Michelle Obama’s healthy school meals are set to be scrapped by Trump’s agriculture secretary next week

michelle obama lunch2

Say bye bye to Michelle Obama’s mandated school lunches

Another Obama legacy bites the dust.

From Daily Mail: Michelle Obama‘s healthy school lunches could be on the chopping block with the Trump administration expected to announce new measures as early as Monday to ease the program’s regulations.

The US Department of Agriculture announced on Friday that its secretary Sonny Perdue is set to introduce new standards that will give schools more flexibility in relation to the National School Lunch Program. It is not yet clear how the rules will change school lunches or the regulations.

The announcement will take place at the Catoctin Elementary School in Leesburg, Virginia, where Perdue and Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) will eat lunch with the students, The Hill reports.

Republicans have long held concerns about the school lunch program, which was spearheaded by the former First Lady to establish new healthy eating standards and curb childhood obesity.

But the more nutritious meals, which required more fruit, vegetables and whole grains, have not always been popular with schoolchildren.

The regulations pushed by Mrs. Obama led to the sarcastic hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama flooding the internet with unimpressed students sharing photos of their lunch.

Some pictures shared as recently as last week show piles of mushy lunches, small portions and the kind of fare that left some saying even ‘prisoners eat better food.’ 

Read the rest of the story here.


23 responses to “Michelle Obama’s healthy school meals are set to be scrapped by Trump’s agriculture secretary next week

  1. Great news for pig farmers nationwide!

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  2. thumbs up to scrapping obama’s National School Lunch Program
    our kids deserve so much better than that crap

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  3. Judging from the photos, it looks like Soylent. Green! 😣

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  4. “Another Obama legacy bites the dust.” Very well phrased! Now, what about what we drink, breathe, and take through vaccination? Do the members of the herd get to have good choices?

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    • in our govt, some industry or industries must profit before anything is done for the people…
      I’m all for capitalism, but what we have in our country isn’t capitalism (healthy competition to encourage growth in an economy)….it’s a capitulation of our govt’s duty to protect the citizenry in order to favor industries/corporations that have become national monopolies of mega-corporations that dictate our govt practices, policing, and policies and we are treated as sheeple and they…..a corporatocracy.

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  5. Good, the kids won’t have to leave school to buy food, if they can afford, at the fast food restaurants. They won’t be exposed to street fights, drugs, car accidents and the like. The Obamama girls don’t eat the scrap Momma proclaims to be healthy, the one girl has always been chubby and it is not from the scrap they serve her in school.

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  6. No more of this:

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  7. What the HELL. IT was never elected to anything. NO first lady should have any power to mandate anything in the first place. Either go get a job or do what first ladies do. Stand around and be a gracious hostess. Guess you’d have to have class to do that though.
    Imagine if Melania mandated that children be forced to wear designer clothes so that they will look better and be better positioned in business after they graduate.

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    • YouKnowWho . . . . . I could not agree more with the sentiment that a First Lady has no business heading up ANY PROGRAM THAT MANDATES CHANGE IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM! I thought it was pretty high handed that all these school district were forced to capitulate to Michelle. We saw the pictures of plate after plate of horrible looking food being scraped in the food garbage cans as a result of HER imposition of HER MANDATES. What good does it do to throw away uneaten food? Think of the money that was wasted. Why is it that poor folks can’t bring a sandwich to school? That certainly happened in my day, as not everyone ate a hot lunch. I lived four blocks from my grade school, and I walked home and ate lunch with my Mother. I rather enjoyed it, we would listen to Art Linkletter’s “Kids Say the Darndest Things (think 1950’s) as we ate, and then I would return to school. Once in a while I would get to have what was called at that time “hot lunch” at school. Another question that comes to mind . . . if we the taxpayer’s are ponying up to serve food to all these indigent kids . . . is the dollar amount of these lunches and breakfasts deducted from the dollar amount that “food stamp” families receive? If it isn’t, it should be, since they are not feeding their child or children one to two meals a day. I used to notice when I was working, as I was leaving my neighborhood about 7:30 a.m. . . . you would see a number of Latino (Mexican) mother’s walking their kids up to the school, I suppose that early so the kids could be fed breakfast. Frankly, it used to just burn my cookies, that these women could not fix a pan of oatmeal to feed their own off spring. That was what my mother used to do. I definitely think that there should be a cut back on the taxpayer’s feeding kids breakfast and lunch. Why are all these individuals having children if they cannot feed them?

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  8. Other Obama’s lunch program was a mistake from start to finish;glad it’s over. It’ll take more than healthier food to reduce the weight of students. They need to get out an DO stuff rather than staying planted in a school desk,then on a couch watching TV,then in a computer chair until bedtime. They need to WALK more,play outside games,exercise,learn how to do stuff that doesn’t have a keyboard involved. If the kids live in a risky neighborhood,maybe a good self-defense class would be a good thing. Healthy meals ARE a good thing,but what the other Obama was pushing wasn’t doing anything,because kids won’t eat stuff they don’t like without a full time parent MAKING them eat. Left to their own devices,they’ll FIND a way to get food they like. The lunch program was JUST a feel-good photo-op. An EXPENSIVE one.

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    • truckjunkie . . . You have hit the nail on its head . . . todays kids need to
      M-O-V-E more, as you have said . . . “They need to WALK more, play outside games, exercise, learn how to do stuff that doesn’t have a keyboard involved.” Far to many children spend all their time on electronic devices, instead of working their bodies. Absolutely . . .”The lunch program was JUDT a feel good photo-op. An EXPENSIVE one.” I would love to know what Michelle thinks of the dismantling of her overhaul of the school lunch program!!!!

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  9. Mooch’s school meals were so awful; starving masses overseas would not touch them. The program was nothing more than a power trip and enriching SEIU members. Leave it to the hypocritical hoodrat to declare: “slop for thee, gourmet for me.”


    • Zorro . . . . I love this quote . . . “slop for thee, gourmet for me.” As we well knew, towards the end of her time as First Lady, it was apparent, and some journalists commented on the fact that she had an “expanding waste line,” probably due to the fact that she had the gourmet chiefs at the White House working overtime, so she could get full benefit of their labor before the time came when she would no longer have their expertise at her command.

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  10. My former governor needs to get off his arse and move faster.

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  11. Too bad Andrew Zimmern didn’t do a Bizarre Foods show on Michael’s hideous lunches.

    LOL – Then again, he was probably afraid he would puke his guts out.

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  12. O/T: I bet this weekend’s Fyre Festival ($12,000 a ticket) attendees would have wolfed down Mooch’s meals after their ordeal in the Bahamas.
    Picture trust fund savages in tents: meager food in styro, forced to drink generic water and use porta potties…

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  13. Our US Congress should have completely defunded the school lunch program – as soon as the photos of the SLOP began circulating the internet = “ThanksMichelleObama”.

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  14. I am so happy to hear this for the simple reason it was crap food and she did this with a serious face all the while ordering gourmet food from around the world and taking our jet to Denver just so,she could have bar b que. and ordering a several hundreds dollars worth of lobster from a hotel menu for room service. Our kids should be accorded the same.

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