Fabio goes against the Hollyweird narrative: Says “California is a mess”

From Hollywood Reporter: Actor and model Fabio Lanzoni told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Friday night that he’s worried about California, which he calls home.

“California is a mess,” Fabio told Carlson, joking that “coming from Europe, I’ve already seen this movie before.”

“I’m telling you, it’s an epidemic,” he explained. “Out of my friends, about 14 people got burglarized or robbed. As people, we have to take the law’s side, we have to stand behind the police, not behind the criminal,” he added.

The Italian model became a citizen last year and has lived in California for 14 years. He said he worries about people’s safety as more people he knows, including himself, are affected by local robberies.

He also added that he thinks Gov. Jerry Brown “took the side of the criminal,” claiming that the politician “lied to people,” referring to Prop 57, Brown’s effort to reshape California’s criminal-justice system by offering a new chance at release from prison for many prisoners.

Watch the interview above.


19 responses to “Fabio goes against the Hollyweird narrative: Says “California is a mess”

  1. I remember when he was very popular back in the 90s. I’m glad to see that he is smarter than the average Hollywood bear.

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  2. common sense from an actor in hollywood…what a rarity!
    “people got burglarized or robbed” and the state works against the people’s 2A right to protect themselves while they bring in more illegals and early release of felons to the streets and refugees where they are making children to bow to sharia in the name of “islamophobia”…another “phobia” to be considered a “protected class”…CA is a mess.
    Seems everything liberals run…they refuse to give up power and run things into the ground.
    The majority of real Californians do not approve of the govt communist/satanists directives.

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    • Lol oh yes, there are many examples of liberal success stories in the US. Such as detoilet I mean Detroit, Chitcago, LA, SF, heck most of southern kali is a workers paradise.

      Also, huzzah for Fabio!

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  3. Yeah for Fabio, that man is a tub full of sweet butter. High five!

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  4. Not just smart. Experienced. “coming from Europe, I’ve already seen this movie before.”

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  5. Yesterday there was a story about these killer whales in Monterrey Bay (California). The Lord can use the Scriptures, the Holy Ghost, a man, a woman or even an animal to warn us about impending judgment. I believe the killer whales in Monterrey Bay was a sign from God.


    Earlier this week, some wild boars killed three members of ISIS. I believe that was also a sign from God. (The Lord, of course, is against ISIS).


    The Lord can also use an animal to kill a righteous man who has been disobedient to the Lord:

    I Kings 13: 23-29: “And it came to pass, after he had eaten bread, and after he had drunk, that he saddled for him the ass, to wit, for the prophet whom he had brought back. And when he was gone, a lion met him by the way, and slew him: and his carcase was cast in the way, and the ass stood by it, the lion also stood by the carcase. And, behold, men passed by, and saw the carcase cast in the way, and the lion standing by the carcase: and they came and told it in the city where the old prophet dwelt. And when the prophet that brought him back from the way heard thereof, he said, It is the man of God, who was disobedient unto the word of the LORD: therefore the LORD hath delivered him unto the lion, which hath torn him, and slain him, according to the word of the LORD, which he spake unto him. And he spake to his sons, saying, Saddle me the ass. And they saddled him. And he went and found his carcase cast in the way, and the ass and the lion standing by the carcase: the lion had not eaten the carcase, nor torn the ass. And the prophet took up the carcase of the man of God, and laid it upon the ass, and brought it back: and the old prophet came to the city, to mourn and to bury him.”

    Flee California!


    • I had seen the wild boars story but not the whales. I don’t know that it is time for Revelation events to unfold, but this verse comes to mind just the same:

      Revelation 6:8: Pale Horse, Death & Hell, power given to them … to kill … with the beasts of the earth.

      Full verse:

      “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

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      • TPR: I have read Revelation 6:8 many times over the years, but I must have overlooked the very last phrase: “with the beasts of the earth.” Very interesting.

