Priyanka Chopra on Getting Paid ‘a Lot Less Than the Boys’ in Hollywood: ‘It’s a Scary Place’

priyanka-chopraKeep in mind this womyn is worth $8 million and is one of the highest paid actresses in Bollywood. But playing the victim card gets you a cover on Glamour magazine to whine about sexism.

From Yahoo: Priyanka Chopra has amassed millions of fans playing agent Alex Parrish on ABC’s hit drama Quantico – but being a woman in Hollywood hasn’t come without its challenges.

The actress opens up about her experience in the industry, as well as what advice she would give to women stepping into that world, for the cover story of Glamour’s June issue (out May 9).

“It’s a scary place,” she says. “You will be rejected. I was rejected many times. I cried. I was told that female actors are replaceable in films because they just stand behind a guy anyway.”

“I’m still used to being paid – like most actresses around the world – a lot less than the boys,” she continues. “We’re told we’re too provocative or that being sexy is our strength, which it can be, and it is, but that’s not the only thing we have.”

“So there are so many things that you will be told,” she adds. “It’ll be scary. There will be strife. But women have incredible endurance and incredible strength. Your ability to deal with it is within you.”

Chopra, 34, moved to the United States to live with her aunt and uncle when she was 12, but moved back to India during her high school years after experiencing serious bullying. “There was this girl who was a major bully. I think she didn’t like me because her boyfriend liked me, or some high school dynamic,” says Chopra. “She made my life hell. She used to call me names and would push me against the locker.”

High school’s hard for everybody, and then there’s this woman,” she continued. “I asked my mom, What do you think about me coming back?’ She flew down and picked me up.”

Being an Indian woman in the U.S., Chopra believes that many don’t “understand what Indians are.”

“And that’s our fault, a little,” she says. “We tend to forget our roots a bit. As kids [we think], If I’m too Indian, I’ll be put in a box, and people will think of me as different. They’ll think I’m weird, because I eat Indian food or my name is difficult to pronounce.”

“That girl in school used to call me curry,’ ” she adds. “You’re scared of those things. We’re afraid of letting people see the glory of who we are.”

And while she admits we’re living in “an extremely scary time,” Chopra argues that no one should be afraid to be themselves.

“Maybe I, being on the platform that I am, can say this louder than the kid who has to get on the subway and go to school: You don’t need to be afraid of who you are,” she says. “I don’t want any kid to feel the way I felt in school. I was afraid of my bully. It made me feel like I’m less – in my skin, in my identity, in my culture.”

Read the rest of the story here.


5 responses to “Priyanka Chopra on Getting Paid ‘a Lot Less Than the Boys’ in Hollywood: ‘It’s a Scary Place’

  1. Priyanka Chopra. Who’s dat?

    What never ceases to amuse me is that “Progressive” (i.e., socialist) Hollyweirdos are in just about the most capitalist of businesses — Hollywood, which operates on the market principle. The brutal truth is that most actresses are not box-office draws, hence their lower pay.

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    • I don’t feel sorry for her, she agreed to the terms of employment going in.
      I wonder if she has a pink hat. Painting herself a victim, maybe she should check out a fellow Indian, Dinesh DeSouza and see what he has gone through and still does not paint himself a victim.
      And has she used any of her 8 million to help others?


  2. OMG I am so out of touch…I watched about 8 minutes of the first episode of that show thinking it would be like “The Unit” or “The Agency”, old faves of mine that of course got cancelled early-on. But I thought this person on “Quantico” pictured above… was a trans-gendered actor. Just the voice and mannerisms and such. Wow. That’s what I get for turning it off after the first commercial break because it just looked to me like another “Grey’s Anatomy” or whatever.

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  3. Notice the article NEVER mentioned the race of the bully? She was BLACK not white. You see THAT would not serve their agenda so it was left out so most people would think she faced little 12 year old redneck KKK members. But no. I knew it sounded fishy because the MOST racist kids are ignorant inner city kids hands down. Here is the link.


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