Two men fight on Southwest plane, as other passengers flee

More “Fly the Nightmare Skies”….

On May 7, 2017, as Southwest flight 2530 was taxiing to a terminal at Hollywood Burbank Airport for a layover, two young black men started punching each other, as other passengers seated nearby flee from the melee, while a woman can be heard screaming: “What’s wrong with you?”.

Flight 2530 to Oakland, CA, had originated in Dallas, Texas.

The Los Angeles Times reports that according to Burbank Police Department’s Sgt. Derek Green, officers arrested Chaz Cable, a 37-year-old Lancaster man, for misdemeanor battery. Cable is currently being held in lieu of $50,000 bail.

The airline issued a statement that three people were involved in the fight rather than two, and that “We’re grateful to our employees who quickly reacted to break up a fight involving three customers. One customer had minor injuries, but was able to travel onward. We have no other reports of injuries.”

It’s unknown who the other two people involved with the fight are or how it started.

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27 responses to “Two men fight on Southwest plane, as other passengers flee

  1. So, we had in-flight entertainment. What’s the problem? Other people pay for dinner and a show……

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  2. Like some bars I have known.

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  3. Is there something in the water??? WTH? Every week there’s news of stuff like this. We’re gonna need a cop on every flight. How would people like that?

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  4. Could this be part of a plan to bring down the Commercial Airline Industry? Organized fights on all the major airlines,causing more and more passengers to refuse to fly due to the risk of violence on board? Has anyone checked the people involved to see if they were “hired” to cause disturbances on these planes? Soros,Sierra Club,Al Gore,anyone else who desires to see commercial flights stop…..

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    • Exactly what I was thinking!

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    • truckjunkie, this is just the beginning-there’s more to come!

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    • TJ, I think you are closer to the truth than most of us know. Or is this a bunch of people working for a big payout?
      Why all of sudden are airlines the target, it smells.
      The backgrounds of these people need to be investigated deeply. Are they being paid to pull this stuff off?
      I wonder what business will be targeted next.

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    • I think this goes way beyond brining down an industry , they ( t.p.t.b. )want to curtail people’s ability to move around the country , what better way but to scare them into staying stationary . ” Easy pickings ” if /when Martial Law is rolled out , j.m.o.


  5. traildustfotm

    I’ve never heard of so much crazy stuff on airlines. Any suggestions about why we are seeing this?

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  6. I am planning on taking a trip in the Fall, but am looking into going by
    T-R-A-I-N. This continuing craziness on planes is just more than I want to put up with. I certainly do agree with Dr Eowyn, this uncivility is due to the breakdown of our society. There was a day and time when people traveling by plane, dressed in their best clothing and acted like civilized human beings. Now we have dirty people, ill clothed, acting like thugs and hooligans.

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  7. Instead of leave the flying to us……..leave the fighting to them

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  8. total disintegration of society and civility

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  9. Rule 1: Let somebody else break up the fight.

    Unless someone’s beating up a little old lady or something, let them go at it. Those two were younger and stronger than 90%+ of the people on that plane. Unless you’re a Marine, former MP or LE, you’ll suffer more damage than the two goons you’re trying to separate.

    Oh yes, get involved and their women will turn on you, claws bared.

    Stand back and film. Share footage as a cautionary tale for the young.

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  10. I agree with “Disgusted” above, in that no White person should EVER attempt to break up a fight between Blacks,..BECAUSE if you do, then, they will BOTH turn on you & possibly, even kill you,..

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    • Even domestic squabbles are to be avoided at all costs, particularly if alcohol or drugs are involved. At least on planes people don’t have their gentle pitbulls with them…yet.

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    • Agree , two less welfare checks to pay for …………..Oh my I dated myself , should have said E.B.T. cards . Hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s self esteem .hehe


  11. When you see trends like this that start, seemingly out of nowhere, there is usually an agenda, perhaps another social experiment behind it. That and young people reaching adulthood, who have never been taught any kind of manners, respect for others, or even right from wrong.

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  12. As usual, excellent comments, looking at all angles. I also had the thought re “TRENDS” because someday their meaning will be made clear, later if not sooner.

    A “Plane Passengers Provocateur Plan” by Soros, et al, is also plausible, if they want people to stop traveling & stay put, or for no other reason than to make people’s lives more miserable. Not sure why they would want to bankrupt airlines, though, unless they have an alternative in mind (big bucks for them vs. independent airlines).

    Re the Air Marshals, I just read comments about that somewhere today; they were complaining that Trump nixed funds for that, or is going to.

    Interesting re the pilots not wanting to work overtime for additional flights. What’s that about? I bet they know something we don’t, like, ummm, everyone is being overly-radiated in those “microwave ovens” called airplanes:

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  13. We’re they throwing feces at one another?


  14. Like some bars I have known.


  15. Some very insightful comments. Gone are the days when men wore suits and ties and women wore dresses when engaged in air travel. The world has become less dignified, less civil and CRAZY.

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