Two men fight in plane; stewardess choked

More fly the nightmare skies.

At around 6 p.m. on May 1, 2017, just before an All Nippon Airways (ANA) flight was about to depart from Narita International Airport to Los Angeles, two men started a brawl as other horrified passengers looked on and a desperate stewardess tried to pull them apart before being “choked” by one of the brawlers.

A passenger, Corey Hour, took this cell phone video of the fight, which appears to show the man in the Hawaiian shirt was the aggressor.

The guy in the Hawaiian shirt yells “I will kill you!,” while someone in the cabin shouts, “Someone help! This guy is crazy,” as two female flight attendants try to break them up. Other passengers can be heard begging the two men to “please stop” as a baby cries in the background.

When Hawaiian shirt man walks away, the man in the black t-shirt shouts, “Get this guy off this plane!”

Just when the brawl appears to have stopped, Hawaiian shirt man charges back down the aisle and resumes throwing punches at the guy in black.

According to Japan Today, Corey Hour, who took the video, told the BBC that “The flight attendants actually got caught up in the mix and that’s when the video ends as I put my phone down and I actually got in the middle of everyone and confronted” Hawaiian shirt guy.

Hawaiian shirt guy is a 44-year-old American whose name has not been released. A member of the airport police told AFP that “The suspect, a U.S. citizen, was drunk and arrested after he injured [choked] an ANA official following the fight.”

The fight, as well as bad weather, forced ANA Flight 6 to delay the departure of the flight by one hour and 40 minutes.

H/t Daily Mail


7 responses to “Two men fight in plane; stewardess choked

  1. ALL airlines should refuse to allow ANY passenger that is inebriated to board the plane. Any passenger that gets inebriated on a flight and causes a disruption should be put on a NO alcohol list that should pop up on any airlines ticket so this passenger is never served any alcohol on any airplane. If you can’t handle you alcohol you should not be allowed it on an airplane.

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    • David . . . that is the most commonsense way of handling folks who cannot control themselves after having alcohol. This is just another example of why I will think twice before deciding to fly somewhere.

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  2. Where’s Rodney King when you need , and his famous statement : Can’t we all just get along ” ?

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  3. United has its markets mixed-up…

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  4. Brawling on a Boeing!

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  5. What shameful behavior and my heart goes out to the tiny Japanese attendant.
    Redshirt guy is worthy of seppuku, samurai or not.

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