Thursday Funnies: Truth in Cartoons

H/t FOTM‘s Glenn47


14 responses to “Thursday Funnies: Truth in Cartoons

  1. traildustfotm

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  3. Not just funny, but how true they really are.

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  4. That last one regarding “The Wall” was truly sobering. What a pity that it was not financed by this last spending bill.

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  5. FYI: Tomi Lahren is on the record as being angrily pro-abortion, unless she’s had a public change of heart that I haven’t heard of.

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  6. I believe that,at SOME point,even Liberals will realize just how WRONG they’ve been. Of course,by then,it may very well be too late.

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  7. “What we seek is the transvaluation of all values.” —Nietzsche

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  8. Outstanding. 🖒

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  9. Tomi Lahren – MSM cannon fodder, the epitome of “boobs for brains”.


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