Mexico is world’s second most deadly country, after Syria

Two days ago, I posted about the shocking violent protests and massive looting across Mexico over a 20% gas price hike, which took place four months ago in January, but which went unnoticed by our media although Mexico is America’s southern neighbor.

Here’s a video of the looting of a Mexican Walmart:

A police officer was killed on January 4 while trying to prevent robberies at a gas station in Mexico City; three people were killed amidst looting in the eastern state of Veracruz on January 5.

Now we have statistics confirming our perception of Mexico as a lawless, dangerous country.

Marc Champion reports for Bloomberg, May 9, 2017, that according to the annual Armed Conflict Survey by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), Mexico has surpassed Iraq and Afghanistan to become the world’s second-most deadly conflict zone after Syria.

In 2016, the world’s five deadliest countries are:

  1. Syria, with 50,000 fatalities.
  2. Mexico, 23,000 fatalities.
  3. Iraq, 17,000 fatalities.
  4. Afghanistan, 16,000 fatalities.
  5. Yemen, 7,000 fatalities.

What distinguishes Mexico from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan is this:

Mexico’s violence is not from war, but from the deadly activities of the country’s criminal cartels.

Yesterday, at the Armed Conflict Survey’s launch in London, IISS director general John Chipman said Mexico’s level of bloodshed was all the more surprising because “Mexico is a conflict marked by the absence of artillery, tanks or combat aviation.” Virtually all of Mexico’s deaths were caused by small arms. The largest number of fatalities occurred in Mexican states that have become “key battlegrounds for control between competing, increasingly fragmented cartels,” with violence flaring as gangs try to clear areas of rivals so they can monopolize drug trafficking routes.

The Middle East in general and Syria in particular remained the most lethal regions on earth, with the nearly six-year-old-Syrian conflict claiming a further 50,000 lives. That brings the total number of deaths in Syria’s civil and proxy war to an estimated 290,000, almost three times the number killed in Bosnia in the early 1990s.

Overall, the number of people killed in armed conflicts around the world fell slightly last year to 157,000, from 167,000 in 2015. Nevertheless, the figure is high compared with the previous decade, while the number of civilians displaced by war continued to rise — which means more refugees.

Chipman and the report’s authors are not optimistic about the prospects for reducing these levels of violence for a number of reasons:

  1. Conflicts are becoming more urban, with siege warfare increasingly common, especially so in Syria.
  2. As new conflicts emerge, old ones tend not to get resolved but rather subside into a “simmering” state, capable of boiling over again at any moment. Examples are the low-level simmering war in Eastern Ukraine, and Turkey’s more than three-decade-old battle with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which exploded again last year into an urbanized insurgency that killed 3,000 people.
  3. Although the Islamic State terrorist organization lost a quarter of its territory and a higher proportion of its fighters last year, the toll on civilians is likely to increase as the group returns to more traditional insurgent tactics.
  4. The main tool of the international community to try to reduce bloodshed — the $8 billion-a-year United Nations peace-keeping forces — are increasingly overstretched and ineffectual. The UN is also by its nature too politically riven to carry out effective military operations.

President Trump, Build That Wall!


21 responses to “Mexico is world’s second most deadly country, after Syria

  1. Just as I thought . . . people who are willing to visit Mexico are taking their lives in their hands. Thank you Dr Eowyn for confirming just how dangerous Mexico really is, even if the media is keeping quiet on that point.

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  2. Mexico also exports it’s murderers into the US;
    July 13, 2015
    Illegal Aliens Murder at a Much Higher Rate Than US Citizens Do
    Let’s take homicide as an example. The GAO estimates “criminal aliens” were arrested, convicted and incarcerated for 25,064 homicides. If non-citizens committed them over seven years, the annual rate would be 14.2 per 100,000 non-citizens. If illegal aliens committed them over four years, the annual rate would be 58.0 per 100,000 illegal aliens. Either way you compute, those are high rates.

    By comparison, the FBI reports the murder rates for the entire U.S. from 2003 through 2009 varied from 5.0 to 5.8 per 100,000 inhabitants for an average rate of 5.5. To be clear, 5.5 is much lower than either 14.2 or 58.0.

    Or look at the total number of homicides in those years. Per the FBI, there were 67,642 murders in the U.S. from 2005 through 2008, and 115,717 from 2003 through 2009. Per the GAO, criminal aliens committed 25,064 of them. That means they committed 22% to 37% of all murders in the U.S., while being only 3.52% to 8.25% of the population.

    Conclusion: criminal and illegal aliens commit murder at much higher rates than all inhabitants of the U.S. – at least 3 to 10 times higher.
    * Read more:

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    • This is a biased way of viewing that data. Have you considered that “poor illegal aliens” built your country up in the 50s ? Italians. And new immigrants after over and over taking jobs Americans won’t take!. These current illegal aliens you speak of are people with lives much worse than yours or mine so how about feeling good for someone who comes to better their lives. People go down the wrong path sure but these are people with families. It’s a very unhealthy and one dimensional way of looking at things and only serves to perpetuate your mis directed anger probably.


