Massive looting and violent protests across Mexico over 20% rise in gas price

I don’t know how I managed to miss this news from four months ago, but I betcha you didn’t hear or read about it either.

In January 2017, the price of gas in Mexico increased 20%.

The Mexican government said the price hike is part of a plan to gradually cede control of the fuel market to private development as part of government deregulation of the energy sector. President Enrique Pena Nieto said it was a necessary move to reflect higher global prices.

Outraged Mexicans reacted with violent demonstrations and looting.

(1) Protests

Protesters blocked highways and petrol stations across the country. Demonstrations in the northern city of Monterrey turned violent on January 5 when protesters tried to force their way into the government palace, smashing stained glass windows and setting off fireworks and pepper spray.

After the fifth day of unrest, which had spread to at least 14 of Mexico’s 32 states, at least 987 people were arrested.

(2) Looting

Looters ransacked at least 250 stores across Mexico, including this Walmart, where looters brazenly walked away with big-ticket items like big-screen TVs.

Wal-Mart de Mexico SAB, Grupo Comercial Chedraui SAB, Grupo Elektra and Organizacion Soriana SAB stores were among those targeted in a wave of anger about the gasolinazo or fuel-price hike. Looting, preemptive store closings and truck robberies were widely reported in local press and social media since the night of January 3.

Officials said three people were killed amidst looting in the eastern state of Veracruz on January 5, while a police officer was killed on January 4 while trying to prevent robberies at a gas station in Mexico City.

Planigrupo Latam SAB, a real estate investment company, said in a filing that two malls in which it has a controlling stake were looted and vandalized on January 4 and 5. The company is working with local and federal authorities to protect the locations and the people who work there.

Antad, the Mexican retailers’ association, said government efforts haven’t been enough to calm the situation.

Here’s another video of looting:

Sources: Bloomberg; The Guardian

Bear in mind that Mexicans were not starving; they were just angry about a gas price hike.

Imagine what they would do if the Mexican economy collapses and the people are starving — like Venezuelans in their crumbling socialist utopia losing an average of 19 pounds last year on a starvation diet of one or two meals a day, and forced to eat garbage and household pets.

Mexico shows that civilization is a veneer that can be frighteningly thin.


18 responses to “Massive looting and violent protests across Mexico over 20% rise in gas price

  1. It would seem there are multiple entities keeping this news from getting out. The media seems very protective of anything that happens in Mexico.
    Vacation markets, American businesses located there, fuel companies, drug companies, and several others. Whatever it is, someone is protective.

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    • I would agree that this news is being suppressed. If the majority of Americans who are thinking of vacationing in Mexico really knew what risks might be involved in traveling there, I doubt that they would be spending the American dollar there. I for one, have thought for a good many years now, that Mexico is not safe . . . even if you’re going to these fenced resorts. Since the cartels run rampant over already compromised government agents, there may not be anyone to protect you.

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      • mexico should be a declared a “No Go” zone…
        it is a very dangerous and deadly place.
        People are kidnapped, raped, ransomed, murdered, homes are blown up, govt officials are assassinated….and those are just the citizens the cartel targets.
        The people who vacation in mexico are treated even worse.
        I do wonder the involvement of the CIA in all of this (their “expertise” being foreign affairs and creating international situations that benefit american corporations). Because of all the terrorism in mexico, mexican citizens are forced to leave to the usa and work in the fields or as domestics for very low wages and truly the only ones to benefit are the cartels/CIA and american corporations…definitely not the us taxpayer….
        I also wonder how many mexican nationals would give up the “free” govt stuff that keeps them impoverished and head south for the border if mexico weren’t so dangerously inhospitable.

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      • I agree Auntie, just think Fast and Furious. Even the fancy resort towns, they are kidnapping and holding for ransom and the authorities really need to warn Americans. For some sick reason they don’t seem to want to expose the crime there.


  2. . . . And are these the kind of hoodlums that are crossing into the USA? Probably So! I would say that after seeing the aftermath of Ferguson . . . we have more than enough of these homegrown goons . . . we really don’t need to import them! This is shameful, and it truly shows just how uncivil people have become, and I would say it has worsened since people stopped relying on God and attending church services. Until that can be reversed, I don’t have much hope for turning around the “ghetto mentality” of low class people.

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  3. Just wait ’til the feds increase their gas tax here by 20% (or more) .. you won’t hear a peep from the American people. They’re apparently numb, having been used and abused for decades. Sad, isn’t it?

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  4. “government palace”….enough said.

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    • MomOfIV, it’s their White House!
      Wait until our riots get going… it will NOT be at all a new ‘civil’ war, but of desperate hunger against the still haves.

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      • yes, Joseph…the problem is the “still haves” will be the hard working middle class that bears the brunt of both ends…the 1% that causes the mess won’t even be in the picture

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  6. Banco de Mexico’s Governor resigned 12/2016, effective July 1 2017. Mexico has massive structural problems with its’ economy. Pemex (oil) is embroiled in a <$1B corruption probe. Pretty-boy Nieto is as crooked as they come, government corruption is inextricably tangled with the drug cartels. The peso is weak, productivity is pathetic, all this before any wall or talks on renegotiating NAFTA. Venezuela here we come? We need that wall.

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    • “Mexico has massive structural problems with its’ economy.”
      Are we TOTALLY sure that Reid,Pelosi,Feinstein and Obama haven’t been “advising” them on how to create a “successful economy”? They did such a stellar job of it up here…

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  7. That’s what they should have been doing for a long time, fight over there for jobs, healthcare and a better living, instead of crossing the border and demanding that we make changes to accommodate them.

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  8. The gumment here doesn’t want this stuff to get out cause if it did it might happen here when they take over whatever it is that they take over next. Personally, I don’t think that there’s anyone or any group can do anything to to keep us from going down the drain. Yeah sure. We might circle the drain a little longer with the gumment manipulating everything… but eventually we’re going down the drain. But take heart. I peeked at the end of the Book and OUR SIDE WINS!

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  9. These Mexicans don’t put much thought into their protests. These gas stations they’re blocking access to-they’re loaded with VOLATILE liquids. They should OCCUPY them,stay in touch with one another,and issue their demands. “Fulfill all our demands or your stations will all go up in giant fireballs….”


  10. When gas prices went up to $4 a gallon here, I recall folks trying to create massive boycotts… They raise the price, we buy less. Use less. Supply and demand kind of thing. But apparently in Mexico, higher gas prices mean open season on grabbing that big-screen T.V. the kids have been whining about, and running it through the broken glass doors at WalMart, because obviously it’s all WalMart’s fault, since they’re the ones selling stuff folks NEED at the lowest prices in town. I’m surprised they weren’t shot… Then again, the same thing happened in SC LA (and everywhere else after MLK got shot)… and in Ferguson, and Baltimore, and, well, you get the picture. Heck, remember the riots after OJ was acquitted? Oh wait, there weren’t any.

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