Sister of Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner in pay-for-play influence peddling with Chinese

The Trump Administration is not even four months old, but is already guilty of the same political corruption committed by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama — pay-for-play influence peddling.

Pay-for-play refers to a quid pro quo, wherein a politician promises another party (an individual, organization, or government) a political favor or access in return for money or vote or other support.

Nicole Meyer is the sister of Jared Kushner — the husband of Ivanka, the apple of President Trump’s eye, whom Trump elevated to the lofty position of White House Senior Adviser, despite a lack of qualifications.

The New York Times reports that on May 6, 2017, at an event at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Beijing, China, which was hosted by Qiaowai, a Chinese immigration agency that helps Chinese families move abroad, Nicole Meyer made a pitch to more than 100 Chinese investors gathered in the ballroom to attract $150 million in financing for a Jersey City housing development, known as One Journal Square.

The money would be provided through a federal government program known as EB-5 that awards foreign investors a path to citizenship in exchange for at least $500,000 in investments in U.S. development projects.

Meyer said to the Chinese investors that the Jersey City housing project “means a lot to me and my entire family,” and highlighted the fact that in January, her brother Jared Kushner had left his position as chief executive of the family business, Kushner Companies, to serve in the Trump administration.

Kushner Companies is headquartered at 666 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, I kid you not.

As Meyer spoke, journalists for The New York Times and The Washington Post were removed from the ballroom and told by organizers it was a “private event,” even though it had been publicly advertised.

The One Journal Square housing project is advertised to Chinese investors as the latest offering from the “star Kushner real estate family.” The project, which includes two towers, 1,476 luxury apartments and even a medical center for pets, is promoted as “Kushner 1.” Construction is scheduled to begin in early 2018.

Below is the Chinese advertisement for One Journal Square, which says the Kushner housing project is “government supported”. I added the English translation in yellow.

↓Click image to enlarge↓

Jared Kushner, as Trump’s senior adviser, has become a central voice on China as a conduit between Beijing and Washington.

As a businessman, he had courted Chinese firms, most notably Anbang Insurance Group, the financial firm linked to members of China’s ruling Communist Party. A potential deal for Anbang to invest in Kushner Companies’  headquarters at 666 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan has raised eyebrows because of its favorable terms for the Kushners, who are seeking help with the troubled property.

Although Jared Kushner has divested his stakes in dozens of his family business’ investments, he has held on to the vast majority and remains the beneficiary of a series of trusts that own his stakes in Kushner Companies properties and other investments, worth as much as $600 million, and probably more.

Kushner’s government ethics disclosure form shows he was a manager or president at six entities associated with the Jersey City housing project until this January when he divested his stake in one of them, K One Journal Square LLC. It is unclear what happened to his relationship with the remaining five entities.

H/t FOTM‘s josephbc69


19 responses to “Sister of Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner in pay-for-play influence peddling with Chinese

  1. This is NOT good. I truly believe in Trump. He needs to stop this now.

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Just what we can expect from ashkenazi frauds.

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  3. I believe Kushner also owns 1 County Road 666 in Jersey and is planning a development that will rise 666 feet into the air. Cost 666 mill. He has a fascination with 666 it seems. Maybe he thinks it makes him formidable given his low experience in politics and life.


  4. The apple never falls far from the tree!

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  5. EB-5 has already been established long before Trump. So, how is this pay-for-play?

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    • Did you not read my post?

      Yes, EB-5 is long in place as a federal government immigration policy. If we go by your logic, that would make Nicole Meyer’s trip to Beijing unnecessary and pointless. But she went there and spoke at an event organized by a Chinese immigration company to deliver this covert message to the Chinese investors in the hotel ballroom:

      “I’m Jared Kushner’s sis, and he’s President Trump’s senior adviser. Invest in the Kushner family’s Jersey City housing project — which has ‘U.S. government support’! — and you’ll be assured of a green card to the U.S. as an EB-5.”

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  6. Kushner needs to go! Trump promised to drain the swamp not restock it! This may be an indication our gov’t is too corrupt to be changed by anything short of a revolution.

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  7. “Yes yes… trust us, we are draining the swamp, goyim. It might stink for a while, but you will get used to it … oops I meant it will go away.”


  8. Well, this is disturbing to say the least. I hope the President takes some advice on this.
    And I am just as po’d that citizenship to our country can be had so easily. What ever happened to proper protocol. These people really need to use caution in giving so much leeway to the Chinese. They already own a massive chunk of the US, more than most people realize. They have plans to take our country also. Have no doubt, and we are financing their ability to do so.

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    • EB-5 is not the problem; the Kushners’ influence-peddling is.

      EB-5 at least ensures that those who want to legally immigrate to the U.S. are not welfare cases, but will bring at least half a million in investment dollars. I certainly prefer that to illegal immigrants and so-called refugees, don’t you?

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  9. Yesterday, Roger Stone discussed this topic. He stated Kushner is dangerous to Trump’s presidency and should be sent home. Otherwise, it looks like Trump is giving a thumb’s up to the Kushner family corrupt business dealings. That gives the left ammunition to use against Trump. Stone also discussed the reasons there are still 119 unfilled positions in the State Dept. and the problems with obummer staff still filling these positions. And, that’s just the State Dept. Go to YouTube and enter a search for Roger Stone to watch his recent videos. He also “names” names regarding those who are trying to undermine Trump. Priebus is one of the key saboteurs.

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  10. not surprising at all….


  11. I don’t trust anyone who would have Jamie Gorelick as council. Corrupt is as corrupt does.


  12. “Ivanka, why are you letting your husband’s family put your father at risk?”

    Get that narrative going and she might crack the whip internally.

    We’re stuck with the kids as it stands, so figure out how to work within that framework. Not happy with the situation, but need to get some bigger things done first. Planting the seed that Kushner family hijinks could destroy Trump might get Ivanka ticked enough to shut it down. Put Jared on the couch for a month or three.

    Didn’t know Kushners dad was a crook. How Mezvinsky-like. Chelsea didn’t have much choice in picking a husband (Wilburrrrr)


  13. Ah Jared, furthering the mossad agenda while making a lil profit are we?

    Really we should cut ties with China, screw walmart and wallstreet. I mean, they execute more “prisoners” than the rest of the world combined. They harvest organs from executed victims and sell them, and charge the executed’s family for the bullet or chemicals used to dispatch them. China’s “human rights” level is on a par with Iran and Saudi Arabias.

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