Hillary Clinton threatens her Twitter critics: ‘We’re coming back at you’

Hillary Clinton is the undead.

In two days this week, she appeared at three women’s galas:

  • The baby-killing mill Planned Parenthood
  • Women for Women International
  • Ms. magazine’s Gloria Awards

Narcissists cannot tolerate criticisms and critics because how dare anyone criticize someone who’s superior than all of you?

On Wednesday, May 3, 2017, speaking at Ms. magazine’s Gloria Awards, Hillary once again blamed her losing the 2016 presidential election on those knuckle-dragging “misogynists” and “xenophobes,” whom she had called “deplorables”. The worst among them are “white men”. Hillary said, beginning at the 9:11 mark in the video below (I strongly suggest that you turn the volume down, not only because her voice is grating, but at some points she literally bellowed):

“So many of us let out a collective groan when we saw photos of groups of white men gathered around a conference table in Washington, making decisions about women’s health.”

And what she means by “women’s health” is the absolute right to kill the unborn and to contraceptives, including abortifacients, and to taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood Abortionhood.

Then Hillary feigned sympathy for women who are having a hard time in life, and has the gall to compare their hardship to her being criticized (“trolled”) on Twitter. She said (13:39 mark):

“Look, I know what it feels like. There are moments when just reading the news or scrolling through Twitter can be so depressing. But I just want all of those Twitter trolls out there to know that maybe if you had left us alone we might have gone out longer in the woods for those walks. But every time you hit those 140 characters demeaning and denying women’s voices and rights, we’re coming back at you.”

“We’re coming back at you”

Is that a threat?

Bring it on, Hillary.

Hillary Clinton’s Twitter account is @hillaryclinton.


29 responses to “Hillary Clinton threatens her Twitter critics: ‘We’re coming back at you’

  1. Oohhh, I’m scared now! Not.

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  2. Well, she could ease all her stress by not reading tweets. And I thank God often for her not winning. She lost for several reasons and she didn’t work as hard as the President, since she thought it was a shoo in and they had enough fraud in place.
    She is a bitter old woman that seems to not want anyone to be happy.
    She has never been pleasant and treats all those she deems lower than her deplorable. Her chickens came home to roost.
    America has dodged a bullet.

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  3. What a petty, petulant little troll.

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  4. LOL. Even former high profile supporters in the MSM are calling her pathetic for her latest attempts to blame everyone else for her failures.
    We have a lot to worry about with the Trump Administration – the President is surrounded by bloodthirsty, Zionist NeoCons who would gladly sacrifice what is left of America to make Israel even greater – starting with his creepy, 666-loving son-in-law. However, in his first hundred days, Mr. Trump has managed to defund Planned Parenthood and bolster religious freedom. Had Cankles won, we would be staring down the barrel of a complete suspension – or outright cancellation – of basic civil liberties in America. And she probably would have launched a first strike against the Russians by now. Let’s keep praying that God gives Mr. Trump the wisdom, courage, and strength he needs to out-wit and out-maneuver the many NWO swamp things that surround him.

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  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Hillary Clinton is demonically possessed, in the Traditional Roman Catholic understanding of the term.
    Yes, just like Ted Kennedy before her, it’s cathartic, now and then, to let one’s blood boil! But let us not get distracted: Absent some unnatural (meaning false) miracle, I don’t believe she’s going to make it to the next Presidential Election. (I admit I could be wrong, but I doubt it).
    So let’s wrap up, and move on. Yes, others will take Hillary up on her threat and “come after” the “white men.” But that’s been THE ONLY message, besides abortion, that feminism has ever bleated. (It’s been going on for as long as I’ve been alive, and I’m sick of it).

    There are several directions we can take this vomitus from Hillary and see where the train tracks lead. Yes, others will continue to demonize Whitey. (So what else is new?) But that’s a distraction at this point: Those haggard, hazardous, harrowing, hellaishish, hectoring harridans who wield the castrator’s knife will, regrettably, remain on the scene. (Sort of like a cheerleader squad from hell: They make all the noise and right moves, but they don’t tell the Coach or the quarterback what to do!)
    This story (useful to Twitterers and us!) is a sort of swan song from Hillary. I say it’s a distraction: Watch for utterances from this bitch, and then go for the real story or false flag they’re trying to hide. In other words, for as long as she graces us with her horrible presence, they’ll keep letting her squeal. But if TPTB can use her to condition us, they sure will.

    In other words, as I’ve said before, I believe the Anti-Christ of Revelation is here. When he arrives, he won’t be anything like Hillary (or Bill!) He’ll be real smmmmoooooooooooothhhhh…. So the man-hating dykes are over-playing their hand here.

