16 responses to “New evidence suggests ancient Tower of Babel was real

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  2. I had to chuckle at the clip of the young man saying that “he always thought that the tower of babel was a myth.” Personally, I have never doubted the reality of the tower of babel, or the story of our first parents, Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden. It has never occurred to me that these were myths or some hoax perpetrated on man.

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  3. God said “It’s not good for everybody to be united” so He broke up the world into SEPARATE nations!

    Globalism and multiculturalism are literally opposites of God’s will for mankind. WHY do so many people, including bible-reading Christians, resist this?!?

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    • To clarify, “resist this” means to resist God’s separation of the world’s peoples.

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    • God said “It’s not good for everybody to be united” so He broke up the world into SEPARATE nations!

      That’s the most sensible explanation of why God broke up the denizens of Babel I’ve read. It makes sense because one of God’s most precious gifts to humanity is free will, but a one-world government necessarily is dictatorial and the antithesis of our exercise of our free will.

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      • So it must have been His choice to have more than one language….

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      • Absolutely, Eo; it’s also the subject of ‘A Case of Conscience’, 1958, one of the100 Greatest Sci-Fi novels, by the great RC author Robert Bliss, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Case_of_Conscience, and, as this article states, “Few science fiction stories of the time attempted religious themes, and still fewer did this with Catholicism; an exception was Walter M. Miller, Jr.’s Hugo Award-winning post-apocalyptic science fiction novel A Canticle for Leibowitz.)” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Canticle_for_Leibowitz

        I must have read both of these three times each, as each reading gave me a new insight. A_Canticle_for_Leibowitz, 1960, came out in my final year of HS, and it too was a sensation akin to a ‘A Case of Conscience’ amongst readers of a philosophic and/or religious bent.

        I’ve written here about these at least once each; they endure because the moral problems they confront –as in the Tower of Babel– will never leave us mere mortals.

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      • Perhaps God saw people being subjugated vs. united?


  4. I went back to check Genesis 11 just now, thinking “surely the Bible says exactly this, doesn’t it?” But no, it mentions only the breaking up of the common language and the scattering about the earth. I have to thank God for giving this understanding to me independently.

    When you think about it, never until the past half-century or so have Globalism and multiculturalism been seen, arriving right when the West entered its post-Christian stage. By the time Christians might have been expected to recognize this return-to-Babel movement and start preaching against it, the pews were empty, or filled with people who tolerated only pleasantries from the pulpit.

    I think it’s time I started bringing this up at Bible study, just to see what happens….

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  5. The current location of the 2017 Tower Of Babel is;
    760 United Nations Plaza, Manhattan, New York City

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  6. How very interesting. I love all these discoveries.
    I recently watch a program about the hanging gardens. A British woman had compelling evidence that she has found them in Iraq.

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  8. God was clearly displeased at the subjugation of all peoples toward the edict of the “collective” who sought to challenge the heavens. It made perfect sense to split humanity into tribes where groupings became established through natural predilection vs. artificial edicts.

    Nothing has changed. From birth, each individual creation naturally gravitates to his/her own kind. Today’s artificial edict to create “multicultural” societies is doomed, as history has repeatedly demonstrated throughout time.


  9. In response to filia, what does it mean “his or her own kind”? It means the species to which you reproductively belong. All humanity is one “kind”. God is no respecter of persons, and all humans are his children. “Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Cushite woman whom he had married, for he had married a Cushite woman” (Num. 12:1). And God smote Miriam with leprosy for reviling against Moses’ black wife (Cushites are from southern Ethiopia, and known for their black skin).

    The notion that God wants his children separate is inconsistent with the Bible (Acts 10:34-35). The reason God confounded the language was to prevent Satan from using the children of God to build the tower so he could re-enter heaven and usurp God’s throne (Isaiah 14:12-14). This is my opinion, not a prophetic declaration since I’m no prophet, but it is what my reading of the Bible has led me to conclude.


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