Lifetime is now promoting illegal assisted suicide in their new TV show

I saw an ad on TV for “Mary Kills People,” which is promoting a doctor who provides underground “end of life” care. The show originated in Canada and is now being shown here in the US on Lifetime.

Here’s a description of the show and production from Wikipedia:

Mary Kills People is a Canadian black comedy-drama television series, starring Caroline Dhavernas. The series premiered on Global on January 25, 2017.

The series is set around the life of Dr. Mary Harris, an overworked single mother and ER doctor who also moonlights as an underground angel of death – working outside the law assisting patients who want to die on their own terms. So far Mary has managed to stay under the radar but business is booming, and her double life is getting complicated,

The series, which was to comprise six episodes, was commissioned by TV channel Global on January 28, 2016. Production began in summer 2016, and the first episode aired January 25, 2017. For the United States, the series was picked up by Lifetime on October 13, 2016. The channel came on board as a co-producer and was involved in creative aspects of the project, including casting. Mary Kills People premiered in the US on Lifetime on April 23, 2017.

As of January 23, 2017, there are talks to do a second season according to Metro News and Caroline Dhavernas.

According to Wikipedia, some critics just love the show:

John Doyle of the Globe and Mail called the first episode of the show “remarkably assured, droll and adult. It’s very smart and utterly intriguing.” He praises Mary Harris as “one of the most compelling, original female characters in years” and Caroline Dhavernas as “exceptional” in her portrayal: “Perhaps the best thing about it is the crazy sparkle in Mary’s eyes. There is something anarchic bubbling inside her.”

Variety‘s Maureen Ryan was much more positive, saying the show “pulls off a melding of tones — comedic, dramatic, and philosophical — that seems next to impossible,” but criticized the first season’s romance subplots.

Another TV show I won’t be watching.

Let Lifetime know what you think of their new show. Contact them on Facebook or Twitter.


11 responses to “Lifetime is now promoting illegal assisted suicide in their new TV show

  1. The irony must be lost on Lifetime that a cable TV channel called Lifetime is promoting the culture of death.

    Lifetime is a subsidiary of A&E Networks, which is jointly owned by Hearst Corp. and — surprise! (not) — Walt Disney Company.

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  2. Of course, progressives want to advocate this as positive and something that should be provided by socialized (state controlled) medicine– you know, you just can’t have folk offing themselves with evil guns, the gov’t has to kill people it deems unfit for the greater good. (Scratch a progressive, find a Nazi.)

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  3. They are heavily promoting this new show on a lot of channels! Very, very heavily promoting it. We watch very little TV, here. I am guilty of turning it on at night, setting the timer, and using it as a “sleeping pill.” I’ve seen more advertisements for this show in the last week than for any other singular show or product. It was something I kind of made a mental note of after the first couple nights of less than an hour’s worth of tv… So much so, that I’ve pretty much got the promo memorized: “My name is Mary. I am the devoted mother of two daughters. I am a doctor. I have finally found my true calling. I kill people for a living.” All said as a tall, very thin, quite attractive, shoulder length brunette-haired woman, wearing 4+” stiletto-heeled shoes with black, belted, cigarette pants, a tucked in floral blouse, and very fitted jacket, walks seductively up a bulkhead opened stairway, down a sidewalk, into a home and into the bedroom of a person where she [Mary] pulls out a syringe… Wow! Can’t believe it has made such an impact on me!! Seriously… Just this one promo piece. Yikes!

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  4. Oops! I forgot one part… “I have finally found my one true calling. I kill people for a living.”

    Yeah… I need to get a new life. A different one, obviously. Perhaps all that homework after school wasn’t such a bad thing, after all…

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  5. I was thinking the other day if only an entrepreneur could start an addiction treatment center for the main stream media’s acute obsession with guns, sex, violence, family dysfunction, indignant clothing, alcohol, drugs, crime and in general trauma and actually get them to submit to the treatment they would surely become rich.

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  6. traildustfotm

    This is fiendish.

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  7. It’s going to take all we got to make it through this Culture of Filth, Death & Doom. The battle is so big, so unrelenting, so endless, so savage, so primitive, so—REPTILIAN—we cannot do it on our own. ONLY GOD ALMIGHTY CAN WIN THIS BATTLE, THIS WAR.

    And Our Lord Has Promised Us that He WILL end it—and the date and time are of His (or the Father’s) choosing. So let us do what we can to fight this Bethamite utilitarian ethic—that has already led to people being turned into SOAP. That has already turned people into LAMPSHADES! That turns aborted fetuses into SODA FLAVORING, COSMETICS and VACCINES every day!
    Let us fight these demon-crazed psychopaths and their EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS. And let us remember that we already ARE fighting them! We are on the internet while we still have it! We talk to people, in the cab, in the bus, on the train, on the supermarket checkout lane. We are using social media. We go to Mass and Worship God. We pray and give thanks.

    God never (or seldom) gives us the Big Picture. (The “screenshot” is that He Shall Win, as the Bible states). So let us endure—and persevere—and keep doing so every day, UNTO VICTORY. Our Blessed Mother Has Promised Us that Her “Immaculate Heart Shall Triumph.” I am an emotional reactionary. I have always been at the mercy of my moods. I have to catch myself in the act and get a grip on myself. Then I calm down.
    My parents’ final agonies have given me excellent testimony: We are to suffer unto the End for the Sake of Christ. He or Nature dictates the duration of that Agony. But persevere unto the End they did—with Honor and Dignity, for the Sake of Christ. Our Lord endured Suffering unlike any other human being in All of History, for our Salvation. Repaying Him may not be humanly possible, as He is Greater than us; But it is our testimony to Him and His Passion. To undertake such veterinary procedures as “Lifetime” is promoting is a Judas Iscariot betrayal of Jesus! May the Devil take “Lifetime!”

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  8. A few years ago when this came to light in some European countries, I thought it barbaric and sad that so many people treasured every day of life, no matter what quality, so little, and I haven’t changed my mind since.
    Where do they draw the line. Some are letting family members do this for depression issues instead of getting them the proper help. When you are depressed you might know you are depressed and will do nothing.
    How soon we knock off mother for small reasons to obtain her money?
    We are now walking a thin line here.

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  9. female kavorkian…..if he had a daughter, she would be it…
    “deathtime” seems to be a more appropriate name for the channel because they are pushing for the demise of traditional values and life.

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