    I insist there’s some signal to this. And here it is: The Establishment really does hate Donald Trump. Oh Yes. Hillary’s snarling is their entertainment right now. TPTB are planning Mr. Trump’s “retirement” right now. But this is not what they’re letting us know (and neither is Alex Jones: If anyone can see it, it’s Dr. Henry Makow). What is the kernel? The kernel is this: Donald Trump is a DOUBLE AGENT. Not that Hillary knows this—or cares.

    This is what I think is going on. How do I say this? It’s a no-brainer: I have noticed how some (I said “some,” meaning NOT ALL) women operate: Their role is to distract and deflect while others divide and conquer. So it seems like “a lot of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Here’s the legalistic problem: From a legalistic perspective, there’s nothing to add up, at this point—it’s all circumstantial. But it’s not. They’re letting Hillary have her wish-fulfillment, while they make and solidify their plans.

    Hillary’s anger misses the point: Donald Trump hasn’t won for long—he’s a double agent.
    Soon, he will be gone.
    THAT is what is being signaled.


  6. Shannon Brown


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  7. Yes, please:

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  8. The whole women’s health thing is nothing but a red herring. Birth control is free. It’s always been free. It’s called abstinence.
    I’ll make a deal with the liberals. if the liberals will end abortion; The conservatives will end the death penalty.

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  9. ManCavePatriot

    Sasquatch needs to return to the ‘Woods’.

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  10. No one is objecting to good health care for women. That never was and never has been the issue. Health Departments (and even some schools here in Georgia) provide contraception so prevention is not the topic. This is about public provision for after the fact using mostly lower income women who can not afford abortions to have access. Keeps the money in a tight gov’t cycle and whoever holds the most cash makes the rules. Gov’t takes power where ever it can get it and once secured, never gives it up. In turn these women surrender their own freedoms as well as their unborn children. Abortion is not the ultimate liberation of women, it’s their enslavement. Clinton is just a snake oil salesman. She presents an illusion and they fall for it hook, line & sinker. Her ilk doesn’t love them but she coos beauifully.

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  11. If she’s unsure of where to bring it,she can just ask NSA-THEY know where to find me.

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  12. Abortions are human sacrifices to Satan…always has been…every single one. The Lord strictly forbids this offering of innocent children, just as He did in the Old Testament, when people caused their children to pass through the fire to Moloch. He will never acquit these wicked witches.

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  13. Fork the stinking communist puke b*tch.

    • Sideways.

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  14. Whining old hag, go away. You lost because you’re outed as a fraudulent, nasty, immoral, unethical, psychologically damaged “xxxxx” (chose your own word).

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    • Hillary lost because of who she is,what she stands for,what she’ll lie down for,and what she’d have done to our Country. I thank God there were enough people in America voting that could see what our future would have been under her rule.
      “Basket of Deplorables-Nevada Chapter”

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      • Against all odds, we kept her out of NC also. Indeed, God deserves our thanks, as do all the IC professionals and military, active duty and retired, leakers/journalists who paid with their lives, and Julian Assange – who thought, regardless of Wikileaks publishing, the Rotten Hag would still find a way to steal the election. The sooner she’s locked up, the better for us all.

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    • From the BBC article, “The people who drink human blood“:
      “Many real-life vampires have no belief in the paranormal…nor do they appear to have any psychiatric issues. Instead, they claim to suffer from a strange medical condition – fatigue, headaches, and excruciating stomach pain – which, they believe, can only be treated by feeding on another human’s blood. There are thousands of people doing this in just the US alone….”

      God help us.


  15. Hillary is like a roach that is still crawling after a nuclear blast.
    Where is Bengals Gold (best roach spray, ever) when you need it?

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  16. Cockroaches never die, they replicate. Watch and see who’s get’ng primed to take over.

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  17. So, yet another lie told by Clinton. She came out the next day and said she accepts the results. She has done everything but. From accusing everyone and their brother for her losing to threatening to be a big pain in the butt from here on out. Not exactly losing with dignity.
    She had the ties to Russia with her big sale of our uranium, not Trump.

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  18. I’m so relieved she’s not President. Never liked anything about her, or Bill, in the first place. I was only a small child when Bill first became President.
    I saw “Hillary’s America” movie which reinforces what I already believed and feared about the Clintons. I recommend watching if you haven’t. I think there’s also a book of same name.

    In some ways I’m not totally sure about Trump – such as whether or not he’s part of, or has/will be threatened to go along with evil globalist elite. She just would be far worse in every way.

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