Ellen DeGeneres won’t invite Donald Trump on her show anytime soon


Ellen DeGeneres: Tolerance is a one-way street…

Well, I’m sure Trump is devastated.

From Yahoo:  Ellen DeGeneres has hosted a number of presidents on her show — Barack Obama came on to dance with her and George W. Bush joined to talk about his paintings. But there is one person you won’t see anywhere near DeGeneres’ pristine white armchairs: Donald Trump.

After Ellen interviewed Matt Lauer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, Lauer turned the tables on her, interviewing DeGeneres about several topics for The Today Show, including Donald Trump.

After discussing the impact of coming out on television 20 years ago, Lauer asked the talk show host whether or not she would invite the current president on the couch. 

“What’s your relationship with Donald Trump — do you know him at all? Have you had a chance to interview him or talk to him?,” he asked. DeGeneres explained she knows him from the show Celebrity Apprentice, but has not spoken to him since his political career. 

Lauer then asked Degeneres if she was interested in having Trump on the show, to which she responded with a simple, “um, no.” 

Donald Trump might not be a fixture on the talk show circuit now, but during the election season, Trump’s appearance on Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon drew a number of criticisms about normalizing the then-candidate and his policies—all of which have been far from “normal.”

DeGeneres, on the other hand, is doing the opposite.

“I’m not going to change his mind,” DeGeneres explained to Lauer. “He’s against everything that I stand for. We need to look at someone else who looks different than us and believes in something that we don’t believe in and still accept them and still let them have their rights.”


24 responses to “Ellen DeGeneres won’t invite Donald Trump on her show anytime soon

  1. It’s ok. Ellen is a freak show all by herself. She doesn’t need to invite people she ostracizes (as freaks) on her show. But even if she does, I won’t see it. I don’t have a teevee. It’s sort of like whether or not a tree falls in the forest. No see-um, no-exist-um. Bye, Ellen Degenerate. I hope you have a nice, Trump-less and invisible (to me) life.

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    • freak show indeed!
      Here are Michael Obama’s swingin’ nuts on the Ellen DeGeneres Show:
      Michelle Obama's swinging nuts

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    • I ditched my TV about ten years ago and never looked back. I’m convinced the MSM, specifically its use of TV has brainwashed nearly all of us . Couple that with our public ‘education’ …(Marxist indoctrination) and TPTB have created a divided America…I believe that was the goal…with the endgame being the fall of America….how did we let this happen to ourselves ?

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      • Exactly right, but what’s not understood is that a show like Ellen’s is as much mind control as the fake news is, and if a show like hers is entertaining to the masses, that’s only because it works to anesthetize its victims before infecting their minds. We can snicker all we want that she’s ugly, untalented, awkward, and not in the least bit funny, but those traits induce simple minds to laugh along out of charity, and probably all the more so as the signs of chronic spiritual, mental, and physical disease become etched on her face as in the photo above.

        The rapid fire, faked spontaneity of these shows, like the news, causes people, no matter how critically minded they think they are, to mentally follow along, moving along so quickly that rational evaluation is impossible and the idea implanted in consciousness. In any case, as Richard Weaver pointed out 60 years ago in his Ideas Have Consequences, the intention is to repeatedly implant images and feelings to the point of imitation. It’s all about inducing imitation, which is so effective that it’s victims come to defend it by screeching that it’s just “for fun.” And then they wonder why their daughters want to marry another woman.

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  2. What a dumb bitch. Who watches “her” anyway? Other switch hitters?

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  3. FYI, From Wiki
    “DeGeneres was born and raised in Metairie, Louisiana, the daughter of Betty DeGeneres (née Elizabeth Jane Pfeffer), a speech therapist, and Elliott Everett DeGeneres, an insurance agent. She has one brother, Vance, a musician and producer. She is of French, English, German, and Irish descent. She was raised as a Christian Scientist until age 13. In 1973, her parents filed for separation and were divorced the following year. Shortly after, Ellen’s mother married Roy Gruessendorf, a salesman. Betty Jane and Ellen moved with Gruessendorf from the New Orleans area to Atlanta, Texas. Vance stayed with his father. On a February 2011 episode of her show, she told her studio audience of a letter from the New England Historic Genealogical Society confirming she is 15th cousin to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge via their shared common ancestor Thomas Fairfax.

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  4. As if Donald Trump would waste his valuable time with a deranged, lesbian hag.

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  5. Don’t you get it?? Ellen DeGENERATE means that SHE DOES WANT THE TRUMPS IN HER SHOW, specially the girls, Ivanka or Melania, but she knows they won’t accept the invitation because DeGENERATE is what (she-it-he) is a deviant. I guess you got it now!!!

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  6. LOL@swingin nuts.

    Anyway, isn’t degeneress the feminine form of degenerate? Also, she’s looking more like Barry Manilow or Anderson Cooper every day.

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  7. I believe the interview was carefully scripted. What was said while it was being written would be interesting.

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  8. WE need to all send PRESIDENT Trump some hankies as I’m sure he will need them when he finds out the Degenerate does not want him on her show! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. Degenerate show.


  10. And the typical liberal strikes again. The President is entitled to hire who he wants. I know he had been considering hiring a openly gay man to a high office. He also places a woman and a black man, so I am not sure what her beef is about.
    I have never heard him make any snarky remarks about gays.
    For some reason, I thought I had remembered him being in her show several years ago.


    • From E News in June 2016: Ellen Degeneres: Donald Trump is welcome to come on my show. “I mean, he’s welcome to come if he wants to come on…But I wouldn’t say no if he wanted to be on”Trump has been on her show 5 times. His last appearance was in 2007.


      • So, are you calling her a hypocrite? You should, lol.
        All the talk shows had him on back when they thought he was one of them. Then, good grief, he decided to run to President as a Republican.

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  11. Looks are definitely not her strong point. Born in 1958, she is 59 now but looks much older, big bags under her eyes, the super short hair makes her nose look bigger, etc. But since she wants to look like a guy I guess she’s close, lol. No offense to the guys, of course. 🙂

    As for President Trump, show more dignity than that lesbo & stay away from all the perverts in Hollyweird.

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  12. does anyone care

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  13. He should come on her show and ask her how choosing to be homosexual has enhanced her life. Maybe she could explain how homosexuality is NOT a mental disorder since no same gender couple can reprocduce without the help of the opposite sex. I don’t care if her and porchse’ go get a licker license they still can’t be husband an wife. Get the government OUT of marriage. If you want to get married see a preacher If you want legal rights hire a lawer but either way go away and stop ruirning my life.


  14. ManCavePatriot

    Ellen DeGenerate is exactly that. I wouldn’t see who she invites or doesn’t invite.

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  15. “I will not allow Donald Trump on my show.” —Ellen de Generes
    “Sir, I do not want to appear on your show.” —Donald Trump

    ‘Nuff said.


  16. I bet Trump is crying in his ice water.

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  17. Without her 12 coats of stucco makeup, Ellen looks like a hairless possum.

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