Children must be taught about Islam, insists Church of England

From Parents who have concerns about their children being taught about Islam should be banned from pulling them out of religious education (RE) lessons, according to the Church of England.

Senior Church of England official Derek Holloway said withdrawing children from RE lessons could leave them without the skills required to live in a diverse society and “live well together as adults.”

He also cautioned against “fundamentalist” groups using human rights legislation to keep children from learning about different world views.

“Sadly and dangerously, the right of withdrawal from RE is now being exploited by a range of ‘interest groups’ often using a dubious interpretation of human rights legislation,” Holloway wrote in a post on the CoE’s Facebook page.

Parents are currently entitled to withdraw their children from RE class without having to provide a reason, although Holloway said this right should be repealed as it leaves a gap in pupils’ education.

“This is seemingly because they do not want their children exposed to other faiths and worldviews, in particular Islam,” Holloway told the Press Association.

“Anecdotally, there have also been some cases in different parts of the country of parents with fundamentalist religious beliefs also taking a similar course. This is not confined to any one particular religion or area of the country.”

Besides repealing the right to withdrawal, Holloway said in a post on the Church of England Facebook page that standardized RE lessons should be introduced to the curriculum.

Holloway, who was himself a teacher at comprehensive schools in Essex and Wiltshire, also warned the right to withdraw children from RE lessons risks legitimizing those trying to incite religious hatred.

“The right of withdrawal from RE now gives comfort to those who are breaking the law and seeking to incite religious hatred,” he wrote in the post.

Parents also have a separate right to withdraw their children from school services and prayers.

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16 responses to “Children must be taught about Islam, insists Church of England

  1. Is the Church of England being deliberately suicidal?

    Attendance at Church of England services in 2016 plunged to its lowest level ever as the Archbishop of Canterbury warned it was battling to maintain its place in an increasingly “anti-Christian” culture. Official figures – based on an annual pew count – show that only 1.4% of the population of England now attend Anglican services on a typical Sunday morning.

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    • Speaking of Episcopalians (and I believe, many Anglicans in the UK are similar, we would occasionally state that we went to church twice a year, Christmas and Easter, of course.) From the speech and actions of UK higher Anglican clergy and “royalty,” they should focus on Christianity and what it means before pushing other people’s children to Islam.
      Episcopalian services mean a lot to me, the priest of my teenage years was committed to Christ, and his modest life showed that.

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  2. Now, if Ann Barnhardt’s video was the curriculum for “getting to know Islam,” that might be very smart indeed.

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  3. The Church of England has a good point. CHRISTian children need to learn how DANGEROUS,UNFORGIVING, DOMINATING and OPPRESSIVE the muslim religion is. Maybe when muslims and their children learn to accept the fact that everyone doesn’t follow the muslim religion and that is acceptable to do so ,then and only then will there be peace between religions!

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  4. sounds like the same dimwits who insist on rejection of parental rights when it comes to vaccination choice….all the world over, parents are being replaced by a governing communist (satanist) body and “political correctness”, “equality”, and “diverse” (sounds more like perverse) are at the helm…
    bringing islam into your country does not create “diversity”, it creates apostasy.
    do the islamic kids learn about Christianity?…..of course not, because that would go against their ideology. But to force Christian children to be indoctrinated by a bunch of satanists is evil and intentionally trying to create apostasy in the Christian faith.
    “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 18:6

    “USA Next. Islam Muslim Migrant Savages, Beating & Scaring European Girls Kids & they Laugh.”

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  5. Wow!

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  6. “Of course when speaking about “fundamentalists” he means Christians any anybody who might disagree with forced Islamization of their children. Because Muslim Children would not be forced to learn about Christianity if they were “offended,” but it is not so the other way around.

    It is strange and sad to watch the Church of England outright cut its own throat and they try to force others to follow its example”

    Source –

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  7. This reminds me of the Chrislam crap being promoted by Rick Warren and The Pope…

    Exposing Chrislam – Rick Warren

    Will Christians Survive the False Prophet, the UN, Common Core and Chrislam?

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  8. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Who is to give the lessons and what will be taught? The royal family seems to have abandoned the faith (Prince Charles said that he no longer considers himself the defender of the faith, but defender of all faiths.) He seems to me an offender of the faith. For globalism to take place, Christianity must be broken. Islam works well for globalists, for it brings people under the harsh, brutal rule of sharia, and that makes it possible for a few to rule everyone under either Marxism or fascism.

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  9. Holloway’s photo reminds me of the bumbling barrister Claude Erskine-Brown of the Rumpole of the Bailey series, who had the unerringly perverse habit of arguing his opponent’s case for him in court.

    In Holloway’s case it appears he’s arguing in the first place for the validity of relativism, which is inimical to religion per se, making RE over there secularist indoctrination of the psychological and logical invalidity of all religions, beyond their service as feel-good cheerleaders of leftist objectives.

    Holloway’s use of “fundamentalist” is loaded language–a direct broadside against Christianity itself–, traducing those who believe in fundamental, that is, absolute truths as a dangerous threat to society. I’d guess the chances he preaches or believes in the superior truths of Christianity is about zero.

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  10. He has a point RE is suppose to expose students to other religions that they didn’t know exist. After all that is what education is about.
    In Britain students there are so much Pakistanis they are already exposed to Islam even before they are given RE.

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  11. The church of england is the reason the U.S. exsists! Remember religious freedon? And crap like this is the reason for the FIRST ammendment to the constitution.

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  12. Cowardly boot-licking dhimmitude…

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