Martin Short calls Trump the “dumbest president ever”

AMBI benefit gala in support of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and Cinema To Help the World

Martin Short believes he has some kind of power…

The Trump Derangement Syndrome is a contagious infection in Hollyweird.

From Yahoo: Martin Short stripped down to a nude bodysuit to perform a musical number and became a human bagpipe in the hands of a large, kilt-wearing man — all for the sake of the environment.

Short was the multitalented master of ceremonies at “Stand Up! For the Planet,” an all-star comedy benefit for the Natural Resources Defense Council. With performances by Larry David, Pete Davidson, Jerrod Carmichael and Tig Notaro, the event raised $1.4 million to support litigation against President Donald Trump’s environmental policies, according to organizers.

“Do you realize if a drone hit this crowd, Trump eliminates all his problems?” Short said. “That’s the kind of power we have.”

Guests at the untelevised fundraiser at Beverly Hills, California’s Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts included Rob Reiner, Albert Brooks, Pierce Brosnan, Jordana Brewster, Amanda Peet, Marcia Cross and Christopher Meloni.

“Look how rich you guys look,” Carmichael said as he took the stage. David, who walked out to the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” theme, joked about the size of his carbon footprint, given his frequent use of air conditioning in his ample home. “People shun the homeless, but you’ve got to admire their footprint,” he said.

He also joked that he had “no divorce perks” with his ex-wife Laurie David, who organized Tuesday’s event and recruited him to perform.

Despite the event’s inherent political nature, Short was the only one who delved directly into that territory. As he introduced Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tony Hale, Short described their show, “Veep” as “a political satire and turned into a documentary” and the two stars as “a more dynamic comedy duo” than Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer.

Short also called the current administration “amoral” and said Trump is “the dumbest president we have ever had.”

Trump had no immediate response on Twitter.

The president of the NRDC said the organization has already sued the Trump administration over the Keystone XL Pipeline project and proposed changes to Environmental Protection Agency regulations.


21 responses to “Martin Short calls Trump the “dumbest president ever”

  1. I thought Martin short died in the 90’s along with his career. Why shoul we care what a Canadian thinks anyway since Canada is a socialist country….

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  2. Short, who made his name playing the moronic Ed Grimley on Saturday Night Live, calls Trump — a billionaire who defeated the media’s odds-on favorite Hillary Clinton — “stupid”. Oh, the irony, the irony.

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  3. Short and the rest of the deviants in Hollywood state Trump is “amoral” over environmental issues but ignore their own “immorality” in how they conduct their personal lives. It would be so nice if they would jump off a steep cliff and quit assaulting the senses of moral people the world over.

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  4. He probably wishes his privates stood as tall as the hair on his head

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  5. Why does Martin Short look more and more like a woman? His facial photo at the top looks near like a middle-aged saggy-faced lady …. a touch of lipstick & a wig & I bet he’d pass for one. 😀

    I wish the Hollywood hippies would go back to standing on street corners selling flowers & get the hay out of politics. We.Are.Sick.Of.You.People!

    They won’t get far on a measly $1.4 mil anyway, so Naa Naa.

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  6. Pass for one? Hmmmm, better be one and not look like one -what people are capable to do to capture an audience.

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  7. Who in the hell gives a rat’s ass about his thoughts on anything . Just another actor tripping over whatever I.Q he has left .

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  8. “Martin Short stripped down to a nude bodysuit … all for the sake of the environment.”
    If it saves but only one life! Of a polar bear.

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  9. The DORK speaks! One is the President of the most powerful nation on the earth. The other is a lame has-been comedian. So WHO is really dumb???

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  10. And Martin should know! He’s the dumbest person in the galaxy!

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  11. Amazing how funny stupid people can be. A lot of the folk on the ‘it’ list above are good entertainers. Otherwise they’re just plain STOOPID. That’s what happens when you have more money than sense.

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  12. Well, his first mistake was considering the President stupid. I would submit that President Trump could run circles around his little pea brain.
    Just because he degrades himself by running around a stage making a fool of himself, does not make you intelligent.
    I have yet to hear of one of these unenlightened earth zealots move to a 1200 sq ft house, give up flying and their cars and air conditioning in their homes. Their desire for rare and expensive foods that take plenty to obtain.
    They still fly around the world and stay in expensive large roomed hotels.
    Electric cars are a joke. It still takes about $5 a day to charge one up and that takes alternative energy.

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  13. Never thought he was funny and always thought there was something strange about him – freakish.

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  14. And we care what HE says–why?


  15. “Three Amigos” – perennial favorite film of the Mensa crowd, winner of multiple Oscars. Oh wait, neither is true.

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  16. Short………on brains and decency.

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  17. Yikes! Can you imagine what he looked like in that nude bodysuit… 😱

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  18. Looks like Shorty’s got some man-teets going on !

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