CBS ‘Late Night’ host Stephen Colbert uses obscene gay slur against President Trump

How low America’s popular culture has sunk, that the late-night host of a major television network descends to using a four-letter obscenity and a homosexual slur to insult a sitting U.S. president.

On Monday night, May 1, the unfunny so-called comedian Stephen Colbert, host of CBS’s Late Show, went into a rant during his opening monologue.

After hurling one insult after another at President Trump, to cheers from the audience, Colbert said (1:05 mark):

“In fact, the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster.”

Two days later, Colbert remains unapologetic and defiant about his obscene slur. In his opening monologue, Colbert said “I don’t regret” lobbing “a few choice insults for the president” and mocked viewers who called for CBS to fire him and a boycott of the Late Show‘s advertisers.

The only apology Colbert made was to the LGBT “community” for his “holster” joke. Colbert didn’t just apologize, he was obsequious, calling LGBTs American heroes:

“I just want to say, for the record: Life is short, and anyone who expresses their love for another person in their own way is, to me, an American hero.”

I had not heard of the expression “cock holster” before Colbert’s rant, have you?

Me thinks Colbert knows about “cock holster” from intimate, first-hand experience.

Here’s to you,svomit_100-121Stephen Colbert.

UPDATE (May 5, 2017):

One thing that is clear about the 2016 election is that America’s conservatives are no longer passive. So, fight back!

Here’s a list of CBS Late Show’s sponsors, as of May 4, 2017, for you to boycott (source: Colbert Holster). Ask them if it’s their company policy to sponsor smut:

To file a complaint with the FCC, go here.

H/t FOTM’s Maryaha and Disgusted.

Update (May 6, 2017):

KYW in Philadelphia reports that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will be looking into the incident. FCC chairman Ajit Pai told WPHT that  the FCC has opened an investigation and will take “appropriate action”:

“I have had a chance to see the clip now and so, as we get complaints, and we’ve gotten a number of them, we are going to take the facts that we find and we are going to apply the law as it’s been set out by the Supreme Court and other courts and we’ll take the appropriate action. We have received a number of complaints, as I said, and we’ll follow the standard operating procedures, as we always do, and make sure we evaluate what the facts are and apply the law fairly and fully.”

According to The Hill, the most likely punishment would be a fine.

H/t Conservative Tribune


42 responses to “CBS ‘Late Night’ host Stephen Colbert uses obscene gay slur against President Trump

  1. CBS must be proud.

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    • Of what, and by whom, and for what? I get yr drift, DCG, but I got home late after work [still trucking at 74] and when I saw this in Eo’s email, I knew better, so put it aside until AFTER dinner! Is this some insane contest of ‘How low can we go?

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      • I was being facetious.

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        • Yes, of course you were, easily understood. I was simply pushing your sarcasm in the same direction, to further deflate any dimwit who thought there was anything of value in Colbert’s smartass rants.

          When I first saw him [on the Bill Maher Show I think] it was a while back, say 10 years, and he was Maher’s second fiddle. Over time he got enough viewers that CBS gave him his own show, but he’s gotten worse –not better– in that decade.


  2. I never watch him, but I caught his complete rant and it was dispicable. He should be investigated by the FCC.
    And even yesterday he was still standing firm and refused to back down.
    He was lagging in last place and since he has started attacking our President his ratings have gone up. This was a ratings attack. How sad for the country.

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  3. Colbert has always made my flesh CRAWL. While living in Brooklyn with a fellow driver some ten or more years back, I watched his show. All he could do was have that accusatory rant—even with guests whom I thought would have been good.
    Colbert truly is a one trick pony. He’s not funny, and he has no right being famous.
    The hashtag is #FIRECOLBERT.
    There is also a petition to fire him at Conservative

    Colbert was baptized and raised a Catholic. He is the youngest of 11 children. A man of this low stature would not have been possible had the Second Vatican Council not been convened. How can I say that? Vatican II opened the floodgates to every lunatic fringe group imaginable. I mean, think about it: The typical Catholic woman has had at least two abortions by the age of 28 to 30. The men are, by and large, no better.

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    • Colbert is Catholic in name only. He probably comes from a family of Crypto Jews, just as Nancy Pelosi claims to be Catholic but is actually from a family of Moranno Jews from Argentina. Colbert did actually admit that he is part Ashkenazi when he had his DNA done for his previous show- he just didn’t say how much Ashkenazi.
      Can anyone imagine Carson or Leno spouting this kind of detritus when doing political monologues on previous presidents. Oh how low this country has sunk.


      • He’s def a CINO. Apparently his family is smarter than the Catholic religion (and people from the south): In interviews, Colbert has described his parents as devout people who also strongly valued intellectualism and taught their children that it was possible to question the church and still be Catholic.[14] The emphasis his family placed on intelligence and his observation of negative stereotypes of Southerners led Colbert to train himself to suppress his Southern accent while he was still quite young.


      • He’s now practicing his “comedic right” to make money. Because he will never reach the status of Leno nor Carson. Bitterness ain’t funny to us Southern folk.


