TV Show ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ gets its first ‘throuple’

say yes to the dress throuple

The happy threesome…

After all, #LoveisLove.

From NY Post: TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” has seen its share of unconventional brides in its 15 seasons, but a woman appearing on Saturday’s episode may take the cake: she’s part of the show’s first “throuple.”

The appointment starts out benignly enough, when the bride to be, Jennifer, comes into Kleinfeld looking for a traditional, classy wedding gown with an A-line silhouette for under $3,000. But as seen in this exclusive clip, consultant Debbie is gobsmacked when she learns that the groom, Peter, is already married to another woman, Ellen (who has also come along to the appointment).

“I’m sorry, this is really something really, really new to me,” Debbie confesses. Jennifer explains to her that Peter told her he wanted to marry her — and that he already had a wife — when they first met, and that jealously hasn’t been a big issue in their relationship because they’ve always been on the same page.

“Truly I love both women — you need to make sure they’re cared for equally and feel that they’re appreciated and paid attention to equally,” Peter says, before cracking, “Happy wife, happy life.”


22 responses to “TV Show ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ gets its first ‘throuple’

  1. It is time to return to mid-evil justice.

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  2. Why is that woman in the red sweater wearing an inner tube under her sweater?

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  3. Is the one on the left the Michelin Girl?
    She has a few spare tires, eh?
    Is the person on the right JFK’s grandson?

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  4. Time to turn this trash OFF!!! This is the Communist plot to make abnormal normal.

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  5. You can’t fix ugly or stupid!

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  6. I call that a threesome! It should have not been aired. UN BE LIVE A BLE.

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  7. Jennifer, who is in a decidedly nontraditional ménage à trois, is looking for a “traditional, classy” wedding gown.

    HA HA HA HA!

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  8. traildustfotm

    What an awful plunge from sanity.

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  9. This may lead to approval of sharia law regarding multiple wives, hence, greater (much) in Islamic population than non-Islamic.
    How can we be surprised by anything these days?

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  10. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Satan’s greatest enemies are true Christians.

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  11. ManCavePatriot

    What US state is allowing this abomination to proceed? Or is this just a media event to ‘flip the bird’ at Americans?

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  12. This feels like a set up in continuing the programming of America in acceptance of all things abnormal.
    I have never watched the show and I am really glad I haven’t wasted a minute in doing so.

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  13. If he has one wife they’re a twosome.
    If he has three wives they’re a threesome.
    When he’s alone he’s hand-some.


  14. Jeeze-maybe I’d watch this,but it’s opposite Monster Truck Racing…..

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  15. I’ve been guilty of having this show on, mindlessly, while I’m in my sewing room. Not something that has to be watched – you can’t sew and watch tv. I need to find a CD player – there’s one here, somewhere, and go back to “books on tape.”

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