Candlelight vigils and funerals are being planned to highlight those who, activists say, will die under Trumpcare


From Vocativ: Activists are planning several protests around the country — at elected representatives’ offices and places of worship — to mourn for those they say will die if the Affordable Care Act is repealed.

Protesters are holding candlelight vigils, symbolic funerals, and die-in demonstrations to protest President Trump and the Republican Party’s efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare with a new bill, called the American Health Care Act or AHCA. The first vote by the House of Representatives on the measure is scheduled for Thursday.

One of the more grim protests being planned will be held in Des Moines, Iowa, in front of Republican Congressman David Young’s office. Organizers say the event is “a vigil to mourn the deaths of the Iowans and Americans that will die if Trumpcare is passed. Almost 200 Iowans are projected to die each year, 2000 total over the next decade. We need to make sure David Young knows what he would be voting for.”

Organizing For Action, the political advocacy group that grew out of President Obama’s first presidential campaign, is planning a funeral procession in New York’s Staten Island with an effigy of Trump as the grim reaper. The protest, planned for Thursday, will march to Representative Dan Donovan’s office.

Indivisible, an organization made up of former Congressional staffers, is also organizing a series of candlelight vigils for the estimated 24,000 people who will die yearly if the GOP plan is passed as it currently stands. One demonstration, to be held at a San Diego church, will “pray for mercy for the sick and suffering in San Diego and across America.”

In Cincinnati, nearly 100 people have said they will attend a “die-in” protest on Wednesday. Each participant is instructed to lie down on the ground while holding a sign stating their hypothetical cause of death. Among the suggestions are “I died from a bacterial infection because I couldn’t afford to go to the doctor” and “My cervical cancer wasn’t discovered in time because I couldn’t go to Planned Parenthood.”

The American Health Care Act is scheduled for a floor vote in the House of Representatives on March 23. President Trump and his administration have reportedly held a series of phone calls and meeting intended to pressure Republicans opposed to the bill to fall in line.  Several Republican lawmakers have come out against the bill, which they say fails to live up to promises of a full Obamacare repeal.

According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, some 24 million Americans are estimated to lose health insurance over the next decade if the plan goes through.


16 responses to “Candlelight vigils and funerals are being planned to highlight those who, activists say, will die under Trumpcare

  1. how’s about a candlelight vigil for all the babies who have been and will be aborted under satanic planned unparenthood?

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  2. Such drama queens. Don’t these Organizing For Action activists have to work?
    My bad: they are working, all paid for by Soros.

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  3. these people are so into themselves, they care more about their own issues instead of ways to improve our country for current and future generations….they ask what their country can do for them…parasites

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  4. If they continue to march/lemming-stepping forward to the cliff of the New World Order, the bell will be tolling for them.

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  5. Snowflakes, please…

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    Trump could, if he would, simplify the whole situation by just declaring “obamacare”null and void by the fact it was created by a faux president who was truly and factually a foreign agent and not a “Natural Born” citizen of any country.

    If they truly wanted to do something about the artificially escalating cost of health care; rather than a non-ending argument of who should have to be burdened with the ridiculous costs, they need only eliminate insurance altogether. If not for insurance, the real victims of this fiasco could benefit from a more realistic and fair balance between health care services and costs. Actually “insurance” Is a major contributor of inflation in all aspects of our lives, and is nothing more than a ponzi scheme itself.

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  7. During the daytime it’d be mostly Marxist union members from SEIU, self-serving gov and private social services providers, and teachers–not only given the day off, but bused in with meal vouchers, plus welfare patsies as camouflage in front of the cameras.

    During the evening it’d likely be limousine liberals who have Concierge Healthcare for themselves, but who’d change doctors in a heartbeat if he or she started taking in the poor and these limousine liberals had to sit next to a poor person in the waiting room or wait their turn.

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  8. These protesters are delusional. Obamacare has left people with no healthcare because they can’t afford the premiums and are required to pay a “tax” for having no health insurance. If the person can’t afford health insurance why would Crooked Obama require them to pay a tax in addition? It’s like taxing the poor for being poor.

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    • How about middle class people with two wage earner’s whose premiums and deductibles are so high that they neglect to go and get checkups, mammograms, pap smears, prostrate check ups . . . all because they are so tapped out after already spending thousands of dollars on their health care, that they simply cannot afford to go to a doctor. Obamacare was an ill advised, back door deal to steal from some and give to others.

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  9. ManCavePatriot

    If I were the congressman, I would change my office address to the nearest Planned Parenthood facility, and THEN their protest would have some relevance.

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  10. Trump now, Trump after we are all going to die, old age, Alzheimer’s, cancer, accidental deaths, SHOT, gas chamber, who knows but I feel activists will go first because they are wasting time planing their own vigils and funerals instead of enjoying life, good health, the future and better living. Obama went in on an avtivist salary, now a millionaire, created Obamacare to fatten up his pockets along with his gang of thieves, and you STUPID ACTIVISTS get nothing but a couple of coins for disrupting the normal life of the American people. GET A JOB, PIGS, PERVERTS, HOMOS, there’s more to life than what you do.

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  11. The health care plan isn’t even finished yet and they have absolutely no proof any of what they have been paid to say is true,
    Everyone knows it started imploding last year and this year will be the worse.
    And yet again, they have no compassion for the 6-30 million that lost their insurance that were working and paying partly for so these inconsiderate pansies can have theirs.
    Are these people saying they don’t mind higher premiums, higher deductibles, less coverage, fewer doctors and fewer insurers? I think not.
    As usual someone is behind this massive anti health care bill attack and I think we all know who.
    Obviously these nuts didn’t bother to read the bill like several doctors did and they all said after the age of 70 expect less coverage and less mammagrams and maybe zero treatments for cancer.
    That is why they tried to bury us with over 20,000 pages of bs.

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  12. They can’t understand Obamacare increased costs for many people. Or they just refuse to believe it.
    Many people are worried about pre-existing conditions. I’ve had a condition called scoliosis and had surgery for it. My surgery was years before Obamacare so some things may be different now. So far I haven’t ever been denied insurance. On an online scoliosis group I’m in, a couple members were concerned about if Trump’s plan won’t include pre-existing conditions. I have refrained from trying to explain my views since it might start a fight. Not all but most are too brain-washed probably.

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