      • I did not know this, Lana. Great info. Thanks.


  4. Only thing he got wrong is the fact that his mouth is Israel’s cock holster

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  5. commie slut trolls are wrong about everything.
    Screw CBS and this fruit loop Colbert

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    • Commies aren’t the only ones that dislike Trump.

      Christians that actually read the bible and know who the real Israel is don like him.

      People who can see through his pack of lies that got him elected and never had any plans of following through with don’t like him.

      People with common sense who can tell he’s a neoliberal in the republican party don’t like him.

      The list goes on…. I for one, am no commie. But I can’t stand kikes and their shabbos and the only swamp draining that man did was making room for his own creatures.

      How does it feel to have lying, cheating, Christ killing jews running your country?


  6. Dang. Another ‘thing’ that I increasingly have to ignore. I mean I think ignoring something is my right. Isn’t it? There’s lots of stuff I have to ignore every day. and it ain’t getting any better.
    I don’t have a boycott list anymore. I have a not boycotted list. It’s much shorter and it fits in my wallet. I haven’t paid much attention to broadcast content for quite a while especially the so called news. Too much ‘analysis’ driven by ideology and personal opinion, instead of just giving the facts.

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  7. If you have to resort to the “shock value” of pornographic ideation to keep your “show” alive, you’ve already “jumped the shark.” Colbert’s days are numbered, and he knows it….otherwise this raunchy, debauched, pornographic outburst would not have been launched…and would NOT have passed muster to be spawned/promoted by his network brats…..

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  8. I’ve never watched Colbert so I have no idea of all the mean things he’s ever said about Trump. This youtube, posted a year and a half ago (9/23/2015), is Colbert apologizing to Trump for all the mean things he had said about him prior to that date, so it’s not above/beneath him to apologize, so why not regarding his current trash mouth?

    After Colbert apologized, he asked Trump if he wanted to apologize to anybody & Trump said No. So of course, whoever posted the video, they used that as their headline vs. the fact it was Colbert apologizing to Trump.

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  9. “…the unfunny so-called comedian Stephen Colbert” Now that was funnier than EVERYTHING Col-bert has EVER said. He really should be shot. Well. sacked, at least. If CBS has any self respect, they will fire him or at least force an apology.
    I still don’t understand how he, Fallon, or Myers got their posh jobs in the first place. How do they even begin to compare to Letterman, Leno, or Carson (or even Conan? Or Kimmel?) These twits didn’t put their time in like those who earned spots before them. They were SNL regulars and a side-kick from a “not-really-the-news” comedy show on cable t.v.! Carson Daley was a VJ from MTV if I recall correctly. I never saw the hefty guy on the Late, Late Show before he replaced Ferguson. Ditto for “Trevor Noah” and the new Brit (John whats-his-name) now headlining late-nite cable talk shows. God only knows where they came from or how they got their spots… but I bet I can guess, they weren’t friends of Conservatives, Christians, or Republicans.

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  10. Who are the adveetisers on his show?

    That’s who to boycott.

    They underwrite his trash.

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  11. Colbert is more serpent than Catholic, hence his popularity.

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  12. Where has decency gone? Gone to give way to trash, thanks to OBAMA and his gang of thugs, bitches and homosexual corruptors, yes, they are hurting big because PRESIDENT TRUMP despite the negative press continues to push his agenda

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  13. Imagine if “cock holster” referred to a deserving target named Barack Obama…

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  14. Buck up, Colbert, your Media Libtard compatriot has some advice for you:

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  15. Thank you for your well placed google position I just wanted to see the brilliant Colbert exercise his comedic right. Christ was a radical least you forget I will pray for your minds to open


  16. Just another example of them promoting homosexuality. When they were promoting cigarettes they wrapped their ads in messages of approval by the medical society. I believe one chemical they were adding to cigarettes was ammonia. Masses fell for it and became heavy smokers. Masses will become homosexuals as masses fell for the sexual revolution and we now have epidemics of diseases that did not exist before the sexual revolution. One article out of Africa I remember reading about was a mother stating her lack of education had caused her to lose four children to AIDS but now she was having another child and had medical treatments to lower the transmission possibility. The article sadly mentioned no guilt on her behalf of the infliction of suffering she caused to innocent life. I personally have always felt the United States is run by one elite. I continually see articles with indication of belief that the United States has two political parties with two different foundations of values. I believe persons still believing this are in serious denial. The proof might be the fact that every policy out of the elite since about 1975 is extreme LIBERAL.

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  17. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will be looking into the incident. FCC chairman Ajit Pai told WPHT that the FCC has opened an investigation and will take “appropriate action”.


  18. ugh!….disgusting….needs to have his mouth washed out with soap

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  19. My parents raised me to the standard that, if values/point to be made were of little to no value….verbal profanity or pornographic imaging were the last resort of someone who had nothing of value to say.

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  20. “FCC Will Not Take Action Over Stephen Colbert’s Trump Remarks”


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