Nordstrom drops Ivanka’s clothing line yet wants you to buy a very expensive pair of “Americana mud jeans”

nordstrom mud jeans

Rugged “Americana” comes at a steep price at Nordstrom

These jeans cost $425. You read that correctly – $425.

From Hollywood Reporter: Now, Nordstrom is trying to sell the public on the idea of mud-covered men’s jeans. No, these aren’t mud-proof jeans, but regular jeans that — hear us out — are already covered in mud. And you thought pre-ripped, hole-y denim was outrageous!

“Heavily distressed, medium-blue denim jeans in a comfortable straight-leg fit embody rugged, Americana workwear that’s seen some hard-working action with a crackled, caked-on muddy coating that shows you’re not afraid to get down and dirty,” reads the description of the jeans on Nordstrom’s site.

The part that truly has the Internet in a tizzy, however, is the price: the Barracuda straight leg jean in indigo wash will cost you a cool $425.

“Don’t buy muddy jeans from Nordstrom for $425. Buy a pair you like and I’ll muddy them up for you for $300,” wrote one shopper on Twitter, echoing the sentiment of everyone’s mom.

But wait, there’s more! Not to be outdone, Topshop has unveiled completely clear, plastic moto jeans, available for $100. We know what you’re thinking — if they’re not denim, are they even still considered jeans? Who cares!

The propositioning of these shock-value items as covetable, pricey goods, has us wondering if this is really what fashion has come to (remember all those homeless-inspired menswear collections at fashion week?) or if Nordstrom is just trolling us all?

Selling head-scratching items was once a move reserved for a bit of April Fools’ Day publicity. But now, it has somehow evolved into a full-on marketing strategy, and we (probably) have Gwyneth Paltrow to blame.

Since launching her Goop lifestyle empire, Paltrow has made a name for herself selling utterly ridiculous products for even more ridiculous prices, and then letting the social media “outrage” (or as Paltrow would tell you, the free marketing) pour in. We also have Paltrow to thank for alerting us to the existence of the $17,000 solid gold dildo, naturally. 

I can’t even…

Read the rest of the story here.


10 responses to “Nordstrom drops Ivanka’s clothing line yet wants you to buy a very expensive pair of “Americana mud jeans”

  1. $425 for a pair of old- and muddy-looking jeans?! I want to see the fools who actually buy the jeans.

    By the way, there appears to be no discernible effect on the company’s stock performance of Nordstrom dropping the Ivanka line:

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  2. NordsDumb.

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  3. it figures…these technological “savvy” millennials don’t get their hands dirty doing actual work, but they can buy a pair of ridiculously priced jeans to give the illusion they work hard at something…only in today’s america 😦

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  4. My first thought was when you wash them how do you know they are clean?

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  5. I think the point is not to wash them…lol. My jeans look like that after gardening. Might try to resell them for 425.00…lol.

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  6. Well I guess that this just proves that P.T Barnum (I think this was his quote) . . . “there’s a sucker born every minute.” Who would pay $425.00 for jeans. Can’t you just imagine how uncomfortable “plastic” jeans would be! Let’s face it . . . good ol’ Levi Strauss came up with a fantastic product when he invented “Levis” . . . just plain old workable jeans. Even high prices just don’t make them any better than the original.

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  7. LOL – I could pick up a pair of $20 Wrangler jeans at Walmart, go home, play in the mud, and get the exact same look.

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  8. Sometimes words cannot describe the lunacy in the world…….

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  9. Lol…in case you missed it.

    Reebok features $425 ‘Sweat Shirt’ following news of Nordstrom’s muddy jeans

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