Libtard Chrissy Teigen Wants President Donald Trump to Pay Her Medical Bills

chrissy teigen

Not so strong after all…

From Yahoo: Chrissy Teigen has been pretty vocal in her criticism of President Donald Trump. The 31-year-old model has regularly trolled Trump, starting back in 2011, and continuing well after his inauguration in January.

Teigen famously tweeted: “What time should we call your Uber?” after the president said he intended to keep “evil” out of the United States, a presumed reference to a judge blocking the implementation of Trump’s proposed travel ban on people from several Muslim-Majority countries.

Now Teigen, the wife of fellow Trump critic John Legend, is holding Trump responsible for a few problems she has—and she wants the Republican president to pay her medical bills.

Teigen went on a Twitter spree on Wednesday evening, saying that Trump’s antics were on the brink of forcing her to up her medication dosage. She also tweeted about the extreme measures she’d taken to reduce tension following the first 100 days of the 45th president of the United States.

As well as causing her to consider upping her meds, Teigen said the president’s behavior in office had given her tooth grinding and jaw tension problems.

It’s not clear what provoked this instance of Teigen’s Trump rage. Perhaps it was the president telling Palestinian leaders visiting the White House that securing a peaceful end to more than six decades of conflict with Israel was “maybe not as difficult as people have thought.” Perhaps it was Trump claiming that alleged ties between his presidential campaign and Russia was a “phony story” used by his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton to justify her loss. Or maybe it was the tension of awaiting a crucial vote in the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday regarding the proposed repeal of Obamacare.

Teigen might’ve been wise to take her request to Twitter, the president’s favorite social network—Trump’s revised healthcare bill, dubbed Trumpcare, won’t be covering Teigen’s medical costs.


15 responses to “Libtard Chrissy Teigen Wants President Donald Trump to Pay Her Medical Bills

  1. If Teigen is having to increase the dosage of her medications, it sounds as though she has a pre-existing mental condition to blame for her hatred of Trump and inability to see the damage that was caused to our nation during the past eight years under Obama.

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  2. Boy oh boy! these liberals and their quest for fribbies on tax payers account. She and Legend make money, both appearing in shows with their lavish garbs and “borrowed” Tiffany’s jewels, I don’t see them on the cover of magazines making donations and visiting the sick and poor in the projects, by the way, she looks very healthy on tv.

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  3. Well, she’s a cute girl but evidently she has Trump Derangement Syndrome. And what is she wearing? Anything? lol. It must be a flesh-colored dress or top with a tattoo on it(?)

    Cher has also had a ranting meltdown on her twitter vs. President Trump & govt./insurance for her asthma meds!

    “Cher: No Money to Treat My Asthma after House Obamacare Repeal”:

    These people are out of their minds, & there are sooooo many of them, not just celebs, all over youtube bashing Trump incessantly, & on twitter, & everywhere. They are so cruel, nasty, vile, ugly, mean, vicious. Even if Trump disappoints us, he still deserves respect as the holder of the office of the President:

    “Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour.” (Romans 13:7)

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  4. A damaged woman with looks to match!

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  5. “Celebrities” live in a world made for them by the military-industrial-pharmaceutical complex. Holy Wood has been a integral part of ‘the Work’ since the beginning of the 20th century.
    However, these sound like the last, raspy last breaths of their waning power over what they thought was a “culture” they owned, ran and in which they were to be deified in perpetuity. Dumb comments like Cher’s must give the rabble (rab el) pause.
    The only people who won’t have coverage are the people who shouldn’t have had it in the first place, such as illegal aliens. For the citizenry, Medicaid has always been available. What changed under the ‘Affordable Health Care Act’ was that middle America was taxed to cover those who shouldn’t have had coverage. It helped keep Barry Soetoro in office that much longer.
    I’m not losing any sleep over Cher having to pay for asthma drugs. Perhaps this will cause her to look at less expensive, holistic, natural ways to keep her asthma under control –if indeed she has asthma and hasn’t been misdiagnosed.
    I want Cher to satisfactorily explain to me why my mother (a legal immigrant who had lived here since 1958 and who had worked and paid taxes, as did my father) was denied medical procedures at the end of her life, in 2013, because all she had was Medicare coverage.

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  6. I mean use discernment.

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  7. Did she start on these meds when Obama was in office as she now says she needs to UP her meds. Not start on meds??? Diarrhea MOUTH at its best!!!!

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  8. From what I read yesterday, it would seem her problems, mental and medical started way before President Trump was a blip on her radar.
    She is married to a flaming radical when it comes to the President.
    If they have children I hope they use caution. Using that many heavy drugs.
    Pretty is as pretty does, and right now she isn’t very pretty.

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  9. What could Miltown, Haldol, or Thorazine cost her? Doesn’t she and her husband make millions entertaining folks every year?


  10. Pay your own bills, you stoopid POS tw*t.


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  11. Her pimp can afford to pick up her bills

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  12. My final thought on this matter: Can we please be done pretending that this Chrissy Teigen has a brain, and knows how to use it? I bet Legend is so sick of the sound of her voice by now. The two of them together look like something from Avatar.

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