A New York school is trashing all its textbooks to go “modern”

romeo book

Now “frowned upon” in public education…

Via NY Post: School is no place for books, one Manhattan principal apparently believes. In a scene out of “Fahrenheit 451,” administrators at Life Sciences Secondary School have ordered all textbooks rounded up and removed — calling them “antiquated,” sources say.

Principal Kim Swanson and Assistant Principal Derek Premo, who launched the ban, “really frown upon the use of books,” an insider told The Post. “They just took books that teachers have been using and not replaced anything.”

While the administrators tout “modern technology” over books, they have failed to provide the necessary equipment, the staffer said. “Most classrooms have only two computers, and not all are hooked up to the Internet. Our hands are tied, and not having books has not helped the cause.”

Last week, a mountain of dumped books overflowed on the first floor, near an emergency exit. Other piles lined a lobby wall.

The purged primers, most in good condition, include hundreds of textbooks on 8th-grade math, algebra, geometry, various sciences and English literature, along with Barron’s Regents Exam Prep and SAT study guides. Copies of “Romeo and Juliet” and “A Streetcar Named Desire” gathered dust among the other discards.

The rejects include stacks of “Campbell Biology” — a college-level text which sells for $150 new — formerly used by kids in Advanced Placement biology. Now the AP class has a cart of laptops, and students watch videos online.

Swanson and Premo, who took the helm of the 616-student joint middle and high school in 2015, sent aides from classroom to classroom in November to collect the books. Workers also emptied book storage closets. Hundreds of tomes were tossed over the Thanksgiving break.

“They made an announcement that they were getting rid of the books because they were antiquated and outdated, and we should be using new technology,” a teacher said. “I hid some of my books to prevent them being taken.”

“We’re not allowed to use books,” said a second staffer, who advised struggling students to “go downstairs, grab a book from the pile, and take them home — because they’re just going to throw them out.”

“We used to use them a lot, but now teachers just put out worksheets,” said freshman Shahadat Hossain. “We don’t really get much homework, it’s mostly classwork.”

And a 10th- grader said: “We don’t use any textbooks. They give us packets. I saw the piles of books around and thought it was weird.”

Freshman Meresha Henry, 15, prefers “more modern” learning on the Internet. “The school system is advancing,” she said.

But 14-year-old Anthony Galindo is disappointed that books are considered obsolete. “It’s really strange. Last year we didn’t have enough textbooks so we had to share. Now we don’t have any at all,” he said, adding: “I liked being able to take them home to study . . . In my government class, my teacher gives hand-written assignments.”

The death of books has not helped Life Sciences’ academic performance. Last year, 5 percent of its 6th- to 8th-graders passed state math exams and 9 percent passed English — far below the city average. At the high-school level, 82 percent graduated, but only 26 percent were deemed college-ready.

Principal Swanson did not return messages. Department of Education spokesman Michael Aciman said the chucked volumes were “outdated and no longer aligned to the school’s current curriculum or New York State Learning Standards,” adding that students “have access to current, updated” books.

A school staffer called the DOE’s statement “a blatant lie.”


15 responses to “A New York school is trashing all its textbooks to go “modern”

  1. This is nothing new. Our school district traded text books for ipads several years ago. The only problem, over have the kids have no internet access at home.

    Additionally, the idiots at the school system did not put any type of porn filter on these systems.

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  2. Teachers are the next to go. WAKE THE HECK UP PEOPLE. Fight this and get rid of the digital platform in our schools. DEMAND teachers, pencil and paper tests and books. REFUSE THE DIGITAL PLATFORM.

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  3. Books serve one purpose we can’t count on computers to cover. Having information IN PRINT makes it MUCH harder to “re-write” History,which we’ve caught the Liberals doing more frequently than I’d like to recall.

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  5. It gives the school complete control over what they read. They already have preparations in place so kids cant run free on the internet at school, now I’m sure they will only allow liberal teachings to be accessed by the children. Not to mention the absolute waste of tax payers money. Why are the parents putting up with this?
    Books should be treasured not trashed.

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  6. There’s a nice contrast between that venerable school building’s collegiate gothic style, evoking the serious academic discipline of a century ago, and the barbarians running the place today who’re obsessed with the instant gratification of electronic gadgets.

