Travyon Martin will receive posthumous degree in Florida

Trayvon MartinMore proof that college degrees aren’t worth anything these days.
From Seattle Times: MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. (AP) — A university will award Trayvon Martin a posthumous Bachelor of Science Degree in aviation five years after the black teenager was fatally shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer in central Florida.

An announcement on Florida Memorial University’s official Facebook page says Martin’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, will accept the degree during a May 13 commencement ceremony. Fulton graduated from the Miami Gardens university and, along with Tracy Martin, co-founded the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

The university’s statement says it will honor the steps Martin, who was 17 when he died in 2012, took toward becoming a pilot.

George Zimmerman said he shot Martin in self-defense as the teen returned to his father’s home after a trip to a convenience store. A jury acquitted Zimmerman of second-degree murder in 2013.


21 responses to “Travyon Martin will receive posthumous degree in Florida

  1. Trayvon Martin doesn’t need a degree or a job now. His current position is butt-boy for Satan.
    But it figures: White guilt sinks to another new depth in the cesspool of leftist self-hatred.

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  2. All Americans with Bachelor’s degrees, especially those with a B.Sc. in Aviation, should be outraged.

    Florida Memorial University has degraded the B.S. degree into a B(ull)S(hit) degree.

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    • Amen to that! It’s unbelievable that universities have nothing better to do. Any one donating to that school should withhold any monies.

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  3. This explains it. From Wikipedia:

    “Florida Memorial University is a private coeducational four-year university in Miami Gardens, Florida. One of the 39 member institutions of the United Negro College Fund, it is a historically Black, Baptist-related institution….”

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  4. On what grounds is he deserving? He was a thug, a theft and and druggie.
    Pilot, my rear. His history and drug use would most likely stop that.
    His mom and dad found a cash cow and won’t let go. Too bad they couldn’t care that much before he died. They couldn’t be bothered and let another handle him.
    The college has lost all common sense.

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    • Glenn47 . . . I could not agree more with the fact that the parents just didn’t give a darn while he was alive . . . but, heck . . . now they have a full time job sucking as much money and attention out of their son’s death as possible.

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  5. Pilot? Reading and math at the third grade level?

    I think the rational adults in the room recognize that this person was the product of a welfare subclass and without parental intervention and discipline and guidance, his destiny was pretty certain, jail or a black on black violent death.

    This makes us racist bigot fascists, right?

    The system is a joke which isn’t funny it is a tragedy but it’s what make the Liberals click.

    His parents reacquainted to cash in on the jackpot, right?
    A couple of uneducated druggie losers who Obama made famous?

    I guess I’ll take FMU off the list of possible colleges for the grandchildren.
    Sounds like it is for homeboy thugs run by homeboy thugs.
    Tax money being funneled into FMU; a halfway house for felons.
    Are they handing out bulletproof vests to wear at the ‘commencement’?

    Trayvon could more accurately be ‘honored’ as the founder and poster boy for the BLM movement.

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  6. I took a woman studies class in 1983. The professor instructed us to read an article and write a short one page paper on our opinion of the article. This is what I did. She gave me an F. My only conclusion was she disagreed with my opinion. The assignment was completed to requirements and decades later all I feel for her is disgust. Sadly the United States seems to get dumber and dumber.

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  7. I’m sure he would’ve been a successful “pilot” with the gold teeth and tattoos….with all the “shootings” we’ve had over the years, I do wonder if this was another false flag.
    Makes sense, a false degree to top off a “false” event.

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  8. Yeah, I’ll give him a posthumous fickle finger back at him!

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  9. When they emptied the psych wards and nuthouses I wondered what happened to all the nut jobs. Apparently they all found homes in academia.

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  10. It’s nice to see Mike and Barry 0bama’s kids doing so well.

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  11. So, ‘thug’ Trayvon is going to get a ,..’posthumous’ college degree, which is, most certainly,.. something that he never would have gotten,,..’real’,.. life.

    So how about this,..

    Since Trayvon, was caught with burglary tools, & stolen jewelry, & since Trayvon attacked George Zimmerman, & broke Zimmerman’s nose, then about ,’IF’,.. Trayvon were awarded a,..’ posthumous’ , conviction for burglary, & for aggravated assault

    Both of which are things that , ‘thug’, Trayvon,..’ really’,.. deserved, in real life..

    Ya think,.?.


  12. The degree, its issuer, and recipient are all worthless.

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    • Hmmm,…

      So thug Trayvon is being awarded a,..’posthumous’,.. college degree. A college degree, which he most certainly, would never have earned in ,.’real life’,..

      So how about this,.?

      Considering the fact that ‘Thug’ Trayvon was caught with burglary tools, & stolen jewelry, & considering that act that ‘Thug’ Trayvon assaulted George Zimmerman’ & broke Zimmerman’s nose,..

      How about, if Thug Trayvon were to be awarded ,.’posthumous,..’ felony convictions for burglary, & for aggravated assault,.?

      If being, that ,..’felony convictions’,.. are something that Thug Trayvon, most certainly, would have eventually, attained to, in ,..’real’,.. life.

      Yo think,.?

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  13. The first class I took in college was from a community college. English 101, with a feminist professor. Since I was at the time a Baptist deacon, I of course had a hard time with the class, trying to write things that would sit well with her and still not clash with my own integrity. I ended up getting a B in the class, although I deserved an A. I was just glad to get out alive. I went on to a Bible college for a time, where I carried a 4.0. Then to a different secular school, with a 4.0 as well, including the hard sciences. I stopped college, since it was not something that was going to help me in my life, but I learned a lot from my experience while going there, not just from the instruction, but about people and politics.

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  14. And the purpose of this is what? What a waste of time.

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