Fake anti-Muslim hate-crime: Indiana State U. fires professor for lying about being a victim

The Left’s conferment of special victim status on favored groups creates incentives for members of those groups to make false claims. See, for example:

The latest is a professor at Indiana State University, Azhar Hussain, 56, who is caught lying about being the victim of anti-Muslim hate crime.

Terra Haute’s Tribune Star reports that Azhar Hussain, an assistant professor of aviation technology at Indiana State University (ISU) was arrested for making false reports of being the victim of anti-Islamic threats and of an assault that authorities say never happened.

The charges stem from a series of emails, beginning on March 8, which were received on campus, containing anti-Muslim messages and threats of potential violence against members of the Muslim community. The messages specifically mentioned Hussain as a target.

On March 24, Hussain reported being assaulted in the College of Technology. He claimed he was attacked from behind and thrown to the floor as he was entering his office early that morning. He said he had not seen his attacker, and no words were spoken. ISU Police at the time said Hussein’s story was not corroborated by four people in the vicinity who had seen no suspicious activity or people.

Investigators tracked the computers from which the hate emails had originated and uncovered evidence that Hussain had sent the emails himself. He was booked into Vigo County Jail at at 4:51 p.m. on April 21, 2017, and faces a felony charge of obstruction of justice and a misdemeanor charge of harassment. Bond has been set at $10,000 cash.

Earlier, before the fake hate-emails, Hussain had been notified by Provost Mike Licari that he would not be reappointed to his faculty position beyond the 2017-18 academic year due to his inability “to fulfill the conditions of his original appointment”. ISU’s chief of police Joseph Newport thinks Hussein concocted the fake hate-crime to solicit sympathy from the university administration.

Newport said:

“Based upon the investigation, it is our belief that Hussain was trying to gain sympathy by becoming a victim of anti-Muslim threats, which he had created himself. It is extremely unfortunate that this situation caused undue concern on other members of the ISU community.”

In a news releass, ISU said Hussain has been suspended from teaching duties and that the university is initiating formal dismissal proceedings against him in accordance with university policy. Arrangements are being made to cover his remaining classes and administer final exams.

According to a resume that Hussain posted on a job site, he holds an MBA in aviation management from Embry-Riddle University and a bachelor’s in aviation from the Florida Institute of Technology. The resume also claims he has a doctorate from ISU in curriculum design earned in 2017, which the Tribune Star could not independently verify.

Hussain’s resume also claims prior teaching experience at Everglades University, as well as former aviation jobs including airport operations coordinator at Kissimmee, Florida, Gateway Airport and airside operations officer at the Broward County, Florida, Aviation Department.

H/t Constitution.com

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15 responses to “Fake anti-Muslim hate-crime: Indiana State U. fires professor for lying about being a victim

  1. Just another good reason why universities and other schools should be extremely cautious when hiring Muslims. We have seen any number of instances recently where Muslims have instigated supposed acts of hatred against themselves. It’s time to stop this madness. Is this joker a US citizen, if not send him back to wherever he came from, so that various police agencies will not have to tie up their time in dealing with him, and others of like mind.

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  2. With all those degrees he just isn’t that bright. Fool…

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  5. Well, I don’t know about you guys, but the irony of him teaching aviation technology is one spooky thought. Does he have any connections to the men of 9/11?
    Kudos to the college for firing him. Knowing Indiana, he doesn’t fit in very well.

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  6. This is totally the ‘faker baby’ mentality, attack first, then blame the victim, make sure to cry big copious crocodile tears… We can see this widespread in the mid – east & african culture…

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  7. LOL – What sort of aviation technology was he teaching?

    Designing flying carpets?

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  8. Once again, however, the lying has backfired and the truth has been made known. While there is no epidemic of “hate crimes,” there is most certainly a trend of fake hate crimes…


    Source –


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  9. Not only are there slamics in Indiana, even in the smaller towns, but some are employed in security guard roles. At the airport in Indy I was told to move along by a slamic security guard. Imagine that, armed slims “guarding” US airports. Also at hospitals in Indy.

    I read about the slamic compound in NY that went into business as a security company so as to legitimise access to firearms. Whenever I see armed slamic security people I think of that compound in NY justifying arms and ammo purchases for their “business”.


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