Which WordPress-generated avatar do you prefer?

Regular readers of FOTM may have noticed that, beginning a day or two ago, your WordPress-generated avatar changed.

Unless you upload your own choice of pic as your avatar, such as mine (see below), WordPress generates one for you.

WordPress gives us four choices for WP-generated avatars:

For years, FOTM had used the Wavatar avatars of little cartoonish faces.

2 days ago, thinking that we can use a change, I switched commenters’ WP-generated avatars to MonsterID.

How do you like it?

Let us know your preference in this poll!


19 responses to “Which WordPress-generated avatar do you prefer?

  1. Monster works for me. I find mine quite sexy actually. Okay just a little sexy or maybe just cute.

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  2. It’s fun to add a humorous change.

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  3. I’ll stick with mine.

    It’s so, ah, me. 😉

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  4. can’t wait to see mine.

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  5. DR. EOWYN, like you, I much prefer to use my own personally chosen avatar. It’s more “me” than anything a random generator could generate.

    I think few if any people ever “get” the origin of my avatar, but it’s Bill Foster’s license plate from the truly great movie ‘FALLING DOWN’. That is one of my Top 25 favorite movies of all time, and I think anyone who has never seen it should do so posthaste. I believe it would be tremendously enjoyed by nearly every person who is a regular reader of FOTM. The theme is one I think most of us can relate to.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    [Link:) Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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  6. I like MonsterID with the little arms open, the cutest eyes and the brilliant color, who could miss’m?

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  7. I like to use my own avatar;makes it easier to spot my comments when I want to add or reply. Other than that,the monster works fine.

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  8. Whatever you want to do is fine with me since I’m just a stop-in visitor whenever I can.

    I had to blow up the new Monster-ID to get a decent look at it & “she” has bright green eyes & a “dress” to match, which is nice (every gal likes to be color-coordinated), but her “hands” look like lobster or crab claws-pinchers, lol.

    Oh! And she also has an “antenna” sticking out the stop of her head, lol, which then reminded me of your photo over on the Martin Short post, so I died laughing & had to make a meme out of it. So here ya go, the new Martin-aka-Ed-Grimly-Meets-Monster-Avatars photo-for-fun (not to use as an avatar as it’s “too busy”):


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  9. To say farewell to the prior “Wavatar,” the reason I liked it was because it always reminded me of Teddy Roosevelt, & I would get a tickle out of that whenever I looked at it. So I also made a simple Farewell Collage for the Teddy-Wavatar (even though Ted wasn’t wearing a monocle, but close enough):


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  10. JMO…I think the Wavatar avatars are cuter.

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    • I think the Wavatar faces are more individualistic & distinctive. Supposedly, WordPress generates a Wavatar avatar to match the “tone” of a reader’s first comment, which might explain why some commenters’ Wavatars look angry. LOL

      Thus far, MonsterID is polling stronger than Wavatar. Whatever the case, we’ll use MonsterID for a while, if only as a break from the Wavatar?

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  11. I like the MonsterID’s much better. The Wavatar faces are pretty ungly.

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  12. If only I’d known how WP generated those Wavatars….

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  13. Well, I won’t see mine until I post the comment, so here’s to hoping it looks good.


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