Steve Pieczenik puts a Bill Hicks easter egg on Alex Jones show

The Easter Egg happens just after the 11:31 mark on the recording.

So what’s my point? I actually don’t have a point, just some questions.


For TrailDust’s previous post on speculations that Alex Jones is the supposedly-dead Bill Hicks, see “Re: Bill (Alex Jones) Hicks”.


9 responses to “Steve Pieczenik puts a Bill Hicks easter egg on Alex Jones show

  1. It’s a running joke: Alex from time to time mentions how often he’s been told he looks like the late Hicks. I saw it live, and I was a tad surprised, because Pieczenik, although his analysis and intell are always good and thorough, has a morose streak in that he is unrelentingly negative.
    I think Alex Jones and his Infowars crew does a great service. Everything presented is thoroughly researched and documented. I find Pieczenik to be a good source of analysis and intell, as Dr. Eowyn, Joel Skousen and Lyndon Larouche also are. I’ve made it my habit to get my info from several angles!

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  2. It is noteworthy that Alex Jones completely ignored and did not respond to Pieczenik saying (beg. 11:32 mark), “You’re smart enough and you’re witty enough, you almost remind me of this guy named Bill Hicks”.

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  3. traildustfotm

    I noticed a faint smirk on Steve’s face as he alluded to Bill Hicks. I’m not knowledgeable about such things, but would think that smirk was a “tell.”

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  4. William Brandon Shanley

    Omigosh! I can’t believe Pieczenik said that! Is it some sort of signal to Alex he’s in on the deception?


  5. He’s spinning Alex. As he always does by complementing him so heavily, even though Alex has repeatedly told him to not do it.


  6. Who doesn’t love Bill Hicks on Disinfowars/Derisionplanet?
    Great entertainment as always.

    Bill must laugh his ass off after every show or protest.


  7. Just a thought, I saw it as Dr. P.’s way of checking to see if Alex was being attentive, or if he was so focused on his own thoughts that Dr.P.’s comments weren’t being fully absorbed. Like traildustfotm, I also noticed the smirk.

    The live commentary was sailing past Alex during that particular interview – Roger Stone had breaking news, Chobani was suing him and he was half convinced he’d face an assassination attempt; all this after spending two weeks in court with an ex-spouse. Anyone would take a few days to regain composure after that plateful of aggravation.

    I did notice today (5/3) that there was some brief discussion, and a few laughs about Bill Hicks. Alex is a force of nature, and I find Dr. P.’s analysis of historical and contemporary events invaluable.


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