    At least that principal and her sidekick unwittingly got rid of Campbell’s Biology, which still passes off a half dozen or more of proved Darwinian hoaxes, such as Haeckel’s drawings, as if they were settled science.

    The next step would be to tear that old building down and replace it with a totally dysfunctional monstrosity like the new science building at MIT so the kids’ brains could get fried just showing up and without even turning their iPads on.

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  7. Looks like the “modern” version of book-burning, wouldn’t you say?

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  8. Well, how far back do these books go? Are they getting rid of true history or are they getting rid of common core? Or are they trying to go full blown common core?
    Time for the school board and parents to get fully involved. If the teachers are disturbed, time to find out how to get back to the normal.
    I agree with TJ, they are rewriting history and have been doing so for years.
    I remember several years ago when Tucker Carlson went down the the Texas book depository, who provides most of the school books in the country. He was going through the books and found where several,changes and rewriting had gone one. He was furious with what he found.
    As for me, nothing beats holding a real book in my hands. The smells the reading of all the small details, the pictures, and the ability to go back and forth can’t be beat. Give me a book anyday.

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  9. Another example of waste at taxpayer expense.

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  10. This is obviously a very bad decision, and Truck is correct about the manipulation of information. But this is what I had to endure for the entirety of my teaching career: Students would be given books, and they would lose them or never use them. The rexo was also a bad idea: They can only be used for about 200 copies, and then the teacher has to re-type them. Xeroxing is a money problem, because the school runs out of paper and ink!
    Budgets for books would be in the tens of thousands for a number of schools, only for the students to keep losing or never returning them. So the situation is hopeless!

    As for the computers, every school and student was supposed to have them, years ago. This article puts the lie to that.

    My humble opinion: GET RID of public education and make all the schools private. It’s a MONEY PIT.


  11. A FOTM reader on Facebook, Ann Kenevan, wrote this insightful comment:

    “By establishing reading societies, and subscription libraries, and taking these under our direction, and supplying them through our labors, we may turn the public mind which way we will.” — Adam Weishaupt (1748-1830?), [Spartacus] Professor of Natural and Canon Law at Germany’s Ingolstadt University; founded The Order of the Illuminati on May 1, 1776. He designed the very plan of world domination that is still in use today to enslave the world’s masses.


    • I would agree with Weishaupt strictly on causal, and not moral, terms: The mind—even a middle-aged mind—can be a funny thing. Some books can really get me down: “The Catcher in the Rye” is just about the most depressing novel I’ve ever read. I liked Philip Roth—up to a point—because he is the only novelist, other than Mark Twain, to make me laugh out loud. And for sheer masculine intellectual prowess, I liked Hemingway.
      But I also noticed another effect to reading, when I was in my 20’s: Indiscriminate reading is like dope: The young mind absorbs the content uncritically, and reacts emotionally accordingly. Mike Tyson said of the Voltaire he read in prison, “That man told the truth!” I found that reading Nietzsche was almost like getting stoned! (And I also found that reading Aquinas was very SOBERING!)
      The Catholic Church, in Her Wisdom, established an Index of Forbidden Books, not to be prudish, but to protect uncritical and naive minds. Nietzsche, Sartre, Camus, Proust, Voltaire, Marx, Freud, Lenin and Hemingway were all listed, and the list of the works for each man was “all works.” But Paul VI got rid of it.
      No man in recent times was thought to have read more books than the Longshoreman Philosopher, Eric Hoffer. (His books may have been on the Index for a short time). I was lucky enough to have met and talked with him on my visit to San Francisco in 1982. I highly recommend “The True Believer” and “The Temper of Our Time” as highly seminal sociological books regarding why people join mass movements. He seemed to me to be a cautious reader, and he said he read at least 100,000 books. (I have read at least 8,000, and I lay off them as a general rule, because I am aware of my own tendency to over-react, as I used to do with the insane Nietzsche).
      Long Story Short: Read, but read with caution, and listen, whenever possible, to people discussing authors and novelists and their works and times. The only Book that has THE RIGHT to demand you conform to it is God’s Holy Word, the Bible!


  12. The lunatics are running the asylums. Did this not have to go through a school board or superintendent? I-pads are just snooping devices…run!


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