Minority pageant winner criticized for not being “black enough”

Rachael Malonson

Guess it’s a good thing Rachel Dolezal wasn’t a contestant.

From ABC13: A University of Texas Miss Black pageant winner received some backlash for ‘not being black enough.’

Rachel Malonson graduated from Magnolia High School. Malonson’s brother says people have never really been able to pinpoint her ethnicity. Malonson entered an annual UT Miss Black pageant hosted by Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, but she had no expectation of winning.

“I remember texting my sister before and I was like, honestly I don’t even think I’m going to place,” said Malonson.

After the UT Kappa Alpha Psi chapter posted pictures of the newly crowned winner to Twitter, the tweets began to cascade. Many questioning how such a fair-skinned woman could win the UT Miss Black pageant.

One tweeted reads: “soooo this is a joke right?” Another tweeted: “I doubt she has ever dealt with some of the harsh realities of what it actually means to be “black” but congrats.”

While winning the pageant came as a surprise for the beauty queen, the response she received was the biggest surprise for Malonson. “Someone literally asked me, ‘Are you black? Can you prove it to me?‘ I was like, ‘Yeah, my dad’s black and my mom’s white,'” Malonson said.

The Iota Delta chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi said, “The Miss Black University of Texas Scholarship Pageant was established in 1982 with a singular goal in mind — to support and uplift African American women. Prior to its inception, African-American women had limited scholarship opportunities on the university campus.”

“I don’t fit the stereotypical look that you would think a black person would fit,” said Malonson. Rachael’s brother told ABC13 that her siblings have always taught her how to handle the questions of her racial identity. He said it’s disrespectful that people say Rachael isn’t black enough for the crown.

UT professor of African American Studies Kevin Cokley said there is generation-long issues playing out. “People of African descent who are more phenotypically black, if you will, have not gotten positive messages about their looks and there are just too many examples to count,” Cokley said. “I want people to be able to break away from those stereotypes,” Malonson said.


21 responses to “Minority pageant winner criticized for not being “black enough”

  1. I doubt Prof Cokley actually said “there is…issues playing out,” but his non-PC “if you will” use of “phenotypically black” sadly characterizes darker skinned people of African descent as biological specimens. They need him like a hole in the head. Worse, treating them phenotypically as victims, as all liberals do, implies their inferiority. In any case, liberals are desperate to prevent American Christians of whatever race or ethnicity from seeing they have a common enemy in the leftist neocon/neolib New American Proposition of aetheistic secularism and its war on the family.

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  2. They’re always whining about something.

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  3. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the darkest of them all? Wait, that’s not how it goes….

    Fair looking = pretty.
    Fair-skinned = white.

    Do the math. People can call me racist all day long, but nobody has been able to refute the math. In cultures all over the world, whether they’ve had contact with westerners or not, light skin has been prized for a reason.

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  4. She’s beautiful! I’m assuming that the judges who chose her are black, so why are the black women who are harassing her taking it out on her?

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  5. i knew a young woman whom asked me, what am I? I’m not black, i don’t belong. I’m not white, they don’t accept me. I felt bad and said, you are a child of God, my friend. She believed that races and cultures should not mix, she never married and dedicated her life to God.

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  6. Is she black or is she just another wanna be?

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  7. Was the contest called “UT Miss ‘Dark Skinned’ Black pageant?” I thought Black was a race and not a skin tone! I bet the fact that this young lady is Drop Dead Gorgeous plays a lot in the so called, She ain’t black enough crap! I have never heard a white person say another white person with a great natural tan as not being white enough. I do know that I have seen racial divides between light and dark skinned blacks. I have even seen claims of racism between dark and light skinned blacks. The truth is humans have enough REAL issues to worry about instead of worrying about skin tones!

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  8. ManCavePatriot

    This winner qualify’s under the ‘Obama Exemption’.

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  9. Another tweeted: “I doubt she has ever dealt with some of the harsh realities of what it actually means to be “black” but congrats.”

    This commenter is an ignoramus. And a hater
    A) commenter doesn’t know the winner, how can she possibly know the winners life experience? Maybe the winner has experienced harsh reality /hate online from a tweeter???? HINT
    B) it’s a BEAUTY pageant. She’s pretty. She’s black. She won.

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  10. Established in 1982 to uplift black women. I am not so sure it has ended up being a positive, when I see how nasty and pushy and confrontational many have become.
    From the comments, it would appear it has widen the divide between shades of black now. Very sad.

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  11. Get over it. Oh and by the way Trump won and it wasn’t bush’s fault.

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  12. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”
    – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  13. Kevin J Lankford

    So,….A “really black” black woman can’t even win in their own racially motivated contest??

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  14. I guess her buttocks wasn’t wide enough or bounced enough to qualify as black ……………………As in two 10lb raccoons fighting in a 5lb potato sack .


  15. Ha ha ha ha ha sorry but this is a bit hilarious watching them eat their own!

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  16. Maybe they could put out a “Color-Chart” … you know like they do with paint.
    You could hold the color chart up to your skin and you would instantly know if …..”youse be welcome in da hood…Yo”

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  17. Crucify me if you wish…BUT…there are NO BLACKS in the USA today who are PURE BLACK AFRICANS…UNLESS THEY DISEMBARKED FROM A BOAT TODAY…and simultaneously recieved citizenship (which is an impossibility legally according to time-frame). Our recent “Black” POTUS did great damage to us by NOT promoting his bi-racial heritage of white, middle-states American mother and black African University student. Instead he chose to promote the talking points of his Democratic party…prostituting his partial racial heritage for votes…hoping that, between his “blackness” and his promotion of heightnened illegal immigration…he could anchor a hundred-year strong-hold of his party, and, perhaps, even an exhaulted national or international legacy for himself.


  18. This woman is beautiful. I bet the ones bitching are not. Very racist behavior on their part.

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