  3. The globalist media has been hiding this filthy violent culture for decades. It is this simple…if you grew up in the third world than that is where you belong and should stay. The first world is not for you. Poverty and crime and inevitably a violent death , that’s the legacy your disgusting culture has bestowed upon you. Life isn’t fair despite what white guilt suffering liberals may have told you. So, enjoy your goat meat and incestuous rape and wait for the Reaper who is shadowing you at this very moment.

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  4. Why go on vacation to Mexico when we have it ALL in good ole USA. Sombreros, chalupas, chihuahuas, margaritas, marijuana, Cartel, gorditas, Cinco de Mayo. ayyyyyy mamacita!! I drink to dat!

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  5. Look at the homicide rates, along with totals.

    Mexico has 127 Million people.

    Chicago has 2.72 Million.

    That’s a ratio of 46.69.

    Multiply Chicago’s 800 murders (2016) by 46.69 and you get 37,353 (murders if Chicago was as big as Mexico. St. Louis and Baltimore are up there too.

    Third-world behavior is seeping into the cities. Violence is highly drug-related.

    Logical conclusion: opponents of the wall are somehow benefiting from the constant influx of drugs and illegals.

    Build the wall, and jail drug dealers. Forever if possible. Deporting them just means they’ll come back and commit more crime.

    Build massive jails along the border so illegals can see what awaits.

    My favorite Chicago data source for crime:

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    • Chicago population is 9/10 million, not 2.72. It also had close to 1,000 murders as of 2016.

      Multiplying Chicago’s population to Mexico’s would amount to 13,000 murders, St. Louis would be about the same/slightly higher with Baltimore approx. 25% ahead of the other two. All are lower than Mexico.

      Mexico’s murder rate is massively understated as well. It is not accurate at all.


  6. What if we (the US) just conquered Mexico (effectively wiping out the Drug Cartels there),brought all their people back TO Mexico and made “Re-Mexifornia” the home of nuclear power plants,nuclear waste storage and recycling and offshore desalination plants? Without the illegal drug trade and corrupt law enforcement it might not be such a bad place,and it’d be OURS!
    Of course,we’d STILL have to build the wall-Immigration Law is NOT negotiable.


  7. I suppose if they can loot and obtain TVs they still have electric power.
    Unfortunately for them, they cannot eat the TV.

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  8. Given the facts to date, and no immediate funding for the Wall, it would behoove the President to deploy our U.S. Military to the southern U.S. border, instead of sending them to protect poppy fields and gas pipelines in Afghanistan…come on POTUS, 15 years and counting? the Taliban/training excuse is wearing very thin.

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  9. I would like to see the raw data and study cause there are places way more dangerous then Mexico….

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  10. Have been to Mexico many times in addition to travelling to over 100 countries with my wife. Not any more. Last trip to Mexico was to Acapulco. Our guides openly talked about cartel violence that traumatized the whole city. out of control. not safe walking without security.
    Taught at inner-city high school in LA. Students were constantly harassed verbally and often physically by OTHER STUDENTS.
    The movie “Freedom Writers” implied some mysterious force was threatening peaceful young scholars at an imaginary inner-city high school. BS. It’s young Mexicans messing with each other.

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  11. Hey, who says that Mexicans aren’t hard workers? Look at all them hustle! There are two positives here. One, it’s a Walmart. Two, no waiting in long lines!
    Seeing as all the flat screen TV’s are being stolen, a bunch of them can all watch “I Love Lucy” reruns now.

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  12. While we have often listed the reasons for building the “wall”, my own top reasons were to stop the drugs, gangs and Middle Eastern muslim terrorists. Over the last couple of years, I kept thinking what would happen if Mexico’s economy completely fell apart and tens of thousands of their citizens made a mad rush to come over the border? We wouldn’t be able to stop them without proper walls, drones, guards and cyber surveillance. There is a fair amount of documentation revealing cartel members participating in satanic rituals involving human sacrifices. There has been a resurgence of pagan activity in lieu of Catholicism. Of course, many innocent Mexicans are losing their lives. We have MS-13 gangs all over the US and Middle Eastern muslim terrorist groups forming alliances with Mexican cartels. It is already known there are numerous muslim terrorist cells here. Wow, how dangerous is that?

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  13. Oil-producing nation and still a third world hellhole, too…

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  15. We stopped going there 20 years ago. When you have supposedly nice vacation areas like Acapulco, where tourist are being kidnapped and held for ransom, time to find a different vacation spot.
    It is sad that even in America hiking trails and camping spots are being compromised.

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  16. We are at first place!
    Brazil Has Nearly 60000 Murder/year.


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