    Hard to believe there isn’t enough citizens to take their own country back before it reaches the tipping point, which is very close.

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  10. Any culture that practices genital mutilation of boys or girls ends up a violent culture. Turks do this to their children, but it’s okay because they rape the women as well. What sort of insanity is that? When will this barbarism end? What about how some cultures think beheading is a good punishment for blasphemy? Or cutting off of hands for stealing? Would the courts uphold those as well since it’s ‘multicultural’?


    • Excellent points but we all know that there is no consistency to liberals thought processes. Also I might add….. I am afraid we too are a country guilty of genital mutilation of baby boys, i.e. circumcision. Strictly a Jewish/ Muslim practice forced on gentiles here in the US by a Jewish dominated medical establishment.


  11. traildustfotm

    Wow! How can that judge sleep at night?


  12. Very sickening, especially since I’m of mostly German heritage. My ancestors might roll in their graves if they knew this! A few of them left Germany mid/late 19th century because they were worried about certain things THEN.
    Why aren’t feminists rallying about this? You’d think this would be in “war on women” category. Either they don’t know (sure) or they’re only upset when a white male does anything similar, or sometimes just a comment they think is bad.


    • I’m curious to know the backgrounds of the 8.4% who were convicted and their victims….what made them different from the 91.6%


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