Princeton University revives 1920s ballet to protest Trump’s immigration policies

balletGood grief.

From In 1921, Congress passed an emergency immigration law limiting the number of foreigners allowed into the United States based on their country of birth, a fearful backlash to the increasing numbers of Poles, Greeks and Italians who arrived in America after World War I.

In response, American composer Cole Porter — best known as a composer and songwriter — wrote a rare ballet in 1923 criticizing America’s hostile stance toward immigrants.

Nearly a century later, the ballet is being revived by a Princeton University music professor troubled by President Donald Trump’s actions on immigration. On Thursday, the school will debut its modernized version of Porter’s “Within the Quota.”

The ballet is one of several productions happening across the country in reaction to the administration’s immigration policy, including a Boulder, Colorado, play featuring immigrants and immigration officers and a Los Angeles play touching on themes of terrorism and immigration detention centers.

They are part of a long history of art as a form of activism and political resistance that can help people connect the struggles of the moment with the struggles of the past, said Sarah J. Jackson, a communications studies professor at Northeastern University.

“Art is a form that can often reach people that might not engage in more traditional spaces of politics or activism,” Jackson said. “Most people will never lobby at a statehouse for a bill, or go to a rally or protest in their life. With theater and other forms of art, you’re bringing people into a space and introducing them to a set of ideas in a thought-provoking way without doing the thing they might be uncomfortable with — making it an explicitly political space.

“Building the Wall,” written by playwright Robert Schenkkan, imagines the country under Trump’s campaign promise to detain immigrants living in the country illegally. The play also features post-show conversations including discussion of Los Angeles as a sanctuary city, women in the Trump era and a panel on immigrant rights.

In Boulder, Colorado, “Do You Know Who I Am?” features local law enforcement and six immigrants not in the country legally performing together. Participants said the play aims to build a bridge between the two groups. Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett, one of the players, said he was discouraged by the 2016 presidential election and its impact on the immigrant community. “We hope the performance will continue to send the message that if you’re a human being, you deserve the protection of law enforcement” regardless of one’s immigration status, Garnett said.

Filmmaker and activist Michael Moore will also bring a one-man show taking on Trump to Broadway this summer. Also planned for Broadway is a revival of Henrik Ibsen’s “An Enemy of the People,” about a well-meaning whistleblower later branded as a traitor, and a stage version of “1984,” which also saw a surge in book sales following the 2016 election.

The new production of “Within the Quota” stands as an act of resistance to the nativist calls within the Trump administration, said Simon Morrison, the Princeton music professor who rediscovered the ballet two years ago.

During the election, Morrison said he saw parallels between the climate of the 1920s and today. “Given the political situation, I realized a complaint against immigration restrictions was apropos,” Morrison said.

Read the rest of the story here.

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12 responses to “Princeton University revives 1920s ballet to protest Trump’s immigration policies

  1. These “Progressive” socialists are as low-information as Democrat voters. Didn’t they get the memo that the GOP just betrayed the Deplorables by caving in to the Dems with a budget deal that has no funding for the border wall, but funds sanctuary cities as well as Planned Parenthood?

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  2. Big difference between the immigrants back then and the invaders now. Back in the 20’s they were strictly vetted and came to work.
    The invaders are coming to take over our country and suck our social services dry and kill us. Many of the invaders have no intention of obeying our laws or to work. That is why our brave President is taking such a hard line to protect us.
    It is amazing the liberals can’t seem to absorb what is going on. They will be the death of all of us.
    PS, Moore can take his show and shove it. He trashed Bush but ignored all the crimes Obama committed and now he is back trashing the President. He can’t even be honest.

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  4. This just scared me half to death. “Filmmaker and activist Michael Moore will be bringing…” . A nightmarish vision swept over me of him clad in a leotard and/or tutu. Yikes!

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  5. traildustfotm

    The Snowflake Ballet!!!

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  6. I for one would not spend my hard earned money on something that sounds that entirely boring!

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  7. The connection between immigrants and putting on a play by Cole Porter is the ascendency of sexual degeneracy as the essence of the Democratic Party, nascent in Porter’s day, showcasing the Dems continuing ability to hoodwink family oriented and religious immigrants into believing their interests are best represented by these modern degenerates at an elitist school like Princeton.

    Porter–a super wealthy, high living homo notorious for his wildly degenerate parties in Paris in the 30s–cared no more about immigrants than these elitist degenerates at Princeton do, but shared a common instinct in destroying a society that frowns on sexual degeneracy by undermining its culture.

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  8. ” immigrants not in the country legally”
    Why all the wasted words to avoid causing any butt-hurt?

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  9. Cole Porter, talented man, who was also a sodomite.

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  10. The difference between the immigrants of a century ago and the “immimgrants” of today is that……the LEGAL immigrants of a century ago had an ocean between them & their”homelands.” They did not easily ooze back and forth ILLEGALLY, or maintain relationships to their former country over centuries…. AND, they pledged allegience to the United States of America….and taught their children thusly.

    The majority of “immigrants” of today go back and forth between their homes here….and their homes in Mexico/SO America…weekly…monthly…or at least for every major and minor “celebration”…which ends up sometimes stretched to a month or more of their kids out of school when they go visiting…NEITHER THEY or their children learn English, b/c they don’t HAVE TO….Schools AND businesses cater to them. .They do not feel allegience to the USA,nor do they feel that they “owe” anything to this country…including military duty, a working/tax-paying employment, or any sort of individual responsibility… matter WHAT services they take from this country year after year for themselves and their children….. and, in my classroom….their children either do NOT do the “pedge” or they loudly scream “to MEXICO” when we get to the part about pledging to the “UNITED STATES OF AMERI CA. I”ve taken to NOT doing “Pledge of Allegience” in my room b/ of this rude and disrespectful daily display. I have a Mexican neighbor who has been in this country more than 30 years….I don’t know if it’s legally or illegally…who knows these days?…..but, she knows not ONE WORD of English….My illegal Mexican janitor at my school has been here for 40 years…and has never applied to become legal…..she owns several properties in Mexico bought from her earnings HERE…and, in the last Obama depression, walked away from her home (not for any pressing economic reason…but only due to opportunity to make a buck)….gave it back to the bank, and went a block away to buy the SAME home in cash that she’d saved by living in the former home without paying until the bank closed in on her…..and now, she has not only a mortgage free home…but an in-ground heated pool and spa, but a pool house, and a huge covered deck/2nd floor porch over it all….ALL put in with cash after her purchase …BE PROUD American tax-payers…..that you gave this illegal such a great life…meanwhile….my husband and I work 2-1/2 jobs between us in this SAME employment/retirement system….and each of us have advanced degrees over the top….& we do not live this way, and at our ages, never will. We will die in our traces……providing for people like my school janitor…

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