Hillary takes responsibility for her 2016 election loss BUT…


The most qualified womyn…

You knew it wasn’t all her fault.

From MSN: Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that she’s taking responsibility for her 2016 election loss but believes misogyny, Russian interference and questionable decisions by the FBI also influenced the outcome.

The former Democratic presidential nominee offered extensive comments about the election during the Women for Women International’s annual luncheon in New York. Clinton said she’s been going through the “painful” process of reliving the 2016 contest while writing a book.

“It wasn’t a perfect campaign. There is no such thing,” Clinton said in a question-and-answer-session with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. “But I was on the way to winning until a combination of (FBI Director) Jim Comey’s letter on Oct. 28 and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off.”

She reminded the enthusiastic audience packed with women that she ultimately earned 3 million more votes than President Donald Trump. “If the election were on Oct. 27, I would be your president,” Clinton said.

She also highlighted Russia’s role in hacking into her campaign’s internal emails and subsequently coordinating their release on WikiLeaks. U.S. intelligence agencies are investigating whether Russia coordinated with Trump associates to influence the election. “He (Russian President Vladimir Putin) certainly interfered in our election,” Clinton said. “And it’s clear he interfered to hurt me and help his opponent.”

Amanpour also asked Clinton whether she was a victim of misogyny. “Yes, I do think it played a role,” she said, adding that misogyny is “very much a part of the landscape politically, socially and economically.”

After two unsuccessful presidential campaigns, Clinton is not expected to run for public office again.

“I’m now back to being an active citizen,” she said.


20 responses to “Hillary takes responsibility for her 2016 election loss BUT…

  1. She blames WiKiLeaks and Russia for leaking emails BUT DOESNT ADDRESS WHAT WE SAW IN THOSE EMAILS!!! So typical Clinton. And the interviewer just sat there and didn’t ask “are you denying those were your emails? Are you denying any of that was true?” This is pure propaganda. Heaven help us all. We are a lost nation if anyone gives this woman the time of day, let alone a world stage to spin her BS without so much as question!

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  2. As usual:

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  3. interesting…both hellary and obama are “active” citizens…will they just go away?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if on hellary’s tombstone it will read:
    “hillary for president 2052”

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  4. today I heard a Talking Heads say that she was worse than Michael Dukakis. That is pretty bad!

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  5. Hillary hasn’t learnt a thing from her failures, which will only ensure her next electoral loss if she insists on running again for POTUS in 2020.

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  6. Several million votes for Killary were invalid. illegals, multiple votes by
    one person, dead people, etc. With no voter ID required and a totally lax,
    corrupt system in favor of the Demorats, the Israeli colony, known as the USA, is rapidly becoming a Soviet-style super-Orwellian police state run by
    its parasitic, genocidal elite.

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  7. Hillary lost the election because SHE’S HILLARY CLINTON! How hard was THAT to figure out?

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  8. “If Hillary accepts a 15 Million dollar campaign contribution from a foreign Country ,through her “Foundation,to make it ‘LEGAL’,but doesn’t win the Election and can’t keep up her end of the deal,how long does she need to run to keep from getting whacked by the Foreign Government she stiffed?”

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  9. truckjunkie . . . I think that “Foreign Government” should just whack her NOW! What a blessing that would be for the rest of us.

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  10. I bet Putin wishes he were as powerful as the left paints him to be.
    It was the content not the exposer that brought her down. It was her past history of eliminating anyone in her way. It is her connection to those wanting to damage our country, it was her greed, it was her attitude that it was her time to be crowned, that victory was hers. It was her shady treatment of Haiti while profiting. But misogyny is laughable.

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  11. As Mama Rose said, “If it could have been it would have been.”

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  12. Comey said to Killary: “the DEVIL made me do it”, and I did it all for U!”.


  13. This just in from the Chicago Tribune today… it was Bill meeting will Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in Phoenix, not those evil Russians.

    “The Decision Bill Clinton Made that Cost Hillary the Election,” by Dana Milbank, Chicago Tribune, 4 May 2017


  14. “I’m now back to being an active citizen” Ha-Ha-Ha. Right after she takes her seizure medicine and washes it down with a martini.

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  15. Killary Clinton cries every waking hour of her day for not being called Madam President…….and that makes me very HAPPY,

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