Hillary The Devil

Today President Trump struck down the infamous Johnson Amendment, which has been used for decades to silence America’s pulpits through IRS intimidation. Below is an article by Mallory Millet which reminds us of a monster that almost occupied America’s most powerful office. ~ TD

Hillary: High Priestess of Western Infanticide

November 6, 2016 – Mallory Millett

Hillary Clinton stands out as the prime purveyor of the practice of infanticide in Western society.  She sells it as a merchant sells his wares and never misses an opportunity to declare a “woman’s right to choose” as if the key “choice” involved appears at that juncture instead of at the moment a woman “chooses” to use her body as an amusement park for pleasure any time she is swarmed with desire, with no regard for the meaning and outcome of sexual abandonment.To Hillary, the inconvenient individual with inimitable DNA who has had the bad manners to appear at an uninvited moment has no right to exist unless the mother is agreeable and so must be swept away into the trash.  No mercy, no compassion, for thee…

Read the article at http://mallorymillett.com/?p=84

I don’t know Mallory Millet, but am so impressed that I hope you read the whole article. She speaks for my conscience as she eviscerates Hillary’s career.

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  1. Excellent!!! I share your enthusiasm for Mallory Millett! President Trump NEEDS to find a place for her on his staff,even if only as an advisor.

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  2. After years of listening to both Hillary Clinton and exposes about her, I am absolutely convinced that Hillary is a Satanist, and that she is demonically possessed. From what I have heard on Alex Jones and elsewhere, she is not long for this world. It can’t happen soon enough.

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  3. A more careful reading is in order. Millet writes for American Thinker, a site claiming “There is no limit to the topics appearing on American Thinker”–provided, that is, those topics are filtered through the lens of the “right to exist and the survival of the State of Israel.”

    I’ve followed that site somewhat and my impression is that just about every article introduces themes likely to arouse support from American conservatives for the purpose of submitting them to the Procrustean bed of support for Israel and American Jewry. As Kevin MacDonald writes, exemplifying this point, while 89% of American Jews support abortion in America, they oppose it when it comes to Israel. (See “Large Majority of Jews Favor Abortion–For Non-Jews”)

    Millett cleverly weaves in the canard that America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, when it is readily demonstrated that Talmudic Judaism and Christianity are inimical and cannot abide one another on much more than the Ten Commandments and, more to her point, Talmudic Judaism, which arose largely to destroy Christianity, played no role in the founding of our country.

    And no Judaic Procrustean bed is worth its salt unless it features Holocaustianity as the ultimate ontological truth to which Christian ontology and pro-life ethics must conform to have any meaning for the modern world.

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    • Dan, you get no disagreement from me on your assessment except for McDonald. His work hits all the right notes (so to speak) but I’ve read that he was able to keep his tenure and retire from his position at CA State at Long Beach even after publishing many tomes and articles exposing Judea, Inc. That gives me reason for some suspicion as to motives since we know James Tracy has been hounded for far less.

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      • I’ve been suspicious of him, too, for the reason you mention, which ties together the motive of those giving him a free pass with his subtle undermining of traditional Christian moral and religious teachings via evolutionary psychology. I heard MacDonald being interviewed by Erik Palmgren and was astonished by his resort to just-so fairytales of European pre-history to explain current events over there. Even Gould thought evolutionary psychology was pure, unsubstantiated bunk.

        I also get the feeling that, whereas MacDonald may support European identity, his core message is that Jews are superior to Europeans on some fictitious evolutionary scale, using the same sort of just-so storytelling, in this case of the shtetl, to explain their supposed superior intelligence. That alone may cut him the slack he needs to promote the philosophical assumptions underlying Darwinism and evolutionary psychology that have been such a powerful tool in undermining our Christian civilization, and in MacDonald’s case by pretending to defend it against Jewish subversion.

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        • Dan,
          Your’re much more learned than I in regard to McDonald. I have his books but haven’t gotten around to reading them.
          I’m not so sure that these united states were NOT founded upon the Talmud, with only a veneer of Christianity to keep the uninitiated enthralled.. Just because the ‘founding fathers’ claimed to be Christian doesn’t mean they were. I don’t think anyone disputes they were nearly all Freemasons.
          I’ve only recently come across Glen Kealey’s information. You may already know of him. Yes, McDonald is the purveyor of ‘evolutionary theory to analyze Judaism as a “group evolutionary strategy” according to Wiki. But Kealey (if I understand what I’ve heard thus far in some youtube recordings) is saying that ‘Neanderthalers’, have directed what is called ‘evolution’ for tens of thousands of years. It’s definitely a lot to digest, but it’s very intriguing.

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    • IMHO, I’ve found the phrase “Judeo-Christian” to be a deceptive oxymoron.
      Many Christians have been taught to believe “Judeo-Christian” is comparable with Christianity in our society, but in reality (and literally), the phrase itself places “jew” before God…therefore Christians who use that phrase are unknowingly committing idolatry (we should repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness). Unless the jews worship Jesus as Lord, then we do not worship the same God.
      There are many jews who, individually, recognize Jesus as Lord.
      But, collectively, Jesus as Lord, is rejected by the state of israel.
      Last I checked, the national symbol for israel is the star of david (another deception in my opinion [hexagram]), not a cross.

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      • But, if there are Jews by birth who individually recognize Jesus as God, then they must convert and be baptized, otherwise they’re not followers of Jesus the Christ. And once baptized, they can have nothing to do with the ‘state of israel’ or with Judaism, or with usury. The old covenant ended and is null and void. (I recently heard one person call the Old Testament the irrelevant testament.)
        Be that as it may, Christians follow the New (and everlasting) Testament. There is to be no building of another temple in Jerusalem. That would be blasphemous against Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. There can never again be animal sacrifice at another temple in Jerusalem. Any Christian who supports the building of another temple is a blasphemer.

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        • “And once baptized, they can have nothing to do with the ‘state of israel’ or with Judaism, or with usury.”

          Nor should they continue to identify themselves as Jews because:
          (1) If “Jew” is understood as a religious term, a Christian-convert Jew who still identifies as Jewish makes as little sense as a fallen Catholic who no longer believes, still calling him/herself a Catholic.
          (2) If “Jew” is understood as a racial-ethnic term, 90% of Jews in the world today are Ashkenazis — fake Jews who are not biological descendants of the ancient Hebrews, but rather of Khazarians in Eastern Europe who had converted to Judaism centuries ago.


        • I believe the only title a follower of Christ needs is “Christian”.

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  5. Killary Clinton is EVIL PERSONIFIED -ambitious, jealous of her own shadow, only cares about herself, people’s user, cunning, back stabber, deceiving, hypocrite, poisonous, the Medusa of modern times. She is the leader of the pack, Pelosi, Harry Reed, Maxine Waters, CLINTON MOST NOT EVER STEP IN THE WHITE HOUSE, it will be the end of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

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  6. Frankly, these liberals on their abortions have me confused.
    So they believe a woman has the right to kill her baby right up to the ninth month. That the baby is not a being and has no rights.
    But, if the pregnant mother is murdered, it suddenly becomes an issue and the death of two people. So which is it?

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  7. A saintly leader once said, ‘there will always be evil people in the world, the duty of the good person is to keep them from getting into positions of power..’

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