Bill Nye is “enlightened” and “forward thinking”…yeah, I’m kidding

The latest garbage from Bill Nye Saves the World: The “science of feelings” via a cartoon with talking ice cream cones that mock monogamous heterosexual relationships as unnatural.

Netflix must be so proud.


19 responses to “Bill Nye is “enlightened” and “forward thinking”…yeah, I’m kidding

  1. traildustfotm

    Thanks DCG. This is full of thinly veiled hatred for white heterosexual Christians. The message is even more disgusting than the production quality, canned laughter and all.

    Let’s examine the message:
    – Vanilla (white) people think they are superior.
    – Vanilla people think God is white, and that it matters.
    – Being Vanilla (white) equals being straight and being any other color equals being LGBT.
    – Race is equivalent with sexual identity.
    – Vanilla (white) people think people of other colors should become white.
    – Heterosexual people are secretly wanting to be seduced.

    And in all of this, Mr. Science Guy, what is the relationship to anything scientific?

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  2. Like their father, who never sleeps, Bill Nye and the Left are relentless in their serpentine brainwashing agenda.

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  3. “BULL” Nye ; The “Science” GAY !!!

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    • You nailed it. Nye is becoming the Marquis de Sade of science, using his platform to contaminate, infect, and scandalize normality while pretending a values-free science can provide moral justification for sodomy and literally every other form of sexual behavior that would make most dogs vomit. Strange isn’t it that men who anally sodomize one another and ingest feces like dogs can otherwise be vegan dandies? And who knows, Nye probably wears that signature bow tie emulating that earlier “science guy,” Alfred Kinsey, who wrote, “The only unnatural sex act is one you can’t perform.” The leftist scientific dictatorship Nye shills for could just as easily claim Science justifies using living humans as industrial raw materials.

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  4. Well that is two plus minutes I can never get back. That was really awful. Nye has always been spooky and I sure hope they are pandering this to kids.

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  5. Wow, had to go and “check my privilege” after viewing that. Very creepy!

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  6. Stephen T. McCarthy

    Yeah, this was atrocious. But as atrocious as it was, I found the [Link:) “MY SEX JUNK” segment to be even more unwatchable!

    Bill Nye…
    “Science” my eye!

    ~ D-FensDogG
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

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  7. That was absolute D-R-I-V-E-L. Obviously he is someone to just plain AVOID watching in any way, shape or form.

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  8. Kevin J Lankford

    I believe, the worst comparison I’ve ever heard.

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  9. Has anyone ever noticed that Bill Nye the so-called Science Guy resembles the notorious child molesting pervert Alfred Kinsey? He makes my flesh crawl!

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  10. I saw this article today at the Christian satire site, “The Babylon Bee”:
    Scientists Abandon Search For Bill Nye’s Credibility

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  11. Susie Wallace

    Shill Nye’s seems to be implying that white people are plain, boring and monogamous while all the cool ethnic kids are having a big orgy. No thanks, my kids will not be participating in this junk science!

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  12. This is interesting. I mean, everything they espouse is the exact opposite. What they imagine to be human freedom is slavery and degradation. They imagine themselves liberal and progressive when they are the exact opposites of the terms – open minded only to their line of thought, tolerant only of their own views, antifa when they are the fascists. Much like the Illuminati, where the devotees are actually darkened to the truth. What’s the Latin for darkened ones, Umbratii, Tenebratii? Everything is opposite world for them. They call good evil, and evil good just as messiah said they would.

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  13. Bill Nye the insanity guy. STFU.

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  14. Bill Nye’s ‘cringey’ episode featuring ‘My Sex Junk’ song nominated for Emmy

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