        II Kings 2: 23-25: “And he went up from thence unto Beth-el: and as he was going up by the way, there came forth little children out of the city, and mocked him, and said unto him, Go up, thou bald head; go up, thou bald head. And he turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of the LORD. And there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tare forty and two children of them. And he went from thence to mount Carmel, and from thence he returned to Samaria.”


        • Glad to be of assistance. 🙂 I know “beasts” sometimes refers to kingdoms, world powers, governments, etc. So I can’t say I know for certain it refers to animals, but maybe!

          And I have to laugh re “go up you bald head.” I remember that one well. Not so funny for the “sassy sitcom”-type “kids” who taunted Elisha.

          I just learned a few new points about that:
          –The Hebrew word translated as children more specifically refers to older youths, young men.
          –The fact the verse says “42 OF THEM” means there were MORE than 42, so a rather large crowd vs. Elisha.
          –By saying “Go Up,” they were probably mocking the Lord taking Elijah up to heaven, & taunting Elisha to recreate the same.
          –Elisha may or may not have really been bald: Could have been; but possibly shaved head for the office of prophet; or possibly just a demeaning slur to refer to someone as bald when they are not.

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  6. Back when I was growing up, California had the best roads & the best schools in the nation, & an economy that was larger than the economies of most nations,..

    But, that was a long, long time ago, & things are not now, as they once were, in those, long gone, days of yesteryear, as California & the nation as a whole de-composes, as the White Race that built & once ruled California, & America, de- generates in an orgy , self destructive, self hate, & false guilt & commits racial & national suicide as it voluntarily drowns itself in a sea of mud,

    As, all the while the Jewish owned & controlled media, gloats, as tells us that,..”Diversity is our strength”, while they support a,.. ‘Jewish’,.. state in Israel..

    But then,. what would you expect,.? As down through history, Jewry has always,..’worked both sides of the street’,… to the advantage of themselves,.& to the detriment of those nations, & those peoples who have let them in, & allowed them to gain power.

    And in California, & in America, today, it can certainly be said, that Jewry, certainly does have ,..power,.. & they are not reluctant to use that power as their ,..ongoing,..destruction, of, California, & America, & the White Race continues apace., .

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  7. Good for Fabio! I hope he won’t back down and recant, after the inevitable backlash from Hollyweirdos.

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    • There used to be talk, in that part of California, that is between the Sierra Nevada Mts, & the Nevada State Line, about the possibility of that portion of California seceding from the the rest of California, & becoming a part of Nevada.

      Actually I live in that area,in what is the,..WHITEST,.. county in the state.

      At first thought, becoming part of Nevada sounds like a good idea,.. but , on reflection considering the direction in which Nevada is moving, & considering the large ,..Black,.. populations in Reno, & Las Vegas, instead of of joining with Nevada, perhaps we should become a whole new state.

      So,..’IF’,.. you live in any of those counties of California, that adjoin the Nevada border,, & would like to separate yourself, from the rest of California please,.[like] this comment, & let’s see where we stand,..


  8. Jerry Brown was bad news years ago. Californians have more than doubled down on stupid with Moonbeam’s reboot.

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  9. Build the wall!

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    • haha, love your border wall photo. However, what a shame to lose the most beautiful, majestic, & breathtaking coastal scenic highway anywhere, the Pacific Coast Highway:

      And I love that there are still a few Hollyweird men who are awake & can see the “signs of the times.” So thank you, Fabio (& James Woods, Clint Eastwood, Jon Voight, etc.).


  10. Fabio was always so good looking and was on dozens of romance novel covers. I am glad to see he is as smart as he is good looking.
    People who have lived this have different views.

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  11. I met Fabio a couple years ago at our local Whole Foods store where he was promoting his protein powder product. He seemed very sincere and nice. I also remember him saying quite some years ago that he was very tired in so many words of being seen as a piece of meat by women who did not see who he was, or care about who he was as an individual. That showed me that despite his looks he had a lot of depth and was not interested in a shallow promiscuous life like so many in these related businesses. I saw his interview with Tucker the other night – GOOD FOR FABIO!!!

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