Creator of Obama “HOPE” poster holds fundraiser for public arts and trashes Trump

shepard fairey

Fairey: Without art, he’d be in jail…

We are approaching $20 TRILLION debt. Gotta make cuts somewhere.

From Hollywood Reporter: Joel McHale, Shepard Fairey, Mark Duplass and Adam Scott were amongst those in Hollywood who showed up to P.S. Arts’ second annual party benefiting arts education in public schools where Trump’s proposed NEA budget cuts was a hot topic.

Inside was a mixture of cocktails and arts activities as guests created their own jewelry and perfume. Mark Duplass was among those who had his portrait stitched on fabric in a matter of minutes by artist Michael Birch-Pierce. Balthazar Getty was the DJ for the evening as guests participated in body painting as well as sawing and sanding their own cheeseboards with the Nick Offerman Woodshop.

Fairey’s Yes We Can portrait design – which became popular during Obama’s campaign – were on display in celebration of Fairey as the honoree of the evening. He expressed that without the arts he probably would be in jail more often and spoke out on his opposition against Trump’s proposed NEA budget cuts released in March.

“I don’t think anybody from the current administration took an art class ever,” Fairey joked to the crowd. “That’s why they are so quick to want to defund it.”

Fairey told THR that introducing the arts to kids at a young age is as important for them as it is for the economy. “Art is good therapy for people. It builds self esteem. It creates great problem solving skills, but even from an economic standpoint the U.S. is a major exporter of culture,” Fairey said. “It’s a creative product and to neglect creativity is not only foolish in terms of people’s therapy that they get from art but economically it’s foolish as well.”

Big Little Lies actor Adam Scott commented on how glad he was that, despite the proposed budget cuts, the NEA recently released a statement to the Los Angeles Times saying their funding was poised to stay the same as requested, at about $150 million.

“It’s ridiculous and it’s hilarious because they had no leverage with the Republicans so they made none of the NEA or Planned Parenthood cuts,” Scott told THR. “Not to say they are not going to but budget they turned in was 100 percent waiting for Democrats. Luckily we got by this time but next time who knows. It’s disgusting and ridiculous just like everything they are doing.

Joel McHale, a constant supporter of P.S. Arts, similarly agreed on the importance of maintaining arts funding. He told THR that access to the arts in school while he was growing up was critical for him and commented on how maintaining the arts would be maintaining a staple of American culture.  “Arts at my public school saved me so I feel like this is the very minimum I can do is show up to these things and I support them,” said McHale. “Arts always is the first thing to go when things are cut and I think that’s wrong since this entire town is built on arts and further American culture which lot of it is art is one of the reasons why we are known around the world.”

The Great Indoors star added, “We don’t have a population that is the size of China or India and we absolutely could afford the arts. If we look to Rome or Greece where we modeled our government arts was one of the most important things in the culture…We invented an industry that goes around the world a million times a day. I think any arts cut is bad especially in a country that we have the largest economy in the world.


8 responses to “Creator of Obama “HOPE” poster holds fundraiser for public arts and trashes Trump

  1. Despite repeated threats by Republican presidents to cut or eliminate entirely taxpayer funding for NEA and “public” TV and radio, they never alter their left-wing programming. Ever.

    It can’t be stupidity. It’s arrogance and their conviction that no administration will actually cut their funding — and they’re right. Call me a cynic, but I predict that, despite Trump’s huffing and puffing, his administration and the GOP Congress will simply continue the status quo.

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  2. What a fairy this Fairey is. Greece and Rome did place an enormous amount of importance upon art, because they were pagan idol worshippers. Note to Mr. McHale: The Roman Empire fell and Greece went bankrupt.

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  3. This is one of the reasons the Left and Hollywood is so against Trump. Making the cuts in the arts could cut into their inflated salaries. They had a deal with Clinton, if she won, their losses would be covered. If a movie flopped, no problem, the government would make sure you got your money.
    But, to accept money or guarantees from the President. then trash him makes no sense. They are wanting it both ways. Hollywood was wanting tax money, half from conservatives to cover their losses while trashing those on the right.
    Under what sane reasoning is other failures in business covered by the government is this called good business?

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  4. There is a world of difference between funding high school band and choir and giving money to groups that encourage so called artists who soak crosses in urine and make documentaries on PBS that are critical of the very government that funds them. I benefited from high school band, actually playing for money in bands after high school for a time. But I also gained also an appreciation for music from my classes as well. So the money spent on my education was not wasted, in my mind. Money spent on questionable artistic endeavors that have an agenda of promoting the leftist ideals to me is an abuse of our tax dollars, and should be discontinued.

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